Message from the Dornbrooks : My Cancer We received these notes last night from Stephanie Dornbrook's family:
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Message from the Dornbrooks

We received these notes last night from Stephanie Dornbrook's family:

To all of Leroy's bloggers and to Leroy too. I am Stephanie's husband Dustin. I have never entered into this site as I did not wish to intrude into her private thoughts with all of you out there in similar situations as hers.

When I learned of your special outpourings of love and support towards me and our children and Stephanie, I wanted to express our warmest love in return. Without much detail I can say she now has an eternal smile on her face. She wrote a short farewell and some advice to all. As usual, she was short and to the point. She used three words and said, "goodbye....forgive everything."

I know she cherished this blog site and all of you were loved by her. I am grateful to Leroy for making it available. It makes me happy so many of you will keep her alive through your memories. I wish you all well on your journeys.

— Dustin Dornbrook

My family and I have been deeply moved by the response that we have received from the online community. Thank you, everyone, for your support at this time and, as well, for the support of my mother and the constant cheering on that she received from you these past two years. I am proud to say that Stephanie is my mother and, while, as her youngest, our relationship had only recently matured into a mutual adult relationship, that she was a most outstanding soul, remarkable for her constant service and warm and loving personality.

Thank you.

— Mendon Dornbrook