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The Joy of Reading — and Finishing — a Good Book

At the bottom of page 759, at about 2 a.m., I reached a milestone. I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Don't worry, I'm not going to say a word about how it ends, other than that the end, actually the whole book, is pretty near perfect. For those of you who haven't read any of the books — and I admit I dismissed them as kids' books when they first came out — you're missing something quite special. But believe me, start at the beginning. For those of you who have read the others, I recommend reading the previous one first, just to refresh your memory.

When I closed the cover, my eyes sort of bleary, I felt the pleasure that comes from reading a great book. I was sorry it was over. But I also remembered that more than a year ago, I had said that I hoped to live long enough to find out what happens to Harry. That may have seemed silly at the time. Surely there are more important things in life. But I was serious when I said it back then.

So, as I write this, I'm a little sleepy. I guess it's time for more coffee. I think maybe I ought to give all of you, oh, I don't know, two months to read the book, and then we can talk about it? I wish now that the book had been a little longer, just to prolong the enjoyment. Maybe she'll write another one, though I doubt it. But more than anything else, I'm taking one thing away from the book.

I made it.



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Congratulations on achieving an important and enjoyable goal. My daughter finished the book yesterday. I've just begun.

Sent by Crawford | 7:34 AM | 7-24-2007

I closed my copy of the final installment at about 1 AM this morning. My daughter got me hooked on the series when I was first beginning my cancer journey, in late 1998. I worried if I would see my daughter graduate from college, see my youngest "move up" from middle school, but never whether I would finish the Harry Potter series. Rowling, however, is amazing and her books have generated family discussions, helped many kids and adults learn the joy of reading and offered a brief respite from the daily trials of cancer treatment to many patients. Only after you have read the final book can you appreciate her eye for detail and the meticulous way every detail in the previous books had meaning for the conclusion. I hope she writes another series.

Sent by Linda Bily | 7:44 AM | 7-24-2007

Hi Leroy,

Harry Potter: Great book! I'm very glad that you are still alive and able to finish reading the book. Yes, I too stayed up until the wee hours to finish reading it. Did not want to put it down, and like you, I would have been happy if it had been a little longer in order to prolong the enjoyment. Glad you made it!

Kim Blankenship

Sent by Kim Blankenship | 7:58 AM | 7-24-2007


Sent by Karen | 8:09 AM | 7-24-2007

Good Morning Leroy, I am in the middle of the book, and I'm enjoying every minute. About the time I was diagnosed in Jan 07, the 1st trailer for this summer's Harry Potter movie came out. My goal is to see the last Potter movie, so now that you've finished the book series, how about you and Laurie joining me for the "Hallows" movie?

Sent by Ellie Algatt | 8:11 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, I am so glad that you made it! It's one of those important, future milestones that patients and caregivers set to measure their progress over time. Good for you! Set another happy goal and keep focused on it.

This is a particularly bittersweet post for me because my husband didn't make it. In fact, the last night of his life, our 16 yr. old daughter was rereading book six to him to comfort him as he lay dying from pancreatic cancer. Over the years, they read the books together, he reading to her. Although, because she's was a good reader and too impatient to limit the story to 2 chapters a night, she was always chapters (if not books) ahead of him!

Sent by Marilyn | 8:28 AM | 7-24-2007

Believe me Leroy, when I picked up my copy of the book on Saturday, one of my thoughts was gladness that we're both here to read and enjoy it. I've been a fan of the Harry Potter books since the beginging...have all of the books, all of the movies on DVD so far, and a couple of the books, including the last one, on CD. I'm listening to Jim Dales' wonderful version of the Deathly Hallows in my car at the same time that I'm reading the book. He's so gifted at bringing the over 120 characters (as he said on last "Sunday Morning" on CBS) to life. Here's to the next milestone along the way. May it be as enjoyable as this one was.

Sent by Nancy K. Clark | 8:45 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, Glad you got to read Harry Potter's last book. I plan to do so also. It's good to have goals and reading certain books have been my goal and comfort getting through all this. THanks again for a great blog:)

Sent by Vicki (FL) | 8:47 AM | 7-24-2007

Ok, I now have to read the series. I can't be left out of the mix.

Congrats Leroy, you sure did make it. Now what's next on your reading list???

