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The Big Step Of Hospice

A year ago today I was sitting at home, waiting for a knock at the door. It would change my life again. It would change Leroy's life again, too. It was the day we would meet the hospice nurse. An introduction to our future.

This would be the second time a hospice person would come into our home. The first time was a bad fit. We both couldn't wait for her to leave. So this time around, we were a little nervous.

Leroy wrote many times about the question of whether, or when, to call hospice. The subject, I admit, always caused me to break out in a sweat. It's such a big step, deciding how to spend the final days of life with your loved one.

It's something many of you have talked about these past few weeks. Our community is hurting. Too many needing hospice care.

I received an email yesterday that a friend's family had called in hospice to ease the pain of a relative in the final stage of cancer. They asked for prayers and hoped this beloved family member was finally free from the pain of the beast.

I guess that's what hospice does best. Ease the pain.

It was seven months later before our hospice nurse would return. But this time she came to do her job.

By the way, I'm sure you've all seen Andy Carvin's note on the blog about the new "Our Cancer" site. He has taken great care to grab you by the hand and walk you through the new opportunities available on the page, but we welcome your questions, too. Andy knows all the answers, simple or complicated, and we all want everyone to feel comfortable using the new "Our Cancer" forum.