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Video of the Day: Roberta Flack's 'First Time'

From Geoff:

Farai's wide-ranging interview with the incomparable Roberta Flack aired today. Take a listen. In it, Flack reveals the inspiration for the tune of her classic hit, "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face."

So it's only fitting that today's clip is of Flack performing the song — here, on the BBC show The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1972.

And this is Farai here ...
I LOVED talking to Roberta Flack. She talked, sang, told stories... for 40 minutes. If I had had another hour, I would have stayed on with her for another hour.

I would love to see her write a book ... and she's interested.

Stay tuned!

What is your favorite Roberta Flack song?

— Geoff and Farai



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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song she did with Michael Jackson on the Free to Be You and Me Album

Sent by Laura | 2:07 PM | 7-27-2007

I didnt know where else to post this. But being a fan of Farai's book the Color of our Future I had wondered if she had seen Kevin Michael's new video.

Sent by Alex | 3:15 PM | 7-27-2007

Angelitos Negros from her first album - hearing the song still gives me the chills.

Sent by neil adesky | 5:58 PM | 7-27-2007

My favorite Roberta Flack song is from the movie "Making Love". The songs from the past are cool, but this tune has special tones that makes me daydream (difficult to listen to while driving,lol). Anyway, that's my favorite Roberta Flack song.

Sent by Jeff Nathan | 7:44 PM | 7-27-2007

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Sent by video | 8:37 PM | 7-27-2007

I have two favorites."The first time ever I saw ever I saw your face" and "Jesse". All of the blues and the greens are still clean.

Sent by Jerrie Witherspoon | 12:27 AM | 7-28-2007

Most fav. Roberta Flack song: Do What You Gotta Do, Chapter Two album. It was my favorite in the 70's and still is today.

Sent by Christie Newman | 1:21 AM | 7-28-2007

First, thank you Farai and Geoff. The whole show tonight was great (as always), but I bawled my eyes out listening to Roberta reflect on her time with Donny and the loss. Not surprising that a young man said he heard God in R's voice. There is something so holy in hearing her. What was the name of that amazing tune on the show in which R sings about "somebody told me do unto others.... " THAT is already one of my new faves.

Sent by Steven Athanases | 4:12 AM | 7-28-2007

I don't know if I have a favorite Roberta Flack song, but she will forever be burned into my psyche, not only because of her wonderful and pure voice but also for an event that I experienced as a child.

When I was about 7, the apartment I shared with my mother and younger sister was burgled. I remember the distress of my mother that the burglar also made off with her Roberta Flack LPs. I remember having studied the jackets of those albums. This seemed in some strange way to elevate them even more in preciousness in my young mind.

Sadly, they were never replaced, but the music is burned indelibly into my consciousness!

Farai, I listen to you from Hamburg, Germany via your podcast and online streaming. For this reason, I tend to get the program at least a day later than your broadcast. Thanks for this show! I am happy to hear the voices of my peoples [sic] all the way over here!

Sent by Gusto | 11:17 AM | 7-28-2007

Compared to What is a personal favorite.

Sent by Debunot | 10:13 PM | 7-28-2007

Oasis...It makes my heart sing.

Sent by Monica Rivera | 7:20 PM | 7-29-2007

It's two days after airing the interview with Roberta Flack. I listen on the web on Sunday, seems like a perfect day for the blessing of this interview. My favorite son, "Jesse," is what I would have said at first in the interview. But, now, all the songs I have not yet heard by Ms. Flack. I'm headed to the music store.

Sent by Debra East | 7:29 PM | 7-29-2007

Killing Me Softly...performed at Mr. Henry's back in the 60's!

Sent by Old Timer | 7:49 AM | 7-30-2007

Sweet Bitter Love has always brought
tears to my eyes. I broke a girls heart
back then and in turn my heart
was broken as well.
You don't miss it until it's gone.
Thankew for the show.

Sent by ed bankston | 7:57 AM | 7-30-2007

I love the first two albums in their entirety as well as the albums she did with Donny Hathaway. My older sister turned me on to Roberta as a child and I have forever loved her clear diction and smooth supple singing.

Sent by P S Taylor | 10:22 AM | 7-30-2007

Roberta Flack is a living icon. I did not realize the enormity of her talent when she had her first hit, "The First Time....", but as the years have passed this song/recording has become even more beautiful, and I am forever thankful that her and Donny Hathaway's music made it to my ears. Thanks for this wonderful, candid interview and sharing her gift with the world.

Sent by Larry Crew | 12:37 PM | 7-30-2007

Thank you so much for the interview with Roberta Flack. I truly believe she has one of the best "smoothed like silk" voices out there. She is so down to earth. I can't wait to hear her next album.

Sent by D. McFadden | 4:24 PM | 7-30-2007

Sadly, I missed the interview, but will definitely catch the podcast.
I love so many of Ms. Flack's songs, but "Rev.Lee", "The First Time..." and ANYTHING with the great Donny Hathaway are always cool!

Sent by Mattie Davis | 10:07 PM | 7-31-2007

Three Roberta Flack favorites... "Come On Back and See Me When You Can", "You've Got A Friend", "You Were Gone", "It Might Be You". Of course there are more, but I'd be taking up too much space. She is simply incredible !

Sent by Annie "Susie" Clark | 2:11 PM | 8-2-2007

Hello, my name is Gundula Braum. I love the song "Jesse" very much. Who knows where I can buy the music-notes to sing this song? Thank you for your help.

Sent by Gundula Braum | 2:34 PM | 8-4-2007

i am trying to find roberta flacks amazing grace please direct me where to find her.

Sent by kellie | 1:28 PM | 5-15-2008