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Charge Reduced in Jena 6 Case

Jena 6

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News Headlines: Sept. 5, 2007

The Associated Press: Conspiracy Charge Dropped Against Jena 6 Student — "A judge dropped one of two criminal charges against a black teen convicted of assaulting a white student in a racially-charged Louisiana school beating case. The dismissal of the conspiracy to commit aggravated second-degree battery charge means that Mychal Bell ... will face at most 15 years in prison instead of 22 1/2."

Background: Times Online (UK): Nooses Hanging in School Tree Raise Specter of Old South

Have you been following this case? What do you think of the latest developments?

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Instead of getting out of prison @ 42 years of age. He will be out at 34 years of age. Frankly, I can't live with that.

Sent by M.Eash | 7:24 PM | 9-5-2007


Sent by M.Eash | 7:27 PM | 9-5-2007

What is wrong with Southern Whites? They refuse to change their views and continue to be Racist. (Reverse Guilt) If they are so Superior to Blacks then what's the problem? Blacks are the ones that are descendants of slaves. Blacks are still being ostricized and oppressed especially in the South. They still dont hate whites as much. Look at this Jenna 6 case. All of this stem from black kids sitting under a tree. Whats was so wrong with that. "Glad I was born up North."

Sent by Dee | 8:30 PM | 9-5-2007

Is it me or does anybody else see what happened with Al Sharpton and Eddie Griffin. What a setup. These people knew what kind of comedian they were getting when they booked him. Al was waiting to ambush him; like a snake waiting for a rat! Eddie Griffin, get a new agent, Al Sharpton, if you're gonna be the censure police, well, I hope your finger is fat enough to plug that hole in the dyke.

Sent by Carroll Hopkins | 10:19 AM | 9-6-2007

I am prayerful that justice will be served in this case. It is an absolute disgrace that such overt injustices, such as the ones in this case, still exist in 2007. I am a sociologist by nature and have studied it in college. I think it is very important for all of us to be aware of our rights and be savvy to the inner workings of the criminal "justice" system.

Be mindful that it is not only the White Sheets and Cross Burnings of the KKK that define racism. Racism and disrimination have become much more subtle. The horrid odor of racism permeates throughout the schoolyard, courthouse, healtcare facilities, housing sector, and places of employment.

Know your rights! I think it is wise to be cognizant of institutional racism, but also know how to play the game that society deems mandatory for promotion and protection.

This Jena 6 case reminds us of how the Justice System views our young Black Men. We can NOT and will NOT give up on them. Sept. 20 is the date of Mychal Bell's sentencing trial. Be there in Jena or keep in tuned to the news about the trial. Check out or look up Michael Baisden if you are interesting in joining the many who plan to protest on that date.

Be blessed...stay empowered!

Sent by Rahwa Neguse | 11:47 AM | 9-6-2007

I'm a person who likes to see a story from all angles before making a judgment. That's why I read different reports and takes on the Jena 6 fiasco. I'm aware that Mychal Bell has had a juvenile delinquent past; so to an extent he does not make for an exemplary martyr. But the more I try to reason fairly, the more I see what an unjust sentence this is.

Shaving seven and half years from Bell's sentence is still not enough. I'm not excusing what he did by knocking a white boy unconscious. But this same white boy went to a school function the same night. And how does the judge explain the threats on the black kids' lives of Jena 6 depicted by the nooses on the school tree?

Sent by Moji | 12:04 PM | 9-6-2007

Sharpton: Griffin Dropped for N-Bomb

When I heard this story yesterday, my first reaction was why in the world would Black Enterprise hire Eddie Griffin for a stand-up act? Those two entities don't mix. I mean has anybody seen Griffin act? Even off-stage, he's a little (how should I say this nicely) "off."

So for a business magazine like Black Enterprise, they should know something about mitigating risk for a great reward. One of the ways of doing so is not hiring a risk-averse character like Griffin to your premier function with notable corporate sponsors.

I don't blame Griffin one bit for this faux pas because it's like asking a leopard to change his spots for a fancy function. If BE wanted a comedian badly, how about Steve Harvey? That would have been a nice fit. And if BE wants a little edge without the "Press," get Katt Williams; now that's one intelligent Cat.

Sent by Moji | 1:25 PM | 9-6-2007

Eddie got what he deserved and yet is getting paid .So he has no beef . He should put in some time with a scholarand be schools on the history of Blacks in these United States of America.

Sent by ed | 3:58 PM | 9-6-2007

This case is a slap in the face of the civil rights movement. What happen to blind justice? It is a sad day in America (???the land of the free???) when one person (the District Attorney) can manipulate the justice systems to fit his blurred narrowed-minded view of justice. Clearly in this case there is racism and prejudice involved.

Sent by Timothy Rodgers | 11:06 PM | 9-6-2007

The juvenile justice implications of this case are certainly huge and worthy of scrutiny. But I hope we don't forget the other problem--perhaps somehow more palatable to our society--raised by the Jena case that affects far more of our nation's children: racially disparate school discipline practices. Decisions by school boards to suspend or expel students occur under the public's radar, but they can have devastating effects on the life chances of kids, the community, the state, and the nation. Removing a child from school can impede if not completely forestall the child's learning, embroil him or her unnecessarily in the courts, and ultimately lead to dropping out of school altogether. We already know from a voluminous amount of research that suspensions and expulsions are dispensed by America's schools in racially disparate ways. The cost to our society and to students is enormous. We need more in-depth reporting on this otherwise hidden issue. Laboring one child at a time will never be enough. Visibility and public outcry is needed before reform has a prayer of a chance.

