Grey director Joe Carnahan says Neeson and Neeson's character's shared experience of losing a spouse informed the actor's performance. Kimberley French/Open Road Films hide caption

toggle caption Kimberley French/Open Road Films

"Making a movie is a great distraction from the real agonies of the world," filmmaker Woody Allen told Fresh Air in 2009. Brian Hamill/MGM/PBS hide caption

toggle caption Brian Hamill/MGM/PBS

David Oyelowo portrays Joe "Lightning" Little in the movie Red Tails. Oyelowo and other actors got guidance on from real Tuskegee Airmen, some of whom are nearly 100 years old. 20th Century Fox/AP hide caption

toggle caption 20th Century Fox/AP

John Hawkes and Elizabeth Olsen in 2011's Martha Marcy May Marlene. Fox Searchlight hide caption

toggle caption Fox Searchlight

Caius In Charge: Ralph Fiennes directs co-star Vanessa Redgrave in his big-screen adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus. Larry D. Horricks/The Weinstein Co. hide caption

toggle caption Larry D. Horricks/The Weinstein Co.

Brad Pitt, left, plays Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's, in the movie Moneyball. His assistant Peter Brand is played by Jonah Hill. Melinda Sue Gordon/Sony Pictures hide caption

toggle caption Melinda Sue Gordon/Sony Pictures

Escorting a squadron of bombers, Andrew "Smokey" Salem (Ne-Yo) signals fellow pilots on the way into combat with German forces in the new film Red Tails, based on the experiences of the famed Tuskegee Airmen fighter group. LucasFilm hide caption

toggle caption LucasFilm

Director Zhang Yimou (left) and actor Christian Bale on the set of The Flowers of War. YAO/Wrekin Hill Entertainment hide caption

toggle caption YAO/Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Jason Baldwin was sentenced to life in prison when he was 16 years old. He was released in August 2011. Courtesy HBO hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy HBO

Oscar nominees Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah star in the new film Joyful Noise. Parton wrote a dozen songs for the movie. "Well, I love to write," she says. "Especially when I've got a challenge." Courtesy of Van Redin hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Van Redin

In Shame, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) pursues sex not for pleasure but to fulfill a driving compulsion. Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

toggle caption Fox Searchlight Pictures

Damiano Ottavio Bigi and Clementine Deluy, both members of the Tanztheater Wuppertal under Pina Bausch, perform her choreography in Pina. IFC Films hide caption

toggle caption IFC Films

Gary Oldman has played characters from Beethoven to Pontius Pilate to Tom Stoppard's take on Hamlet's schoolmate, Rosencrantz, in the 1990 film Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. Matt Sayles/AP hide caption

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