Marilyn...hugs to you and your daughter.

I'm just so excited that art/writing is wowing the world. Does a heart good.

xo there Leroy.


Sent by Lori Levin | 8:54 AM | 7-24-2007

Milestones....what will be the next one? My mom is the strongest person I know. She is putting up an amazing fight of this horrible disease called cancer. She might have to find an alternative treatment to the one she is doing now as her protein is up, or she might not. We have no idea what she is going through, mentally and physically. We can assume and tell her to keep fighting and try something new but ultimately it is up to her. Her milestones? Well she might not say the same ones I would but I think everyday is a milestone. Of course we would all like to say....10 years, 20 years down the road I want this or that...but ultimately family and life is a milestone; the love she has taught us, the kindness I have learned to show my family because of her and my dad. She just told me that her milestone is to finish my daughter's quilt by hand for the next 2 years....she'll do it.

Sent by Gina B | 9:00 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, I am so very pleased you have enjoyed the book! I just started it myself. Marilyn, I am so sorry for your loss of your husband. I lost my Dad last week and we both used to read the Harry Potter books. Now I just like to think he is reading it over my shoulder, and I give a smile and a prayer of thanks to have had him so very long in my life. Blessings to you and your family. And to Brianna, thank you for your kind post. I used part of it in my Dad's memorial service on Saturday.

Sent by Karen | 9:13 AM | 7-24-2007

Dear Leroy,

Somebody sounds like a happy man today! So glad you enjoyed the book. You put a smile on my face this moring. It is nice to make someone smile - it tends to be contageous.

Always in my prayers. Sasha

Sent by sasha | 9:14 AM | 7-24-2007

Lot of adults out there reading a really good series of books. Here's a thought that I am sure most have considered.... It is good vs evil (Harry vs. Voldermort) is the patient/family vs. cancer. Hmmmm, similarities.

I am reading Half Blood Prince, have my copy of the final installment on order, can't wait to see the movie: Order of the Phoenix. Congratulations to all who already know the outcome....

Sent by Susan Chap | 9:15 AM | 7-24-2007

WOO WOO! Go, Leroy!

Sent by Holly | 9:19 AM | 7-24-2007

Congratulations Leroy, another book, another chapter, another day. Enjoy it all.

Sent by Pat Z | 9:20 AM | 7-24-2007

I, too, was so thrilled that we both would get to read the last installment of H.P. I picked up my copy on Saturday, but since there are 3 other adults in the family wanting at it, I am going to wait until they are all finished with it because I have time! What a wonderful thing to be able to write. I am really looking forward to reading it and discussing it, so I really appreciate you waiting a month so I can get it read.

Sent by Stephanie Dornbrook | 9:27 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, Your journal often brings either tears to my eyes or smiles to my face. This was definitely a big smile day! Best wishes, as always.

Sent by Gail | 9:29 AM | 7-24-2007

What a milestone! I can completely understand its significance.I think I speak for all of your "family" here when I say that we're all glad that you reached this goal too!

Like you, I'm an avid reader, and know well the calm that comes over you when you can lose yourself in a good story.

Sent by Lesa | 9:30 AM | 7-24-2007

I'm about halfway through the last book and expect to finish in the next couple of days. Congrats on the completion. As I read this book I am reminded that my sister was still here at the publication of the last book and called me when she finished to share her achievement. So I am reading this last book for myself, but also for her.

Sent by Fern Malowitz | 9:37 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy made it. Praise the Lord!

Congratulations and keep up the good work Leroy.

Take care.


Sent by Judy Voller | 9:41 AM | 7-24-2007

Congrats is true that there is nothing like a good book.. I finished it about 9 pm yesterday and I am also sad that it is over....

Sent by Yvette | 10:11 AM | 7-24-2007

Looks like you and I finished at exactly the same time last night (this morning, I guess). [SPOILER ALERT--Don't read if you haven't finished!]--There are events in one of the last chapters that really resonated with me with respect to not taking even the smallest moments for granted. I can only guess that this must have resonated so much more with you than I can imagine. Thank you so very much for sharing your experiences with all of us--especially the day-to-day ones such as this. The little things really are the big things.

