NPR logo Picturing Hip-Hop: "Who Shot Ya?"

Picturing Hip-Hop: "Who Shot Ya?"

Ernie Paniccioli

On today's show, photographer Ernie Paniccioli talked to Farai about his book, Who Shot Ya? Three Decades of Hiphop Photography, which captures legendary hip-hop celebrities in their element.

He talked about fighting with Salt-N-Pepa in the early days, hip-hop's "colonization" and rap music's evolution through photos.

Take a look at some of his pics with the greats:

Ernie and Latifah

Ernie with Queen Latifah

Ernie and Bambaataa

With Afrika Bambaataa

Ernie and George Clinton

With George Clinton

Ernie and Busta Rhymes

With Busta Rhymes in 1992

Ernie Paniccioli

With Chuck D in 2005 / Credit: Koe Rodriquez

Ernie Paniccioli

With Gordon Parks

Ernie Paniccioli

With The Notorious B.I.G.

Ernie Paniccioli

With Flava Flav in 2005 / Credit: Koe Rodriquez

Ernie Paniccioli

With Melli Mel

Ernie Paniccioli

With Sam Greenlee, author of The Spook Who Sat by the Door