Sent by Ms. Geddes | 3:25 PM | 9-7-2007

Having grown up not far from Jena, I know firsthand how backwards and racist southwest Louisiana remains today. When I return to my hometown (Lake Charles), I'm saddened to see that things haven't changed much; attitudes are still as backwards as they were when I was growing up.

It amazes me that so many people are unable to see the bigotry that they pass on to their children. Racism is still prevalent in the South; I see it here in Tennessee, and I doubt it'll change much in my lifetime.

Sent by Bob P. | 6:03 PM | 9-10-2007

That is very sad that people cannot let go of the hatred in there hearts sad, sad, sad. They need to let go of the pass and move on with the future.

Sent by C Macon | 6:39 PM | 9-10-2007

what if it was 6 white teens that beat up a black teen would they been facing prison time. NO they would get a slap on the wrist and probation because of the color of there skin and there race. Because we are all not created equals in the eye of the law.

Sent by patty | 6:57 PM | 9-10-2007

I would like to know why the jena6 case is not being aired on nation tv. i heard about the case from steve harvey morning show. This very upsetting. i thought that slavery was over. have we really moved forward? anything white would be on every news cast(all day). whats wrong with us as a nation. Where's the gov., any of them.

Sent by latoya sc | 5:29 PM | 9-12-2007

SONG OF SOLOMON 1:6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me:
ECCLESIASTES 8:9 there is a time wherein
one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.
LUKE 18:9 And he spake this parable unto
certain which trusted in themselves that
they were righteous,and despised others:
6:5 And he said unto them,
16:16 The law and the prophets were un-
til John: since that time the kingdom of
God is preached, and every man presseth
into it.
MATTHEW 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force
23:30 And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have
been partakers with them in the blood of
the prophets.
23:31 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of
them which killed the prophets.
MALACHI 1:6 And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name?
MATTHEW 25:40 And the King shall answer
and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto
one of the least of these my brethren,
ye have done it unto me.
ECCLESIASTES 12:13 Let us hear the con-
clusion of the whole matter: Fear God,
and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
12:14 For God shall bring every work in-
to judgment, with every secret thing,
whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Sent by a servant of the Lord | 9:51 PM | 9-15-2007

What's wrong with America is that it refuses to tell the truth about interracial black ON white crime in America. It only wants to talk about white wrongs.

It refuses to talk about the Wichita Massacre wherein the Carr brothers Kansas home invasion resulted in them rapping, robbing and murdering, execution style four (4) of the five white victims.

It refuses to talk about the approximtely 770,000 annual violent felony INTERRACIAL crimes between blacks and whites wherein whites are victims in about 85% of the criminal cases.

It refuses to talk about the more recent Christopher Newsom and his girfriend in Tennesee who were abducted by 4-5 blacks who raped both of them in front of each other before murdering Christopher, dumping him in a ditch and setting him on fire. They kept his girlfriend alive for 5 days, raping and pouring bleach down her throat in an attempt to destroy DNA before murdering her.

Wake up black America, you have a lot to be ashamed. Louis Calabro, President, European/American Issues Forum

Sent by Louis Calabro | 7:50 AM | 9-16-2007

WHO HUNG THE NOOSES? Yes, racism is alive & well right here on taxpayer supported NPR. There is a palpable anti-white bias in the comments here. Not even the dimmest bulb can believe that 6 against one is a "fair fight" whatever the cause. That fact alone makes the incident appear like a set-up instigated by one of this nation's very wealthy, professional race hustlers to gain attention, before a presidential election with a potential black presidential candidate.
Who actually hung the nooses?
Remember the Tawanda Brawley affair, the recent Duke University Lacrosse team affair, and blacks burning down many black churches in the South to create a race charged atmosphere. There is much more here than meets the eye and only a fool would rush to judgement.
As is our wont lately in America, we are forgetting the victim of a savage physical attack, and his family.

Sent by Martin Treu | 9:07 AM | 9-16-2007

Oh my goodness, why are these children going to jail for a schoolyard brawl. anywhere else on this planet that would warrant a suspension from class. charges reduced to 15 years in prison....are you kidding me? why are there charges? have you read what type of actions have been ignored just because it was the white students? I am alittle confused too because i do not understand why is it taking so long to correct this injustice.

Sent by Sheila | 11:12 AM | 9-16-2007

Like the song goes We Want ONE MILLION every day you kept Michael Bell... There may not be a hearing on the 9/20/07 but the march will go on so don't think this will silence us Jenna we are coming you can count on that!!!!!

Sent by Allen-Smith | 8:00 AM | 9-17-2007

What is wrong with this picture? Personally, where I live, racism doesn't really exist. People beat each other up for no reason, and they don't get charged the same way. Why would these kids be charged as adults when what they did occurs so commonly everywhere else? It makes no sense to charge them that way, when people that get in fights half of the time don't get charged with anything, they only get suspended.

Sent by Cheyanna Williams | 12:13 PM | 9-18-2007

I just don't understand how a school fight can turn into something so serious. Children fight everyday. Gang bangers shot and fight each other everyday and nothing is being done about that. Children are gonna fight at school, home, games and anywhere else they can. I always thought the rule for fighting at school was just getting suspended and if you bring a weapon on campus you get suspended for the year. I don't think justice is in this case at all. Its crazy that they let it get out of hand like this, but I hope something can be done about it. But I have one question. If these were some good football players, why haven't the coaches spoken out for his players?

