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Light Over Darkness

Here comes the weekend before Christmas. The weekend that marks the beginning of Hanukkah. The week-long celebration of Kwanzaa begins the day after Christmas.

In other words, we're in the window. All of these holidays, in some way, celebrate hope. Light over darkness.

Let's grab this time and make the most of it. Bury the beast. Grab the energy in the air. Try to forget the abnormal that comes with cancer and just do normal.

This community works hard all year long, "lifting" long-time members and those just starting their journey. This is the perfect time to remember we are also part of the bigger community.

So, if you're out among the last-minute shoppers this weekend, dashing off to catch a plane for a holiday trip, or holding the hand of a loved one who can only watch the holidays from a bedside window, remember the season ... this window is open for all of us.