A car that plowed into a snow bank is towed Tuesday in Hartford, Conn. The latest storm is expected to add up to 6 more inches of snow and ice to an area already buried by multiple storms last month. Jessica Hill/AP Photo hide caption

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A vendor pulls his trolley past Egyptian army soldiers sitting and standing atop armored personnel carriers in Cairo on Saturday. But in Egypt, jobs are hard to come by. Most Egyptians live on about $2 a day, according to Isobel Coleman, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. And the college educated face a 30 percent unemployment rate. Victoria Hazou/AP hide caption

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Supporters of the Tea Party movement protest health care overhaul outside the U.S. Capitol, March 20, 2010. Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Anti-government protesters demonstrate as night falls in Tahrir, or Liberation Square in Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 1. More than a quarter-million people flooded into the heart of Cairo Tuesday, filling the city's main square in by far the largest demonstration in a week of unceasing demands for President Hosni Mubarak to leave after nearly 30 years in power. Tara Todras-Whitehill/AP hide caption

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With just 600 residents and no cities, Sark, located about 80 miles off the coast of England in the English Channel, is the first dark-sky island. Phllip Capper/Flickr hide caption

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Bill Keller's story about dealing with Assange and WikiLeaks was published in the Jan. 26 edition of The New York Times Magazine. Fran├žois Berthoud/The New York Times Magazine hide caption

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