Sent by chris | 3:38 PM | 9-18-2007

At this point i send my prayers not only the family of the "jena 6" but also to every other young black youth who deals with this kind of discrimination on a regular basis. We have to remember that although this issue was brought to light in Jena, La it is not a simply a jena problem or a southern problem it is a major problem in this country. It saddens me that in 2007 blacks are still treated like second class citizens in th united states of america justice system. It is really becoming increasingly apparent that this country still has no respect for people of african descent this was clear with Katrina and made abundantly clear by the "jena 6"! "We will never be free until they are free....,FREE THE JENNA 6"

Sent by FRED | 4:26 PM | 9-18-2007

WHEN WILL IT STOP? The report of the couple in Tenn being multilated are false. The female was held captive 1 day not 4. The cleaning solution poured down her throat was done post-mortem to eliminate DNA evidence not when she was alive and not as a form of torture. For those who wish confirm this, I refer you to actual court records don't rely on inaccurate postings. Does this make the killing of these two young people any less brutal? NO. There is just no reason to embellish this act. It was horrible and no one should deny it but to attempt to dramatize such an act in a feeble attempt to justify statements laced with bigotry is wrong. There is not, a race known to man that does not commit crime. Although it is sad, it is also fact. Is one race responsible for more crimes than another? Is one race responsible for more horrific crimes than another? These are questions only a bigot would ponder. The real issues with Jenna 6 involve the attitudes of indifference and preferential treatment based on race that culminated into a crime. These same attitudes and behavior were present, in Minniola, where a group of several white teens, recently, attacked a mentally challenged African-American male, in a restaurant. It is thought that this attack was brought on because he entered the establishment with his Caucasian female friend. He, hit one of the offenders with a glass. He was the only one arrested.

Sent by Dawn | 7:27 PM | 9-18-2007

Just like some white Americans to turn this thing around. White Americans are born into a life of entitlement whether they are rich or poor and I am white and acknowledge that. America has not really apologized to the Indians or African Americans for the wrongs that were inflicted upon them by my white American ancestors. Do I agree with what happened then, No! Do I agree with what is going on now NO! Not all White Americans or racists just like not all Black Americans are gang bangers. There is good and bad in all of us regardless of race. But, the situation in Jena is deplorable. Those kids should never have been put in jail. I for one can't say that I would not have done the same thing(defend myself) that those kids who were under constant phsyical and mental attack.

Sent by Fed up too | 9:43 AM | 9-19-2007

In response to Louis Calabro's remarks: The issue at hand in Jena,LA is how there is an unbalanced system of justice in the U.S. for people of color and poor whites. If you had read the news thoroughly and without any prejudice you may have understood the real issue. I live in the south and racism is alive and ugly! I am white and my husband is of Latin American origin and we see and feel the racism and prejudice that is prevalent because people like you harp on the negatives perpetrated by people of other races or ethnicity thus justifying that they all deserve ill treatment because you demonized all that share the same race/ethnicity.
Read up on your history Mr. Calabro, particularly that of the lynchings in the south before the civil rights movement. Wouldn't you hate it if everyone thought that you were a dirty, slimy Portuguese because of a cruel stereotype? Or a thieving, mafioso Italian, because everyone who is Italian
is in the mob? Right? I'm also Italian American, so I've heard it all. So do us all a favor and SHADDUP (shut up)

Also, to MARTIN TREU please read the coverage regarding the nooses on the tree, the school officials already suspended those students they are white)responsible for hanging the nooses in the tree. The school officials deemed it as merely a prank. Al Sharpten,Jesse Jackson and other civil rights leaders have enough on their plates with real, everyday injustices in the USA without having to fabricate or "stage" a lynching. Go to this site for a summary
of what has happened in Jena. Thank-you

Sent by G. Reyes | 9:49 AM | 9-19-2007

I can not believe how they trying stick those charges on them boys. That district attorney has completely lost his mind. How is that attemped murder when that same day he was out and about playing with his friends after it happen. If that was a white person he probably would have only got suspended with a fine. But nuthing like this. Louisiana itself is really still facing racial tension peroiod, especially with Hurricane Katrina. But for some one who is an elected offical to even consider giving attempted murder to young black men for beating some white boys, after they lynched them has no heart and does not belong in America or on earth period.

Sent by Precious Wright | 1:37 PM | 9-19-2007

Sorry but at what point do people have to pay for their crimes? I don't care if you are black or white, you beat someone (any color or race) up and put them in a hospital, you need to be held responsible. Do I think 42 or 34 years, NO! but if this guy has been in trouble before (which he has) when do you say enough is enough? He should get time served, put on probation with the understading that if he does a violent crime again, he goes to jail. End of story. And having Al Sharpton involved is a joke. When will he be appologizing to the 3 guys from Duke? People rioted and destroyed buildings, he should be charged for the damages. Another case of accusing people before all the facts are heard.

Sent by Steve O | 2:06 PM | 9-19-2007

I consider the sight of a noose less of threat to me than being beaten unconscious by six people. One act is a crime and worthy of severe punishment the other is just impolite. If you are offended, welcome to the real world.

Sent by Jim Wallace | 6:16 PM | 9-19-2007

I've notice in most of the reports on the Jena 6 most have failed to report, that the White student had a gun. It appears to me that White media have two sets of rules when it is a Black and White crime, White folks always are right and Blacks are wrong. Where is the justice?

Sent by Cindy Perkins | 7:35 PM | 9-19-2007

Does anybody understand that the black kids wanted segregation too? It wasn't just the whites who were separating themselves. The black kids were sitting in a different space too. If a white kid were to go over to the bleachers, he would have been jumped. How come a black kid coming over and just hitting a kid is a reason to hold a march? What these kids did was wrong, whether they were black or white. Race shouldn't matter in this. Face the facts.

