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Trying to Get Comfortable

Comfort. It's a hard thing to find. Actually, much harder than it should be.

When I first got home from my second back surgery, there was really only one chair that was comfortable. I spent a lot of time in that chair. Even slept in it for the first few weeks.

Then, as the nerves in my back woke up, sitting in that chair turned to agony. That may be overstating it, but it became really uncomfortable.

So I have been searching ever since for a new place that feels right. The right grouping of pillows on one bed is the current favorite. The right pillows on another bed runs a close second.

And I go back and sit in that original chair, even though it's a little painful. I guess I think that a little bit of pain may be good for me.

We actually went out shopping for recliners, thinking that a new chair would be the answer. But the first one I looked at was too short for me. I couldn't really make it recline. Another one was broken and wouldn't recline at all. I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks.

So until we find that chair that's "just right" I'll keep moving around from bed to bed and chair to chair. I know I'll find the right spot eventually, although it would be a lot easier if my back would just heal once and for all.

Then every chair would be "just right."