NPR logo A Little Quality TV Please?

A Little Quality TV Please?

ABC's LOST is coming back on the air. At least for a while.

I have to admit, I gave up on LOST a while back. But the writers' strike is still going on, and anything new looks shiny and attractive.

There is a lot more reality programming now, too, to fill the holes. I have several friends who are totally hooked on American Gladiators. You all know who you are.

Let's face it: as long as the strike is going on, the TV world is looking pretty bleak. Luckily for me, at least, I sleep pretty well now. So I'm not looking for something to watch in the middle of the night anymore.

Of course, there are always reruns of Law and Order virtually any hour of any day. It's an amazing phenomenon. Even though you've seen the episode, you'll always stop and watch — every time.

The real purpose of my rant is to speak out for those who are bedridden, or sick, or fighting chemo, or recovering from surgery. We deserve better.

The Mt. Everest show on Discovery is pretty amazing, but I'm never really sure when it's on.

All I'm saying is that when you're sick, you deserve good TV. Even mediocre TV.

And I'm sorry, but those monsters in spandex on Gladiators just don't count.