Sent by John | 10:17 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy- my son and I have seen all the Potter movies together. He is now 19 yrs old! He has read the books as well. I am going to buy the Hallows book this week. I am so happy for you. Every milestone is a big accomplishment. I hear JK Rowlings is going to start a brand new series. Hope you enjoy those too. Take care!

Sent by DiAnn | 10:31 AM | 7-24-2007

Hey Leroy,
You have piqued my interest. I am now going to have to read the series. I just finished Ludlum's "The Bourne Ultimatum" series a few days ago, just in time for a movie that won't follow the book at all. :)

Your description is exactly how I felt when I read the Dune series years ago. That's a good one to get caught up into. Perhaps that should be your next venture. Not only interesting, but long. All a good thing.

stay safe, stay strong,

Sent by Lance Carlson | 10:32 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy -
As usual, your post brought a huge smile to my face as the tears ran down my cheeks. You never cease to amaze me with you ability to put how we all feel into words. Congratulations on reaching this goal. Find the next one and let us know what it is so we can all pray for that!

Sent by Andi Arabak | 10:35 AM | 7-24-2007

I don't post often but want to tell you how much this blog means to me. I belong to other groups specific to my cancer, and they're helpful, but when I sit down to read your blog and the responses to it, I feel like I'm sitting around the kitchen table with my family: all my muscles relax. There's a vibrancy and love here that's rare even the world of cancer support. Thank you.

Sent by Michele | 10:48 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, Congrats on finishing the book. I am a regular reader of your blog but have never contributed until now. I am 62 and fighting nsclc. My daughter said something to me the other day I thought I would share with the group. "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain." It meant a lot to me and I thought I would pass it on.

Sent by Neal Griffin | 10:56 AM | 7-24-2007

Dear Leroy,

What is better than a terrific book? Practically nothing! You set your goals on finding out about Harry. I set mine on seeing my sister's novel published. She just sent me the final transcript, "For Mo, Who lived it with me." And I want us, when we are in our eighties or nineties, to be swinging in hammocks on the island of San Pedro de la Mahagua, drinking Club Colombia and remembering how we lived, oh, how we lived.

I'm going out and buying H and the Deathly Hollows today.

All my best,
Mo Spikes

Sent by Mo Spikes | 10:56 AM | 7-24-2007

Big grin of joy for you. As Aggies say, "Whoop!!"

Sent by Connie Brown | 11:13 AM | 7-24-2007

My plan is to live long enough for my son (he is 4 and just starting to read) to finish all the Potter books. Of course, this is after he reads Narnia, and the Wind at the Door. And maybe all of Tolkien. Just so he knows where it all comes from.

Sent by Brit | 11:13 AM | 7-24-2007

I have never posted a comment before. Most of what I would say or think has been posted in one form or another. The words I would use have been used in a variety of ways similar to the way I would have written them. Still...There is safety in numbers and this blog brings to life that each of us is part of the whole. We have a place. We have to contribute. We must go on. Thanks for your continued blog and best wishes on recovery. You have no idea how valuable the lessons on life have been to us all.

Sent by Matthew W. Wilson | 11:17 AM | 7-24-2007

Leroy - I read the last Harry Potter like a fiend starting at 12:30 Friday night, and finished it at 3 AM Sunday morning because I simply couldn't put it down and wanted so badly to know what happens. Now I want to go back and read it more carefully, and savor it a little more. I look forward to talking about it with everyone in a couple of months! And congratulations on getting to this milestone - feels good, doesn't it?

Sent by Gretchen Hoag | 11:27 AM | 7-24-2007

Hi Leroy,
I preordered my Harry Potter and haven't gotten it yet!!! Yikes!!! I had breast cancer 20 years ago (I was 38), am still here and still thinking that I want to find out what happens to Harry before anything might happen........I know that return of cancer is always a possibility and so I try to live as if I still have it. Does that sound awful? I hope not. It's not meant to. It's actually a good thing. Thank you for being who you are! My thoughts are with you.

Sent by Lyn Banghart | 11:32 AM | 7-24-2007

Thank you for your insight. I have only been reading for a few months but after experiencing cancer with my father ( he's still around!!), I relate to so much you say. You have helped me unsterstand him so much better. You are in my prayers every day. Keep reading great books!

