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An Exclusive Club

Our president-elect went to the White House yesterday. It was an invitation to lunch at an exclusive club he's about to enter. Only current and former U.S. Presidents attending. Barrack Obama collected advice, good counsel, and fellowship, he said, from these men who have lived the unique life of a U.S. President.

That's good, because he's going to need all of it, stepping into a world as complicated as the one we live in these days.

Listening and learning from experience always pays off. This community does it every day. I look at this blog as kind of an exclusive club, too. Leroy created it so he could express his day-to-day life with cancer. He helped so many through his experiences with the doctors, the treatments, and the daily ups and downs of living with the disease.

You shared back. Sometimes there was fellowship, sometimes advice, sometimes good counsel. Whatever the daily posting was, it gave this cancer club the power and knowledge to face another day in a world just as complicated, in different ways, as the one our next president is facing.

These last few days, this community has shown its strength through experience. The suggestions to Sasha and others in times of need can't be matched.

In this club, you all rock! I'm proud to stand with you.