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My 'Dumbo's Feather'

Tomorrow will be five months since Leroy's death. And you're still lifting while I struggle through the pain and loss and the emptiness of missing him.

To steal a page from Walt Disney, this community has been my "Dumbo's feather." The cutest little elephant with the great big ears who needed his friends to convince him he could fly. Dumbo had no confidence. His faith had been shattered. But his best friend, Timothy Q. Mouse, and a community of crows gave Dumbo a feather and convinced him it held magical powers. With it, he could soar above the circus crowd.

That feather worked its magic until one day, it fell from Dumbo's grasp. As he plummeted to the ground, Timothy confessed to Dumbo that the feather really wasn't magic at all. He had the ability to fly all along. He just needed a little "lift."

My feather, your lifting, has been put to good use these last few days. And believe me, it's been tested. Just being back at work. So many times wanting to call or email Leroy. It had always been a natural part of the work day.

So I'm still holding on to the feather you've given me. Some day I will be able to put it in a safe place or maybe even pass it on to some one else. But for right now, Dumbo's feather is working overtime and I'm holding on tight.