Sent by Mallori | 10:40 PM | 9-19-2007

I feel that this is a reminder to all people of african descent that racial tensions still exist. It is clear as water. First of all, one should not have been tried as an adult at 16 for attempted murder in the first place. I also think that whoever put those nooses up should be expelled because, in my opinion, if I seen those nooses, I may have also got into a physical altercation with the person responsible for doing that. Not only are people of African descent still suffering from Mental Enslavement, but the system is keeping barriers on us by making ridiculous charges like that against someone who was trying to defend his culture against people who clearly didn't respect it. I doubt that if the tables were turned, the caucasian parties wouldn't receive the same charges.

Sent by cindy b. | 11:46 PM | 9-19-2007

In response to a person commenting about the blacks wanting themselves segregated too, still doesn't give the right for a caucasion to put a noose over a tree. And making the assumption that a caucasion would get jumped by an African American really lets me know how you stereotype blacks into people that should be feared. I am highly offended by that comment and I think that it is sad that certain people are so narrow minded and they have a lacking of appreciating other people's culture. phsyical altercation is wrong too, but I strongly believe that they should not have received the punishment that was given to them. And if the blacks wanted to be segregated, they probably had valid reasons, you obviously can't compare the two because one is a majority and the other is a minority, but nice try...

Sent by cindy b. | 11:52 PM | 9-19-2007

also. To Louis Calabro, you sound like a sad case of someone trying to make up for all the trials and tribulations black suffered for white supremacy. You need to read the real text books and stop reading those eurocentric textbooks that only talk about white accomplishments. Cus the last I heard, alot of credit was taken from blacks because we were conquered. And another thing, we may have done wrong at certain points in our lives, but we never went into someone elses country to divide and conquer either, we have a lot to be proud of because we have made many accomplishments as well. So wake up white America because Blacks have a place here too. I will pray that your sorry was of thinking is completely changed because you sound really sad.

Sent by cindy b. | 12:04 AM | 9-20-2007

It's 2:20am, and I've been awaken by thoughts of the pending Jena 6 trial, those young men languishing in prison, and a justice system which allows inequality for those of different ethnic backgrounds. As a fifth grade teacher, I'll wear black tomorrow and place a square of black paper on my mailbox. This will represent my silent protest against inequality in the American justice system and, a sign of support for the Jena 6. While I'll wear black, support and pray, one fact haunts me. I'm deeply troubled that violence became the voice through which the members of Jena 6, spoke their frustration and intolerance against racial inequality. Given the racist tone in which they live, I question their choice of actions. It is my opinion, that no matter what the situation, violence is an unacceptable solution to any problem. This is compounded by the fact that violence, when exhibited by African Americans, is always magnified in the eyes of the justice system and the media. It concerns me that these young men did not follow the example, so powerfully set by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and allow nonviolence to speak louder than fists. Dr. King used the example of Jesus and Ghandi to exemplify the POWER of nonviolence, yet that was not the case. When my fellow educators ask me why the black paper on my mailbox, I will tell them that I am supporting the Jena 6 and judicial equality to reign, but I will be clear to state that violence is never an option, no matter what the issue.

Sent by Lauren Schexnider | 3:01 AM | 9-20-2007

Hello. These 6 black boys beat a white kid unconcious. That is what this case is about. READ AND BE INFORMED, before you people make silly comments.

Sent by Joe | 8:38 AM | 9-20-2007

If a crime is a crime, then lets talk about it. First the white teen did not get beaten because he hung a noose. The noose hanging was a spark that set the already racial charged environment on fire. Secondly the white teen was attacked for shouting racial epithets at black students, although stupid as it may be it does not warrant an attack. But this story is about injustice, the fight between the white teen and 6 black teens was born out of the atmosphere of confusion, racsim, and the belief of injustice. There were several incidents that led to this fight, for those who do not know there was a fight between a black teen and several white teens at a party in which he attended with a white teen female and was beaten and hit with beer bottles, and only one white teen was charged with a misdemeanor. First off if shoe can be consider a deadly weapon a beer bottle surly can. Second there were wittness at the party just as in the school. Thrid just as it does'nt matter if you only kicked or stomped one time, the fact that you only sorta punched him, or someone hit you from behind and the beer bottle flew out does'nt matter. Then there was the white teen that pulled a shotgun on three black teens leaving a local store, now... the one thing I know for sure is that a shotgun is in fact a deadly weapon. Thats why the case is injust. Teenagers will always do things that legally and morally wrong. Its up to us as adults to teach and channel that youhtful energy in positve ways.

Sent by Tony M | 8:45 AM | 9-20-2007

I thought that the racism was over i really feel some type of way how they are treating those boys. Well i support THE JENA 6 becuase i'am a black sister, i think that all black people should come together as one but not all white people are bad you have some out there that will help support african americans. ALL THAT I CAN SAY IS THAT WE KEEP FIGHTING TO STOP ALL THIS MADNESS.BECAUSE I SUPPORT JENA 6!!!!!!!

Sent by DANIELLE-FROM PHILLY | 8:55 AM | 9-20-2007

You know whats real sad the government actually is trying to deny the racism
in this case. Which shows that white house still is for the whites

Sent by Black Friday 23 | 9:41 AM | 9-20-2007

I would like to present an opinion that has not been well represented on this site. Regardless of the situation, and the events leading up to the beating of the boy by the "Jena 6", they are still guilty of ganging up on a person 6 to 1 and beating him. Regardless of race, that is the pure and simple fact. Yes, there are other crimes that occured before the battery of the boy and those crimes need to be dealt with to a greater degree than they currently have. You still can't take justice into your own hands and beat someone because of something he called you or insinuated towards you.