Sent by Susan | 11:58 AM | 7-24-2007


Your tribute to reading a good book is most inspiring! And the light of excitement I see in my granddaughter's eyes when she talks about the Harry Potter series is wonderful. She and her parents are all reading the books. I think I will start, so I don't miss out on a good thing!

Neal, thanks for sharing your daughter's thoughts, a truely inspiring message for all of us.

I am sad today as a friend has reached the final stages of his journey in cancer world. Just 2 years ago, I didn't know anyone who lived in "Cancer world" and now I have 6 friends and myself. Things do change with time, don't they?

Peace and Love to all.

Eileen Pruyne

Sent by Eileen Pruyne | 11:59 AM | 7-24-2007

Bravo! My heart is filled with joy for you.

You and your blog are amazing. I've written one time before to say thank you, and once again, I say thank you. You are a rare, precious treasure.

Hoping and praying for you and those whose lives have been forever changed by cancer,

Sent by Betty A. Roberts, Denver | 12:42 PM | 7-24-2007

Leroy, Nothing is so fine as achieviing a goal in life, congrats!!! I too hope there are many more in your future, not so many about Harry, though. Stan

Sent by Stan Wozniak | 12:43 PM | 7-24-2007

Loved this book...loved all the books
Love all you guys. Cancer sucks, but the love we all have for one another is better than a rousing game o' Quiddich!

Sent by Liz Zimmerman | 1:10 PM | 7-24-2007

To Neal: your daughter must be one of the wisest people on earth. What a wonderful saying! I had always thought that the expression, "grief is the price you pay for love" was the embodiment of wisdom but your daughter's saying is so much better. Pretty much sums up our situation in Cancer World.

Thanks for sharing.


Sent by Brenda Lynch | 1:13 PM | 7-24-2007

Ahhhh to read a good book... if only there were say 48 hours in a day and 30 days in a week! LOL

One day I hope to just kick back and read more.. until then... I will just have to "read vicariously through all of you"! :-)

Just too darned many things going on in my life at this point in my life... I guess I am trying to cram 10 lifetimes into one!

Sent by Ron Bye (NH) | 1:14 PM | 7-24-2007

Congrats, Leroy, on being able to make your milestone. Myself, I'm on the fourth book, and maybe will finish the series before my next milestone - my daughter starting kindergarten in three weeks. I never thought I'd see it. But, just like Harry, we've all got some evil forces to fight, some are just not on the pages of a book.

Hang in there, Leroy!

Sent by Nancy Nelson | 1:51 PM | 7-24-2007


You are such a champ. With all the things you are facing you can read a good book and enjoy it. Hats off to you....and I'm glad you made it.

Sent by Diana Kitch | 2:54 PM | 7-24-2007

Good for you, Leroy. I'm as proud for you as I would have been for a member of my own family, although I guess you are a member, since I include you and "everybody on the Cancer Blog" in my prayers every single day. This is, indeed, a very special group. God Bless you All.

Sent by Connie E. | 3:46 PM | 7-24-2007

Hurray Leroy and here's to more important books and special days!

Sent by Karen Q. | 6:20 PM | 7-24-2007

Dear Leroy...We first made our acquaintance through your documentary a few months ago...actually Ted Koppel has been instrumental in introducing me to two gentlemen that became part of my life...first Morrie you...I have on several occasions wanted to respond to you...but I couldn't see through the experience with this beast called "cancer" began as a child seeing the people I loved fight the good have become my "6th" brother, Patrick, and I (both cancer survivors) speak of you regularly...reading your blog today I smiled and thought to it not wonderful...that through it all we still are able to experience such joy in our lives...whether it be reading a good book (believe it or not I have not read even one Harry Potter book...but I intend to change that very soon)... enjoying a lovely wine, a sunset,the beach at Montauk, or in my case the joy of having not one but two Patrick's in my life...I am sure we will "speak" again...until are in my thoughts and my prayers...fondly...Ann Pat...

Sent by Ann Patrice Sclafani-Forde | 6:38 PM | 7-24-2007

I am so happy for you. Here's to many more milestones. Keep the faith & hope burning.

