NPR logo With The Circle Complete, We Begin Anew

With The Circle Complete, We Begin Anew

It's a bittersweet day. "My Cancer" is turning a corner and will morph into "Our Cancer" next week. We've had quite a ride, haven't we?

For most of it, I've been on the sidelines as an observer. This was always Leroy's hood. It's where he came to clear his head of cancer. The blog put him at ease. He could tell you how he felt and what he felt, and you felt it, too. He spoke for so many.

As I sit here writing this, I see him at the computer at home, typing away. I see him on the lanai in Maui, typing away. Even though we were trying to get away from cancer for a few days, it was still important to "talk" to all of you.

I see him in his bed, no longer able to sit at the computer. He would write the blog and I'd type it so this community would know, even in the final stages of the fight, what he was thinking and how he was feeling. He put it all out there.

This great big pied piper of cancer world created a place where we could all come and breathe.

It was never my intention to continue the blog. But it was Leroy who thought the grieving side of cancer would bring his story full circle. That must have been his "journalist-gene" kicking in. The story should always have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

So we all grieved together. The blog changed and we welcomed new members. Many had also seen the worst of what the beast had to offer. We lifted each other. The circle was complete.

Now we begin a new circle. Filled with new conversations, new information, and new opportunities. "Our Cancer" will be the best place to come when cancer interrupts a life.

You'll still hear from me, just not with a daily blog. So talk amongst yourselves ... I'll be listening.

More importantly, I really think Leroy will be listening, too. After all, we're still walking in his hood.