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Winter Is What You Make It

It's been a weekend of bright blue beautiful days. Very cold but spectacular days. Walking on the C & O canal, I look up into a sky that is so clear. No clouds. Just the bare branches of the trees in their deep winter sleep, reaching up to the heavens.

My dear friend Carol, who walks with me, made an interesting comment as we were finishing our six mile jaunt. She said before she got into walking in the winter with me, she only thought of it as something she had to get through to reach Spring.

What she doesn't know — until now, because she reads the blog — is that she has made this winter bearable for me. That early morning frosty air clears the mind. I've been able to put one foot in front of the other and march down the canal path because she has been by my side and listened to my sorrow spill out in rants and tears and Leroy stories and sometimes all three combined into one long walk. Some days, the hurt has just poured out of me.

Remember what the experts tell those of us who are hurting from our time in cancer world. Get plenty of rest, eat well, and exercise.

And if you have a "Carol" in your life, you'll find that winter is what you make it.