Not Alone On This Road : My Cancer Fight. Wrestle. Confront. Cope. Endure.
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Not Alone On This Road

Fight. Wrestle. Confront. Cope. Endure.

Whatever words we find to describe how we deal with our cancer, there's one overriding truth. We don't do it alone.

It may feel that way sometimes, especially in the dark hours of the night when the silence closes in. But that's just a trick of the night.

As we walk on this difficult road, if we listen carefully, we can hear the footsteps of those who walk with us. Our fellow patients, our friends, and our loved ones, who carry an especially heavy burden.

In these difficult days, Laurie wanted to reach out to all of you with this note:

No one has lost a battle here.

If anything has happened in these past couple of years on this blog, it's that we've all learned how to face life head-on. Not death.

And Leroy's been our pied piper. I'm not sure he even knew where this trek would take him, but we've followed him because of his strength and courage and willingness to get off the beaten path and make a new one.

Most of us are not that brave. We need the Leroys in our lives to show us.

These next few weeks, months, whatever it turns out to be, will be no different than when this blog began two years ago.

We live life here. We don't sit and wait for death.