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Finding Love of a Different Faith

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Courtesy Dara and Oded Pincas

As part of the month-long series on religion in black America, Farai spoke with an interfaith and interracial couple, Dara and Oded Pincas, about how they've navigated the unique challenges posed by race and religion.

"Finding someone is finding someone who really understands you and may not look like you on the outside," said Dara.

Dara is Baptist and African American; Oded is Jewish and immigrated from Israel ten years ago. Both are attorneys in New York, and they are expecting twins in December.

"We will definitely offer them a choice [of religions]," said Oded. "I think the most important principle is to embrace our different religions and, in this case, ethnicities. It is going to be a challenge, but we are up to it."

Are you involved in an interfaith or interracial relationship? What has been your experience? If not, do you approve of such relationships?