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From Farai

ReReReReReReReRespect! Miss Aretha Franklin

Farai Chideya

We just had the chance to talk with the lovely and amazing Miss Aretha Franklin.

She and I met on the set of Good Morning America, where I used to work. She was and is a big political junkie, and since I've done a lot of on-air political reporting, she and I struck up a conversation.

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Check out our recent catch-up on all of her projects... a bio-pic about her life; her new album "A Woman Falling Out of Love"; and her upcoming benefit concerts.

Speaking of concerts... I saw her play at the Apollo in Harlem and it was one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen in my life. It was a benefit for the Dance Theatre of Harlem, first of all, and in our interview Aretha talks about why she did the benefit ... turns out she was a ballet dancer!

Anyway, the show was ridiculous. Aretha did her hits; new songs; and classic blues and gospel songs ... played with an orchestra, sat solo at the piano, and took off her shoes and danced the stage.

Respect due!