A Tall Order To Fill : My Cancer Dear Santa,
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A Tall Order To Fill

Dear Santa,

I hope this finds you busy and doing well. I can't imagine how these tough economic times have affected you. I hope your place hasn't been hit by layoffs, because if we can't write to you and hope for results, then we're in a world of hurt.

Actually, that's why I'm writing. It's not just me, but this community I belong to ... we are in a world of hurt.

Sasha needs something to ease her pain. Laurie Hirth could use some back-up to get her through the lonely times without Neil. Phillip is new to our group, so he'll need the complete package of support and, while you're at it, see what you can do to help him out with his hair.

I'm afraid my request is just too tall an order to fill. We're a needy group, Santa. But I hear that's your specialty.

I know you're on deadline, so I'll close with wishes for a good holiday.

Travel safely.