NPR logo Back At Work, Leroy Is All Around Me

Back At Work, Leroy Is All Around Me

Life has changed again. I went back to work. I mean, I actually drove to the office and sat down at my desk.

When Leroy's cancer required more care, I was able to stay at home and do my work. Since he died, I've been trying to patch the holes he left in my heart and in my soul. The time away from work was absolutely necessary.

So I've done all the things that you do after being away for so many months. Got a new phone pin number. Cleared off the desk that was full of old newspaper clippings. Said hello to old pals.

But Leroy is here, too. I look up at the wall and see him in Iraq. I see him in Hawaii . There he is in the emergency truck he drove during Hurricane Katrina.

He's all around me. I need to believe that as I take another step forward.