NPR logo Time for a Trade-In?

Time for a Trade-In?

Sometimes I think I just need a new body. That might be the easiest solution. I've certainly beaten up this body.

Didn't that happen on the old Star Trek a lot? Aliens would need new bodies so they'd take or borrow the bodies of Capt. Kirk and his pals? Now, my body has been through a lot, and it's actually held up surprisingly well. But wouldn't it be great to start with a brand new one?

A new body wouldn't have as many metal parts as my current one does. A good part of my spine is metal, not to mention the metal plate in my skull from the brain surgery. The doctors totally rearranged the muscles in my back when they did the spinal surgeries. A new body would follow the original design.

Maybe most important, a new body would let me start all over with new therapies. I wouldn't have crossed the radiation tolerance level already. No scar tissue in my lungs from Radio Frequency Ablation. No glue injected into my vertebrae.

And a new body wouldn't suffer from all the aches and pains, big and small, that I have now. Of course, while I'm at it, my new body would have six-pack abs and a full head of hair.

Oh well, it's fun to think about. But this body is the one I have. It's gotten me this far. I don't think it would be right to change now.