NPR logo At Last, a Good Day

At Last, a Good Day

Sometimes a great turkey sandwich and a chocolate cupcake are all you need to make it a good day.

Even when you have cancer. Even when your legs aren't working the way they should. Even when you're in, arguably, the best hospital in the country, getting the best medical care.

That was the way it was for Leroy this day.

There was a shift in his mood. He was joking with the nurses. Practicing the exercises the PT therapist has shown him. All signs that the old Leroy is surfacing.

It's been a struggle.

Then, late in the day, some positive news. A CT scan showed no changes to the small nodules in his lung. And the rest of Leroy's body was clear.

The MRIs are next on the schedule. They will look at the spine and the brain. More to worry about, but not now.

Even at this late hour as I write this, I'm content to say it was a good day.