Sent by Nathan Arnold | 9:55 AM | 9-20-2007

First of all it's not a crime to be racist, it's not a crime to hang a noose, burn a flag and so on, it's not a crime to be a member of the kkk or the panthers. Blacks are just as racist as whites, I'm sick of Ignorant people pulling out the race card. Not everything involving a white guy and a black guy involves race, GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. It's the Story about the little boy who cried wolf, you always pull the card out everytime something happens, people are sick of it and not gonna pay attention anymore, even in that DUKE case, people jumped to conclusions that these lacrosse players were racist, it's a sad country we live in, were people have to defend criminals cause of the skin color, if it was reverse and it was 6 white kids and one blk, jackson and AL DULL-ton(cause he aint too sharp) they would be protesting for the death penalty, YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME no matter what race you are.

Sent by PAULY B | 10:06 AM | 9-20-2007

Louis Calabro has really good points, it's a two way street black america. Right now I'm stationed in New Orleans and we have the racist mayor in the country, talking about the choc. city and what not, I'm sick of hearing about race everyday, it sounds more like an excuse for poverty, there wouldn't be Jenna 6 if parents could control there kids, 6 against 1(sounds like a fair fight to me). And Cindy B., wake up for a second u sound just as racist as the kids who hung the nooses, well this is just begining OJ screwed up again, this should be fun, JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED unlike last time

Sent by Justice will prevail | 10:35 AM | 9-20-2007

black friday 23, Get real for 1 second. You act like your slaves again for crying out loud, it's sad. Blame it all on the white man, and let me guess OJ is innocent again, someone tried to frame the blk man. kayne West you're right bush hates blk people, keep thinking that and see how far it gets you. The funny thing is you always see the poor blk people and students protest never the wealthy, QUIT USING THE WHITE MAN AS AN EXCUSE why you're not doing anything with your life, because it hasen't and will not get you anywhere

Sent by SICK AND TIRED | 1:06 PM | 9-20-2007

I am really saddened by some of the comments I've read on this site. There are some true racist individuals out there. The bottom line is black or white, these kids are being treated unjust by the Jenna court system. This matter is surely racial because of the gravity of the matter. Racism will never go away in this country. I hope this Jenna situation will get more media attention, and expose the true bigotry and racism that continues to plague this country.

Sent by Rob | 1:15 PM | 9-20-2007

Certain sub-cultures show an acceptance and expectation of self-defeating behaviors (fighting in this instance, or to define it more precise six young men punching and kicking one young man in the face and head). The sub culture reinforces its belief system that it is acceptable and expected to perform such behaviors (fighting) contingent upon situational variables. For example, some situations they tend to justify such behavior are perceived in-justice, retaliation, revenge, counter-racism, protest, etc. Further, they believe and expect and their behavior will be defended in the name of skin color. This is mal-adaptive and counter productive within the sub-cultural progressive movement to be ???treated equal??? and it is viewed from the outside as a double standard. This in turn hinders the sub culture further as the outsiders use their resources to stop and modify the sub-culture???s movement within the majority (hence segregation). This acceptance of such SELF-DEAFEATING and many other self-defeating type behaviors within the sub-culture will only continue to make it harder for that sub-culture to prosper within the majority culture.

Note I am not using skin color nor ethnicity but rather I use the term sub-culture because it encompasses people of a particular social strata. Regardless of skin color or ethnicity, sub-cultures of people hold common beliefs, values and behavioral expectations that define and predict who and what they currently are and what there future will be like.

Thus, if a sub-culture wants to prosper and achieve they must adopt adaptive behaviors and shun the acceptance of SELF-DEAFEATING behaviors.

If you choose beat some one you need to accept and expect to face the consequences.

Common man

Sent by Peter Dollar | 1:59 PM | 9-20-2007

Some one wrote years ago, " unjust courts throughout the land, a major priority to destroy the black man"
They continue to say, "Its not about race", and I say if a mosquito can pull a plow it's not...

Sent by Carraway | 2:09 PM | 9-20-2007

I think that our country will never be one because whether we acknowledge it or not racism will exist forever. No matter how u look at it. Where is the genuine love for life. The bible says "There will be no natural affection for one another" that is being proven today.

Sent by Russell Washington | 2:19 PM | 9-20-2007

Race or not these 6 young men violated the law. Was it attempted murder? No. Was it battery? Yes, and that is what they should be charged with. Is there racism in this case? Absolutly and it should be dealt with. I have many questions about this case though from reading the posts. I have read many major news reports about this incident and have not fould one mention of the white kid having a gun. Where did that come from or is it just internet crap again. This goes along with the other mentions of other racist acts that are posted here that I can find no actual proof of. The hanging of nooses is downright disgusting and should not be tolerated. I do not think that suspension was strong enough. But retaliation with violence is never ever the answer. Many people have given their race or culture a bad name on their actions alone. Blacks are looked at as violent because SOME have decided that how to solve problems is with their fists or guns and it has now spilled into our schools. By the way many hispanics and whites have done this also. Also by the way thanks to the gangster rappers for spreading that false message that violence is the answer. Hispanics are thought of as lazy because SOME were protrayed that way years ago while working in fields. Thank you hollywood for spreading that false message in the 70's. White rednecks are looked at as studpid because SOME live in trashy trailers and hang motors from trees. Although very funny thanks Foxworthy for spreading that false statement. And all whites are looked at as privledged because they used to be and we want to continue to live in the past. We have a lot of hate in our country and it is there not because we are racists its because certain people of all races and cultures need us to remain racist to feed their angry hearts. The Jena 6 need to pay the price for their crime not any more and the white students need to pay the price for their crimes to and not any more and it needs to be equal to the crime not the race.

