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Fight On, It's A New Day

Grab a glass. It's New Year's Eve. We need to toast all cancer warriors. All of us wear the armor.

To those of you who look to 2009 and see a continued struggle, resolve to keep fighting. Tomorrow is not only a new year, but it's a new day. A day when all you've put into living with cancer could pay off. A new drug, a new treatment ... it's got to happen. This could be the year. Fight on. Hold on. Please.

Life-givers, beware. You've had a long, hard year. I wish I could tell you there will be room for a nap in the new year. But not in cancer world. There will be new tears, a few new wrinkles, and definitely a few new gray hairs. But you've also learned a lot. Take this knowledge and use it. Stay involved in the fight. Be the voice of your loved ones. Watch over them and challenge those doctors.

And what about the rest of us who are still standing after seeing the worst of what cancer can do? We've lost huge pieces of our hearts. What does the new year hold for us? Maybe we carefully begin to remove some of that armor. See what's happening in the rest of the world — outside cancer world. We lived there once. If I remember correctly, it had a lot to offer.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here's to a better year ahead.

There's no blog tomorrow because of the holiday. We'll be back on Friday.