Sent by Aurella Rocchi | 8:36 PM | 7-24-2007

Cancer cures are found in books from the "pH Miracle," to "Juiceman's Power of Juicing," to "The Definitive Guide To Cancer." Yet the majority choose to read fiction over fact even when their life is at stake. Why not chat about therapeutic oils like frankincense which has been proved to kill 99% of viruses -- like cancer -- and cure most other illness'. It was also one of the three gifts given by the wise men to baby Jesus along with myrrh and gold.

Cancer and all other degenerative diseases are four to fifteen percent hereditary. Yet they commonly run through families -- why is that? Because families eat the same foods, drink the same water, and breathe the same air. Too simple isn't it? The majority of illness' are preventable and even reversible if lifestyles are changed early enough. Nutrient deficiencies from the foods we eat and hampered immune systems from the toxins we surround ourselves with are the main cause of all this suffering. That is a simple solution, but I guess it takes the mystery and the profits out of illness.

Sent by Chris Osterhage | 8:57 PM | 7-24-2007

Hi Leroy,


I am still reading. I was at a Japanese Anime Convention at the Baltimore Convention Center in the Inner Harbor. The Barnes & Noble had more than 20,000 extra people and nearly that many extra copies they had to sell on a weekend that perfectly combined Anime and Harry Potter! It was fun to be one amongst many with the joy of getting their hands on the new book, even while enjoying new Anime.

I, too, will really miss the excitement of another new Harry Potter book when I finish reading this one.

Sent by Lilly T. | 9:09 PM | 7-24-2007

It's a wonderful book, isn't it? I'm reading it slowly (for me). I usually plow through books, reading between 5 and 7 books per week but I'm taking my time with this one. I read the previous installments in a day or less.

I guess this is another example of how cancer has changed my perspective. I even want to take my own sweet time with the simplest of things like a good book like this. :)

Sent by Lisa Lindstrom | 9:28 PM | 7-24-2007

Last Friday at midnight, I walked alone through my tree-filled neighborhood in Saint Paul to a small, very old bookstore to pick up my copy of Harry Potter. A big part of the pleasure was imagining all the readers around the world getting ready to settle in and read the Last Book. Another thought that crossed my mind was that you, Leroy, were going to be a part of that web of happy readers. And then I thought how glad I was to be in 2 "clubs" with you: both speak to the parts of being human that make me light up - courage, creativity, community. And of course, the comment by Neals's daughter immediately brought to mind Gene Kelly's joy-soaked dance in the film "Singin' in the Rain". Now, there's a keeper!

Sent by Ceese Stickles | 11:27 PM | 7-24-2007

Funny that you wrote about Harry Potter. While I was reading the last chapters, I thought of you and hoped you were reading too.
I wonder what you see when you look into your own mirror of Erised?

Sent by Robin | 1:28 AM | 7-25-2007

My little sis loves to read too. I took her to the bookstore today to get Harry Potter - also a big fan of the series. She said she could not wait to get the book in her hands and smell the pages. Also, I took my mom yesterday to see the latest Harry Potter movie. It's been a Harry Potter week around here. Great story to take you somewhere far away. Congrats on finishing it. Stick around for the movie.

Sent by Lisa | 2:06 AM | 7-25-2007

This is what life is all about. Enjoying and appreciating the good around us. This brings back precious memories. My daughter read aloud the first 4 books to us. She was 11 when they first came out. She still enjoys them and is finishing #7 at 19 years old. Last night my husband and I went to see Harry Potter #5. We always hold hands in the movies. Another joyous part of my life.

I wish you all to enjoy the good around you. I choose not to dwell on the cancer thing today.