Sent by John | 2:44 PM | 9-20-2007

Remember Justin Barker!! He is the teenager that was beaten. Where is the outrage that a convicted criminal was roaming the streets free to participate in beating him?

Sent by alora | 3:38 PM | 9-20-2007

I don't know if so many are merely regurgitating the leftwing propaganda surrounding this issue, or if they are intentionally lying. Regardless here are the FACTS of what occurred in Jena, LA:

1. Jena H.S. blacks took over the picnic tables and the grassy area by the gym where students traditionally ate lunch and pushed the white kids out. The white kids then gravitated to the end of the campus and sat under a tree at lunch. The blacks dubbed it "the white tree," and they decided to push the white kids from there, too. Three white kids hung nooses from the tree in protest, and they were suspended from school.

2. A group of black kids attempted to crash an off-campus party attended by black and white kids. One of the black party crashers was kicked and punched.

3. A group of blacks jumped a lone white kid at a convenience market. The white kid ran to his pickup truck and retrieved a shotgun to defend himself. The blacks assaulted and beat him anyway -- and then stole the shotgun.

4. Finally, six blacks jumped a white kid in a school hallway and beat him into unconciousness. After the white kid was on the ground and unconcious, Mychal Bell continued to kick him in the head until dragged away by teachers.

The only "racism" I see in this issue is black on white racism. Shallow thinkers blindly swallow the propaganda they're fed. Intelligent people do some research before forming their opinions and before repeating lies all over the internet.

Sent by Jeff Camble | 4:00 PM | 9-20-2007

Hey i have an idea. in response to a racially fired fiasco why don't send the most racist person on the face of the earth (Al Sharpton) down to clean it up. This man is nothing more than a glorified drama queen.
I got an idea, how about just expelling these guys from school for the remainder of the school year like they would anywhere else in the world.
And I'm sure if 6 white kids beat up a black kid there'd be a march for their justice wouldn't there?? NO, there'd be a march by Brother AL and his posse to throw them under the jail. This was a school fight instigated by racism. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But attempted murder?? gimme a break.
please...Brother Sharpton...GET A DAMN JOB!!!!! and stop pretending that you really give a damn about anything or anyone but yourself and your media flare.

Sent by jax | 4:07 PM | 9-20-2007

Jim Wallace,
That boy was not beaten unconcious, he went out with friends later that evening.....knowing the history of the noose that is a threat to life worthy of defence

Sent by Sheila | 7:34 PM | 9-20-2007

First of all, I think that it is sad that you have to go on-line to hear about the Jena 6 case. The national media post everything you can think of that they fill is important, but when it comes down to justice for the black communities or things that involve the black communities, you don't hear to much about it. I don't care anything about the politicians making themselves look stupid to the public or Brittney and Paris looking crazy in the news. I'm looking for Justice in this messed up world.

Sent by LaShonda Lindsey | 8:05 PM | 9-20-2007

I am "white" - and I was a civil rights litigator as a practicing attorney for over 20 years. I know it may be hard for some people to believe that yes, racism, still exists, but here is a case which proves it. I would like to send a message to the Jena 6 and their families - that there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of white Americans who are absolutely appalled not only at what has happened in Jena, but that the justice system in the south continues to be the biased, racist organization it has been for so long and obviously continues to be. To our our dark skinned family, we stand with you and hope that justice will prevail. Ganging up on anyone, regardless of race or even for retaliation, solves nothing. But in order to have respect for the law in America, justice must be blind and even-handed. The facts in this sad case prove that it is neither one in Jena, LA. Jena 6, Hang in there. We are with you. And to the Jena spokeswoman who was on NPR this morning, I doubt that the FBI decided that hanging up nooses in a tree which had been frequented only by White boys, and then sat in by Blacks was not a racist matter. If one hangs a noose in one's own backyard tree the night of Halloween - it's hardly a racist act. But the facts of this case show that in the circumstances in Jena, those nooses could only have meant one thing - a hateful message indeed!

Sent by Marilyn Gilbert | 8:58 PM | 9-20-2007

I am sitting here with my 9 year old son and we were reading and disscussing the Jena six.he asked is there still seggragation going and I had to say sadly Yes. Here we sit in 2007 and the same that Dr. Martin Luther KingJr. died for is the same thing that Jena and other cities are facing today. what do we do? IDEA make the law the same for all!

Sent by NIDRA HARRIS | 10:09 PM | 9-20-2007

I suspect most of you would also be marching, saying the same thing if the white boy had been killed, then you could come up with more reasons to "turn" things around and say it was "justified". You'd just have a little less support from Al Sharpton. By the way, I just love it when my tax dollars are supporting "the system" which supports most of the supporters--
you ever stop to think that the majority of folks that can afford to spend their time traveling, marching and yelling "you owe me something", don't work. But they probably bring home bigger checks than I do from the social programs they support.

Sent by Harold | 1:47 AM | 9-21-2007


Sent by LINDA BRENAGH | 4:10 AM | 9-21-2007

Why was their any comment on blacks being descendants of slaves? Now a little lesson in history, who purchased the future slaves? Europeans. There is no question about that one. Who sold the future slaves to those Europeans? Africans. Forget the middle man. If reparations are wanted, go to the source...Africa. That still doesn't excuse violence within our community. The African American District Attorney found NO racial problems but more male bravado as the source of the tension. It was male bravado that claimed a tree as "base." It was male bravado that drove young men to want to claim new "territory." it was male bravado that drove 6 to 1 ratios in assaulting and battering a white boy. While two different cultures might be involved racism isn't under every corner. Yes, there are dark corners where racism doesn't indeed exist but when the community cries foul when a violent crime has indeed been committed by one of our own, who will listen the next cry, one that is actually legitimate?

