FBI Director James Comey is one of the federal officials who has said that the growing use of encryption hurts the ability to track criminals. Keith Srakocic/AP hide caption

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Larry Morrison, who returned home with post-traumatic stress disorder after four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is being kicked out of the Army for misconduct, leaving him without military benefits. Michael de Yoanna/Colorado Public Radio hide caption

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Missed Treatment

Senators Want Moratorium On Dismissing Soldiers During Investigation

The Army continues to kick out combat soldiers with mental health problems for misconduct, even as it investigates the practice.

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Defense Secretary Ash Carter leaves a news conference at the Pentagon on Thursday. In an interview with NPR, Carter said a top priority was to drive the Islamic State out of its headquarters in Raqqa, Syria, and from Mosul, Iraq, that country's second largest city. Cliff Owen/AP hide caption

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Inmate and Vietnam veteran Ed Munis works on his computer at the Veteran Service Office in California's Soledad Correctional Training Facility, which he helped start more than a decade ago. Krista Almanzan/KAZU hide caption

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Hull stands in a room of his home decorated with photos of movie star John Wayne. "He was the only hero we had growing up. No one beats the Duke. You never heard about the Duke giving up," Hull says. Gordon King for NPR hide caption

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Investigators prepare to enter one of the residences where suspect Edward Archer lived in Yeadon, Pa. Archer is accused of ambushing a police officer in Philadelphia on Jan. 7. The FBI has said it is investigating the attack as a possible act of terrorism — inspired by ISIS. Matt Rourke/AP hide caption

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