NPR logo Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving

I've started today's posting a couple of times, and then erased it all. It's easy to fall into cliches about the holidays. So in the end I decided to just keep today's post really simple. Even though these are difficult times for many of us, even though the days may seem more dark and foreboding than sunny, we do all have a lot to be thankful for. Those things will be different for each of us. I hope that we all find the time and the peace to think about them. But there is one in particular that we all share, and for which we should be extremely thankful. We're still here.

My best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and all of your loved ones. May you find peace when you most need it. I'll be back next Monday. Until then, enjoy that piece of pie and all that goes with it.