Click to see an interactive map of Meriden, N.H., with stories from Okkervil River's Will Sheff about his childhood there. William Schaff hide caption

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Bobbie Hanvey and his son Steafán Hanvey, in Northern Ireland. Courtesy of Peter Muhly hide caption

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Sonny Vaahn, 25, holds his family's refugee identification in Bronx, N.Y. The card was issued to them during their initial entry into a refugee camp along the Thai-Cambodian border after the "killing fields" atrocities ended in Cambodia. Courtesy of Pete Pin hide caption

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Ricardo Galvez, Giovanna Meneses Pisco and Arely Betzabe pose for a photograph in front of their former home El Ayllu. The family was back in the neighborhood to gather some of their belongings, and Giovanna spent the hours teary-eyed. As soon as families moved out, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, with the help of paid community members, began to demolish the buildings. Courtesy of Elie Gardner hide caption

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Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill Erin Baiano/Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Seeds of fear? To most of us, cantaloupe and horn melon look like a healthy breakfast or snack. But the clusters of seeds can evoke anxiety, nervousness and even nausea for some trypophobes. Daniel M. N. Turner/NPR hide caption

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