Borgnine, pictured here in October 2010, continues to read scripts and act. In 2009 he earned an Emmy nomination for his role in the series finale of the NBC medical drama ER. Chris Pizzello/AP hide caption

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Vienna-born, Berlin-based filmmaker Feo Aladag spent two years researching cases of domestic abuse before writing When We Leave, her directorial debut. Abdelhak Senna/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Jackie Weaver (right, with Sullivan Stapleton) plays the matriarch of a Melbourne-based crime family who has an inappropriate relationship with her sons. John Tsiavis/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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You're On: Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth join King's Speech director Tom Hooper and others connected to The King's Speech for a conversation with KCRW's Matt Holzman tonight, Jan. 13, starting at 9:45 pm Pacific Time. You can watch the video here -- and submit questions in the widget below. The Weinstein Co. hide caption

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Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) and U.S. Marshal Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) seek the man who gunned down her father in Joel and Ethan Coen's True Grit. Lorey Sebastian/Paramount hide caption

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Claude Lanzmann's epic film Shoah -- the Hebrew word means "desecration," or "destruction" or "catastrophe" -- is a monumental catalog of memory, an experiential approach to understanding what happened in the Nazi death camps. Les Films Aleph/IFC hide caption

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Will Ferrell plays a bookish cop married to Eva Mendes in the new action-comedy The Other Guys. Macall Polay/Columbia TriStar Marketing Group hide caption

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Mark Wahlberg (left) plays boxer Micky Ward in David O. Russell's The Fighter. JoJo Whilden/Paramount Pictures hide caption

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A Character Actor: Actress and first-time producer Nicole Kidman received a Golden Globe nomination Tuesday for her performance of a grief-stricken mother in Rabbit Hole. Jojo Whilden/Lionsgate hide caption

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Jack Black eyes his tiny hosts in Gulliver's Travels. hy*drau"lx/Courtesy of 20th Century Fox hide caption

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