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NAACP Buries the N-Word, Darfur Conf. Called

A mock funeral to symbolically bury the "N-word" is held at the 98th Annual NAACP National Convention in Detroit, Michigan. Bill Pugliano, Getty Images hide caption

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Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

Chicago Tribune: NAACP Buries the Hated N-Word — "In a symbolic move to erase the controversial N-word from the English vocabulary, the NAACP held a mock funeral in Detroit on Monday, complete with a horse-drawn carriage and a pine box coffin that will be buried in a city cemetery and marked with a headstone."

Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post: A Question of Bias — "If voters are so color-blind, why have only two African-Americans since Reconstruction won governor's offices? And only three been elected to the Senate?"

The Associated Press: Darfur Conference Called for Mid-July — "The U.N. and African Union envoys trying to promote a political solution to the four-year conflict in Darfur are inviting key regional and international parties to a mid-July meeting to discuss ways to get new peace talks started."

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Talk about today's headlines: Do you agree with the NAACP's efforts to symbolically bury the N-word?