Sent by Atlanta | 10:10 AM | 9-21-2007

this is wrong, these kids shouldnt have to be punished with adult charges. everyone should get the same punishment for the same crimes.

Sent by kaitlyn | 2:10 PM | 9-21-2007

A crime has been committed by the 6 young men against another fellow young man. The fact still remains that they are young men and the crimes that they are being charged with is outerly ridiculous. We, as young people do tend to take things into our own hands, which is not always the best thing to do. "WHITE AMERICA" does not know anything about racism, yes they have seen it or heard about it in the news or through their ancestors or whomever, but they have never had the opportunity to be on the other end of when it comes down to racial slurs, brutal beatings and so on and so forth....

BLACK PEOPLE always have to fight no matter what the situation, we always have to be on the defensive.

The forefathers of this great country were not 'WHITE MEN' as they teach in the great 'American School System,' they came and the saw hard working, peaceful people and instead of trying to come together as one, unite and teach and learn from each other. They come with their domineering attitude and brought about slaverly amongst other things. If we did not have people like, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Booker T. Washington, etc.... fighting for our rights and for equality we would still be living in an ancient and very brutal time.
Don't get me wrong, We have come a mighty long way and we still have a long ways to go in terms of Racism.

I do not feel that these 6 young men should have been charged for attempted murder, if anything maybe aggrevated assault because that young man actually came out off the hospital the same day and was able to go about his business with his friends as if nothing happened. (Probably taunting other black students)

This just goes to show that the "AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM" is very corrupted.



No wonder, the Iraqis'laugh at America for trying to organized their country when our country is such a mess.


Sent by Dona Lee | 4:10 PM | 9-21-2007

Whit people have gotten away with harming those they find inferior for years and years, and the law either overlooked it, covered it up,or just plain didnt care. Everytime a crime is committed and it's black vs. white, blacks get the short end of the stick. Everyone knows this, im only ninteen yrs old and I know this. It's sad but true. We have no idea what goes on in those little southern backwards towns, but if someone is calling foul play the probably have grounds to do so. White America has a lot of bloodstains on their hands that they have never even had to be held accountable for.Remeber how we were bought over here as slaves, remeber the four little girls that died in the church flames, remeber Emmitt Till, remeber the thousands of atrocities that were silenced, because it was white on black crime not the other way around. And if you dont remeber ask your parents, ask your mother what it was like being a little colored girl growing up in the 50's and 60's. My mother grew up in Ohio and she has some stories that will make your skin crawl. Or go ask your gradmother what it was like growing up in the forties, mine told me stories that nightmares are made of. I'm not saying it's right or that that white boy deserved it but "one hand washes the other", "what goes aroung comes around" and "you get what you give." There is a terrible cycle at work here. Maybe one day we will truly live free, but until then, lets not forget who started this snowball affect.

Sent by J. Wilson | 4:59 PM | 9-21-2007

I have not read much about the fact that a shotgun was pulled on a young man because he attended a party and after subduing the perpetrator was charged with theft of a firearm. When you look at all of the facts (pulling a shotgun, bragging about beating up a student, a schoolyard attack, hanging nooses), it seems clear that some get a pass while others are prosecuted.

Sent by Geoff Johnson | 8:38 PM | 9-22-2007

Many are saying that we are overlooking the fact that the kids committed a crime. We are not. Although, I remember a time when a school fight was a school fight. Someone mentioned what if he would have died? Well, he did not die, so let's deal with what really happened. He was beaten and he was able to walk away from the beating. Should the boys go unpunished? No, most of us feel they should be held accountable. I, however, feel they should not have to pay for this crime with their futures. Punish them, but be fair and just in your punishment. If you have to, charge them, but be fair and just in your charging. Don't overreach the law to make the incident worse that it really is to make good on a promise. (this is what the DA did by declaring a shoe a weapon. He made good on his promise that he could make their lives disappear.)The DA could have handled this situation more fairly by charging the children with assault. Mychal Bell may have to go to jail for a short time (which should now be time served) because of his prior record. What I don't want is for Mychal Bell to spend the majority of his adult life in jail for a schoolhouse fight. Each of these boys deserve a chance. What strikes me the most is the extent to which the futures of the whites involved in previous altercations (ie..the fight at the party where the Black boy was beaten with beer bottles, the incident where the white boy pulled a rifle on the Black teens)were protected by the DA by charging one with a misdemeanor and allowing the other to go free and how the Black boys (although completely wrong, their futures were literally thrown in the trash. That is my problem with not only Jena 6, but the American Justice System on a whole. Far too often, the futures of our young men are thrown in the garbage by a system that could choose to do otherwise. One last item, everyone keeps talking about how Barker was a "teen." How is it that a 16-year-old is an adult and an 18-year-old is a teen? Please explain. Both behaved as "teens."

