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Cancer World Resolutions

There's one more piece of holiday business to deal with now. I'm not talking about returning sweaters and shirts that don't fit, or the dismantling of the Christmas tree.
This is the season of resolutions.

Watch any morning television? There are parades of people who have lost hundreds of pounds. They resolved to lose the weight and the message is, you can too. Losing weight in the new year is a slam-dunk resolution.

The experts tell us it's better to wait a few weeks before we make these promises. I'm not sure what the benefit of that is.

So what kind of resolutions can we make if we're living in cancer world? Patient or caregiver, do we vow to take better care of ourselves and each other? Do we resolve to find a way to stay in touch with the world we left behind?

Then there's the bucket list. That's a special kind of terminal illness resolution pact. Leroy didn't really have a bucket list. He always said he'd had a good life with lots of adventures.

He just wanted his life to stay as normal as possible. If he had resolutions, they revolved around cheeseburgers and chocolate.

Sometimes resolutions don't have to be about weight loss and exercise.