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Who Could Play Leroy?

What if Leroy were a movie? I mean his story, of course. We'd all need a lot of Kleenex. It would be a tearjerker.

But who could fill those shoes? Who would be cast in the leading role? He'd have to be a big guy. Not just tall, but big, with broad shoulders, and he'd have to know how to use his size. Then there's the laugh. Who in Hollywood could match that deep, robust laugh? That was Leroy's calling card.

Most important of all, who could capture the "Leroy" part of Leroy? Strength. Humor. Stubbornness. Impatience. Compassion. A communicator, with a huge heart.

And he'd have to have an appetite, too. Macadamia nut-encrusted ahi. Crab cakes. Unlimited chocolate and plenty of good Chardonnay, just for starters.

This could be the role of a lifetime! Far too short a lifetime.