Man's Best Frenemy: J.R. Ackerley, voiced by Christopher Plummer, was a misfit loner who -- after getting fed up with his German shepherd's improper attachment to his trouser leg -- set out to find a species-appropriate mate for his pet. New Yorker Films hide caption

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Catering To The Crowd: Autism-friendly movie screenings are now monthly occurrences in 124 AMC outlets, along with a few dozen other theaters, nationwide. AMC's "Silence is Golden" rule is relaxed at these screenings, where theaters are less dark and soundtracks play at a lower volume. AMC Entertainment hide caption

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The Godfather Gerald Depardieu plays a Parisian crime boss named Guido -- who wants Mesrine to commit bigger and bigger crimes. Music Box Films hide caption

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Ghost Of Heists Past: Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris (second from left, with Michael Ealy, Idris Elba and Paul Walker) plays a just-out-of-jail thief who approaches his former crew with the chance to pull one last job — and snag more money than ever before. Suzanne Tenner/Screen Gems Inc. hide caption

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Like Father, Like Daughter: All ML (Karin Viard) wants is to throw a successful dinner party. But her efforts keep getting foiled, thanks to unforeseen complications -- such as her long-absent dad, Henri (Pierre Arditi), showing up unexpectedly. IFC Films hide caption

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A Gallic Bonnie And Clyde: The vicious gangster Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassell) flees to Quebec with his mistress (Cecile de France) in the riveting Mesrine: Killer Instinct. Music Box Films hide caption

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Apocalypse Then: Arnold Schwarzenneger first played The Terminator in 1984. The date proposed then for worldwide nuclear devastation: 1997. Carolco/The Kobal Collection hide caption

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Righteous Retribution: Saturnina (Magaly Solier) is a Peruvian villager whose fiance dies after being exposed to toxic mercury, which goes on to sicken other members of her Andes village. Carl De Keyzer/MAGNUM hide caption

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