NPR logo Missing That Familiar Presence

Missing That Familiar Presence

It's the simplest things that remind me every day just how much I miss Leroy. The chatter in our house over the Inaugural events of the past few days would have been non-stop. Recapping the coverage, sharing experiences. It's just what we did as journalists, as interested observers of history.

How I missed that this time around. I miss his voice.

And the new season of TV shows has started. 24 one of our favorites, is back with all cylinders firing. Jack Bauer and the gang had a huge two-night season opener, but there it sat on the TIVO. No Leroy to share it with.

The chefs on Top Chef don't know it, but they've lost one of their biggest fans. We would watch and marvel at how these contestants would whip up some beautiful food on a plate with just a few mushrooms, something reduced in a pot, and something else the chefs would call "protein." Of course, we simply know it as fish, meat, or poultry.

And when I'm scanning the movie channels and stumble across Gladiator, Blood Diamond or heaven help me, the one millionth showing of Dirty Dancing, I just reach for the power button on the clicker.

Too many reminders of how much I miss that big familiar presence in my life.