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A Big Job To Do

A "lengthening tally of losses." That's how Maureen put it into words in her comments to the blog yesterday. She was reacting to the news of Randy's death. His name has been added to the others who have passed through our community. Some stayed with us in time measured in years, or in Randy's case, measured in weeks.

No matter what measuring stick we use, we have all come here and found a place that is our safehouse. We can talk about death, we can talk about treatments, we can laugh, and we certainly know we can cry together.

The new site, the Our Cancer place, will allow us to continue and even grow with pictures and stories and conversations. So many of you have already found it and have begun to carve out a new place.

Spread the word. There's room for so many more who need a place like this to feel welcome. When you're in cancer world, feeling welcome and safe is a gift.

Leroy planted the seeds. They have rooted deeply in the soil of this blog.

He left us with a big job to do.