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A New Beginning

It was a sunrise made to order over Washington, D.C. An awakening in a sky that was flecked with pinks and golds and wisps of cloud backlit by the rising sun. And it only got brighter as the early morning hours ticked away on Inauguration Day.

A hopeful sign and a new beginning for our country. A new beginning for all of us.

If you're a card-carrying member of cancer world, you look for new beginnings. Hope and change in our world mean something a little different. We hope for added funding that will help push treatments forward, and we hope the scientists are successful in their attempts to make vaccines and find other creative ways to kill this killer.

There are so many voices screaming for attention for so many causes. It's up to us to turn up the volume.

I know there is a plate full of problems on the priority list, and I don't envy President Obama as he sits down in the Oval Office today. The economy, wars, unemployment ... and cancer.

The beast never rests and neither can we.