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A Reminder That Keeps Me Connected

I'm constantly looking for "connections" to Leroy. I haven't lost it. I'm not expecting to find notes on a foggy mirror or an empty gallon of milk in the refrigerator. Just some gentle reminders that keep him close.

After almost 25 years together, there were times when one of us would be thinking something and the other one would say it. We could finish each other's sentences. So now it's especially nice when something triggers a flashback.

I've always loved orchids. When we lived in Miami, we had many varieties scattered around the house. Leroy would bring them home as gifts and they flourished.

Foolishly, I thought I had the touch to keep them blooming and beautiful. It wasn't me at all. It was hot and humid in Miami. The perfect environment to grow orchids.

So when we moved north to Maryland, it became apparent, quickly, that my orchids would suffer, curl up, and end up in the mulch pile. But Leroy would bring me another one, encouraging me to try again and hope for better results.

Gradually, I found a formula that worked. This is orchid spiking time, when the plants stretch out their new stems and begin to wake-up. The first of many of those Leroy plants has buds, and this morning, a new flower is beginning to open.

His words of encouragement paid off. And I have a wonderful reminder that keeps me connected.