Sgt. 1st Class Mark Patterson checks his men at Outpost Restrepo in Afghanistan, as documented in the new film Korengal. Outpost Films hide caption

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dido Elizabeth Belle in Belle. David Appleby/Fox Searchlight hide caption

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The Gimp character in Pulp Fiction, clad head-to-toe in studded black leather, has no lines in the film but still manages to be memorable. Screenshot of "Pulp Fiction," produced by Miramax hide caption

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Godzilla's original 1954 roar was created by composer Akira Ifukube, who dragged a resin-coated leather glove along the loosened strings of a double bass. Toho hide caption

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What's In A Roar? Crafting Godzilla's Iconic Sound

The roar in the 1954 original was the sound of a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin being dragged over a double bass. Each film since has tweaked the recipe.

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John Slattery (left) reprises his role as Roger Sterling in the seventh and final season of Mad Men. Frank Ockenfels/Courtesy of AMC hide caption

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