NPR logo Video of the Day: Roberta Flack's 'First Time'

Video of the Day: Roberta Flack's 'First Time'

From Geoff:

Farai's wide-ranging interview with the incomparable Roberta Flack aired today. Take a listen. In it, Flack reveals the inspiration for the tune of her classic hit, "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face."

So it's only fitting that today's clip is of Flack performing the song — here, on the BBC show The Rock 'n' Roll Years 1972.

And this is Farai here ...
I LOVED talking to Roberta Flack. She talked, sang, told stories... for 40 minutes. If I had had another hour, I would have stayed on with her for another hour.

I would love to see her write a book ... and she's interested.

Stay tuned!

What is your favorite Roberta Flack song?

— Geoff and Farai