"This is a story about your first love," says Jones. "Can you take it with you, can it still be a part of your life, can you integrate it into your life? Do you have to let them go forever to move on?" Lee Toland Krieger/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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In About Face, former supermodels (including Carmen Dell'Orefice shown above) talk about what it's like to grow old in an industry that is obsessed with youth. Mark Mahaney/Greenfield-Sanders Studio/Courtesy HBO hide caption

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Killer Joe (2012) is the latest film from William Friedkin, the director of The French Connection and The Exorcist. The movie, which stars Matthew McConaughey, earned an NC-17 rating for its violent content. LD Entertainment hide caption

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The famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is also a prominent dissident in his home country. His political side is the focus of Alison Klayman's documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. Ted Alcorn/IFC Films hide caption

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Thomas Martinez stands in front of "The Wall," an inspirational collection of his accolades, at his father's house. Anthony Thosh Collins/ hide caption

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Jackie Siegel poses in The Queen of Versailles. She and her husband, David, were building the largest house in the U.S. before the recession soured their plans. Lauren Greenfield/Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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