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City Battles Witness Intimidation, BET Launches New Schedule

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The New York Times: A Little Girl Shot, and a Crowd That Didn't See — "The case [of 7-year-old Tajahnique Lee] stands as a striking example of the way witness intimidation has stymied law enforcement and allowed gangs to tyrannize entire communities."

Ellis Cose of Newsweek: Signs of Progress — "That Obama cannot take the 'minority vote' for granted is a reflection of progress in America's struggle to get beyond race."

The New York Times: Network for Blacks Broadens Its Schedule — "Reginald Hudlin, [BET] entertainment president, was tweaking a new docudrama with his team. It is one of five shows beginning on the BET network this month, as it introduces 16 shows through 2008, the biggest lineup of debuts in its 27-year history."

St. Petersburg Times: For One Father, Not Enough Has
— "Richard Williams: 'What it means to me, from the way I see things, is that blacks are treated the same way here at Wimbledon as when she (Althea Gibson) was coming along in the '50s. I don't see it any different than now. I will always see it that way."

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Talk about today's headlines: What impact is the pervasive anti-snitching sentiment having on your community? Is Richard Williams right? And can BET redeem itself?