"I Wasn't Me Anymore:" Emma Thompson tours Journey, an art installation she co-created with a woman who was victimized by sex traffickers. Viewers who look through this porthole see their own faces superimposed on the bodies of woman wearing "prostitutes' weeds" — tattered lingerie and other worn, used clothing. Simon Clark/Eyebox hide caption

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Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson debate whether religion is good for the world in Collision. www.collisionmovie.com hide caption

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In a lively conversation with Scott Simon for the public TV series Backstage With ..., Tom Hanks took on the perils — and pleasures — of fame. An hourlong version of the interview will be broadcast in January 2010 on many PBS stations. WVIZ/PBS Ideastream hide caption

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In The Clutch: Stage veteran Michael Stuhlbarg gets his first leading movie role — as a panicky physics professor — in Joel and Ethan Coen's latest film. A Serious Man is "a sort of innocence-to-experience story," he says, though its outcome is uncertain. Wilson Webb hide caption

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Brian Clough managed the powerhouse Leeds United team in the 1970s. He failed miserably, lasting only 44 days — and the question behind why is the focus of a new movie The Damned United. Laurie Sparham/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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