Hugs, Betty

Sent by Betty in Germany | 3:14 AM | 7-25-2007

Dear Leroy -- Congratulations on achieving your own goal - you'd set out to do it, and even if you had to read all night, YOU MADE IT! I think I know how satisfying that feeling is. I had breast cancer some years back now, and we are still always checking up. All the frantic waiting for more news, more results. Then the agony and pain while waiting again and again - for doctors and scans and treatments,and results and progress reports, and you dragging your poor body through it all.
And then on good days, there's somone like Harry Potter at your side! Here's an extra and and I hope useful consideration: All seven books are available unabridged on CD from Random House Audio Publishing! Each of the seven are read by the brilliant actor and raconteur Jim Dale. He is such a perfect story-teller, and is the BEST at creating living/breathing Hogwarts characters. He has created over 130 distinct voices in each book, and the number of new characters in #7 adds some more to his total! He holds a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for developing the most individual character voices in any audio program, anywhere. I directed him in the studio for five of the seven programs, so I know just how amazing and gifted Jim Dale is. Hearing the story told to you is another experience indeed - rich with your own memories of being read to, and then you're creating sound effects for yourself in all the excitement of good vs evil. And then you feel the deep beauty of the characters, their loyalties and love for each other. And through it all is the pull of the woven mystery and miracle of the story. If you feel that you're not quite 'out of' that world yet, do try a listen. You'll have another new world of pleasure - and that's the point, for me at least. Always the curiosity, always the glee at newfound pleasures and new sources of joy. It's what we CAN do. Congratulations, Leroy, on your milestone victory. Just savor it right now. My regard for you and I thank you for all you've shared with us. Every word, every thoughtful observation you make, or simple tale of the dailiness of it all, or your expressions of your own yearning...all give me solace and comfort. For this I cannot thank you enough.

Sent by Kathleen Hale | 6:08 AM | 7-25-2007

A possible new goal. I'm a reading junkie & this year found a book in our bldg. honor
system. "The Buru Quartet" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer from Indonesia. You may already have read these books w/your background. He was a political prisoner for more than 14 yrs & wrote by reciting to his fellow inmates. The quartet follows a young man through his life, fiction based on fact. It got me through many a night while caring for my son during his treatment. I've read whatever our large city library has of his & wait for more. Librarian then led me to J.M. Coetzee (born So. Africa - living in Australia), but altho I read to end, he is so intellectual & philosophical that I find this a sometimes difficult read.

The best to you. A friend in my bldg. has just been given a very new chemo that is something of a miracle at present.

My son has just completed his 2nd day back at work after an entire year off for treatment. Now - new worries. Company is in busy season & 10 hr days/ 6 day weeks mandatory & he doesn't want to make any waves relative to losing his job. As Gilda said "It's Always Something".

Joan P

Sent by Joan P | 11:23 AM | 7-25-2007

You've led an exciting life thusfar Leroy. If you have not already done so, maybe it is time to write YOUR story.

Sent by June | 5:01 PM | 7-25-2007

Maybe you could start Agatha Christi books. She wrote a lot of them.

Sent by Lois (Check, VA) | 8:30 PM | 7-25-2007

Yes, I want to discuss this book! I know without being part of cancer world, I would have "read" less into it.

Sent by Diana L Santamaria | 9:05 AM | 7-27-2007

In my household, my daughter, my wife and I have all finished the last book, and what a great read it was!

Other great books in the same vein, if you have not read them yet are "The Golden Compass,"which will be out on film in December, "Eragon" (which was turned into an awful movie, but has a good audio recording) and of course, Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" and then "Ender's Shadow" which is not a sequel, but roughly the same time period told from the point of view Bean, an even smarter, smaller child who goes through the academy with Ender. And there are even a couple of sequel books.

Do read "Ender's Game" first if you chose to read the series, because the movie will be out sometime next year, and once you're hooked, keep on reading because there are at least 8 books in the series!

Sent by Tony | 6:34 PM | 7-30-2007

I'm an occasional reader of your blog but am always thrilled when I do read it - you mirror my feelings exactly. I have kidney cancer, diagnosed in 2000 with metastases in 2003. I, too, wondered if I would "make it" to read HP7 but never said it aloud to anyone - I was afraid I would jinx myself somehow. So I'm pleased that we were all here to finish the series, and I too am looking for the "next" external milestone.

I celebrate every day as another personal milestone, whether it's been good or bad!

Sent by Linda Condry | 2:21 PM | 7-31-2007

i first listened to Leroy Silvers for his great voice and i was in awe of his insights into his own terrible disease.
Later, I listened because I needed his calm rational voice as I started my journey with cancer. When ever I start to feel sorry for myself and get that "why me" attitude, I would hear
Leroy's voice and see the brave smiles
of a room full of people hooked up to what they hope is a life saving chemo drip.

Sent by jan | 12:44 PM | 8-18-2008