An Ordeal of Inconvenience : My Cancer How many more days?
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An Ordeal of Inconvenience

How many more days?

How many days until I feel like myself again? I could stop and figure it out probably, but I don't think I need to.

It's not the pain I feel each day. I've found ways to deal with that. It's more the inconvenience. The fact that each day is an ordeal in its own way.

Cleaning up? Complicated. Messy.

Keeping track of the drains that remove the fluid from my back — you want to make sure one of the tubes doesn't catch on something by accident.

Then there's the antibiotics pump around my neck. You need to make sure the line isn't tangled.

All these things sound pretty minor ... and they are.

In a few weeks, I won't have to worry about any of these things. But right now I do.

Each day I get closer to my old life. When I'm finally there I think I'm going to be amazed at how "easy" everything is.