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Tiny Desk

Zee Avi

Avi sings three hushed lullabies, including her signature cover of Morrissey's "First of the Gang."

Bowerbirds' captivating set of handcrafted songs has a distinctively sparse, harmonious sound. Bob Boilen/NPR hide caption

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Tiny Desk


Bowerbirds' handcrafted songs creak and swell like wooden floorboards in an old house.

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Tiny Desk


The rapper's set exuded shimmery grace while incorporating the sounds of soul, pop and reggae.

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Tiny Desk


Reduced to a duo for this charming session in the NPR Music offices, Telekinesis is all heart.

Tiny Desk

Dark Meat

Dark Meat has as many as 20 members. We fit as many as we could behind Bob Boilen's desk.