Welcome to Rwanda's coffee land, where some of the world's best coffee is grown. Here, Minani Anastase, president of Musasa Coffee Cooperative in northern Rwanda, looks over the coffee drying tables. Courtesy of Jonathan Kalan hide caption

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Olympic Bodies: They Just Don't Make Them Like They Used To

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Contestants Marianne Baba (left), Lois Conway and Ruth Swenson stand next to plates of their X-Rays during a chiropractor-judged beauty contest. Wallace Kirkland/Time hide caption

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"You've been condomized!" said Joy Lynn Alegarbes, of The Condom Project, which promoted safe sex at the 19th International AIDS Conference. The group handed out more than 850,000 condoms this week. Benjamin Morris/NPR hide caption

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At the International AIDS conference, a female condom fashion show raised awareness about the rising need for more female condoms. Olwin Manyanye of Zimbabwe shows off one of the dresses decorated with a second-generation female condom, called "FC2." Benjamin Morris/NPR hide caption

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Kim Gerlach of Vancouver waves the flag designed by Affirmative Aids Action for the XI International Conference on AIDS, July 1996. KIM STALLKNECHT/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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