Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play different versions of the same character in the time-travel thriller Looper. Alan Markfield/Sony Pictures hide caption

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"Supergenerations" of monarch butterflies migrate over 2000 miles from Canada to Mexico. SK Films hide caption

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Adams is also currently starring in Trouble with the Curve as a lawyer with the makings of a pro baseball scout. Warner Brothers hide caption

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Nona (Viola Davis), a well-meaning teacher, teams up with warrior mom Jamie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) to fix the education system that failed their children. Kerry Hayes/Twentieth Century Fox hide caption

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To prepare for his role as Officer Brian Taylor in End of Watch, actor Jake Gyllenhaal did ride-alongs with law enforcement. Scott Garfield/Open Road Films hide caption

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Pitcher R.A. Dickey sits in the Mets' locker room in the film Knuckleball! FilmBuff hide caption

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In Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, Amy Adams plays Peggy Dodd, the spouse of a charismatic spiritual leader, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Adams says her character is smart and educated but feels "more powerful behind a man than in front of a man." The Weinstein Co. hide caption

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Richard Gere plays Robert Miller, whose carefully constructed life threatens to come crashing down in Arbitrage. Myles Aronowitz/Roadside Attractions hide caption

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Robert De Niro leaning against a wall in a scene from Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images hide caption

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Michael Showalter, Christopher Meloni and A.D. Miles star in the 2001 comedy, Wet Hot American Summer. Amy Rice/The Kobal Collection/USA Films hide caption

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Movie poster for 2016: Obama's America. Rocky Mountain Pictures hide caption

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