Sent by Kim H | 9:37 AM | 9-23-2007

Well America has come to this,isolated groups of people shouting ideas and doctrine of hate and intollerance. BOTH sides willing to use violence,slander,defamation to preach their slanted,one-sided, skewed take on civil rights issues. The Fact of the matter is that Raceism,intollerance,hate crimes,racially movated menefesto of violence do not know ANY Color,Creed,SEX,Religion,sexual orin.,Race. As people we make Choices and as such,we must be made accountable for them.If true Justice is to be had than people must be made accountable for their actions,reguardless of their color,creed,sex,national orig. Only then will peace be possible. Justice should never be left up to public opinon nor select groups of self serving celebritlys,(you know who you are)Shame on you! As for the "N" word,if certain groups don't like that word then they should strike it from their books,mags,cd,dvd,speach. The "Jenna" 6 is a prime example of people not wanting to pay the price for their actions/deeds. Too quick to blame parents,socity,upbringing,poverty,social class, e.t.c. Except your punishment for your actions,and move on.

Sent by J. Dvorak | 3:11 PM | 9-23-2007

today i listened to almost all the segments on npr and one thing that comes through is the great variation in the facts as different parties see all the related situations.

please consider not just a timeline but a 'validated' set of key facts.

it will make it easier for all to see what our next steps should be.

Sent by jim rounder | 4:35 PM | 9-23-2007

Either way you let these 6 kids off, they're gonna do more crimes, when you live in poverty that's the way it is, blame it on the rap music and 40 ounces. losers point fingers and make excuses, winners make solutions, that being said AL sharpton and Jesus Jackson are both losers, the blk man is perfect in there eyes, just stick to blk on blk crime(murder each other) that way the white man doesn't get blamed for it.

Sent by MURDER CAPITOL (NOLA) | 10:32 AM | 9-25-2007

I love the comment about "what is wrong with Southern Whites"?? I'll tell you what's wrong, southern blacks. I don't know how it is up north but it's hell down here I have been robbed twice at the bank I work at. Both times were black men and last night I was held up at gun point in front of my house for $9 cash and when I didn't have enough money I was told I needed to give the guy a blow job in place of it. Guess what he was black too! I don't care if I had a million nooses swing from my front porch I didn't deserve it. IF YOU DO THE CRIME YOU SHOULD PAY THE TIME. This guy who held me up last night couldn't have been more than 17 or 18. If caught he would be convicted of armed robbery and sexual assualt. He deserves every minute of it. I don't care how hard of a life he has had or how hard the life of his great great great great grandparents was it doesn't give him a right to do anything physical about it. How am I expected not to be racist. If black people can pull the slave card when half of them weren't even born then then why can't I be expected to be racist after being violated 3 times.

Sent by Pissed | 11:54 PM | 9-25-2007

I am a black woman from South Louisiana. I have one question. Would this trial get the same publicity if the victim was black? I feel that the defendant deserves a punishment because of his multiple offenses. Maybe not that many years, but long enough to help him learn his lesson from these multiple offenses. We should be arguing why the white students were not expelled. And why the defense attorney chose not to call any witnesses on the defendants behalf.

Sent by AMH | 12:16 AM | 9-26-2007

It is obvious that both black and European Americans have the SAME view when it comes to the news media. We both think the they are not reporting the news fairly.

Part of the racial divide in America is due to the failure of the news media leaders to be "totally fair" in their reporting of criminal matters.

The news media causes the victimization of many European Americans simply because they keep blacks angry by stressing European American past injustice towards blacks, while ignoring todays crises of black on white crimes.

If blacks don't get the truth--how can they see this crisis? They can't.

Sent by Louis Calabro | 12:36 PM | 9-27-2007

KMH--You seem reasonable. Let me address your issues. First the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case got plenty of publicity. Second, nobody ever got to the stage of being sentenced. Maximum numbers were bandied about, but that does not mean maximum sentences would have been given. Heavy charges were filed to scare off anyone who would want to continue the violence. As we saw, the most serious charges were dropped before they reached the jury.

Now let's argue about the white students. The nooses on the tree were a symbol of white terrorism against black people. But Nat Turner is a symbol of black terrorism against white people. Posters celebrating Nat Turner as a great black American hero are routinely put up in schools throughout the country. The people who put up these posters are not kicked out of their schools. They are not even suspended--they are praised and the posters stay up.

Nat Turner killed mostly children, along with some women. I know he acted during slavery. KMH if you wish to think of Nat Turner as a hero, I have no problem. For you have made it clear that you recognize that such actions on the part of a black today would be reprehensible. But I hope yuou will understand my feelings that teenage boys may very well not make such distinctions--either black ones who may share Nat Turner's rage, or white ones who may see Nat Turner as being just as much of a KIll WHITES symbol as the Nooses are a KILL BLACKS symbol to blacks.

Sent by JEC | 6:39 PM | 9-27-2007

Let's talk facts about what is happening in America TODAY, not in the past. Currently, according to FBI confirmed statistics there are about 770,000 violent ffelony INTERRACIAL crimes between blacks and whites.

Whites are victims in about 654,000 cases while blacks are victims in about 116,000 cases.

Actual rapes of blacks by whites is so low that statistics do not mean much whereas rapes of white women is also at crisis in America.

Home invasions of whites by blacks is at a crisis in America.

We need our news media to begin to report the facts--but we know that at this time in our history they will not inform the black community--the result is the support such hate mongers as Rev Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. It needs to stop.

Sent by Louis Calabro | 8:15 AM | 9-28-2007

if i knew i am committing a criminal offense by assaulting another person, and do it anyway, i should suffer the consequences. period.

apparently, the black community don't get this concept. this boy had a criminal background, and he ASSAULTED a person. he should suffer the consequences as the law dictated (harsh may it be.) what do you teach children with this polical correct bs? that you can get away with punishment by crying racism? give me a break.

Sent by jenesus | 8:32 PM | 9-29-2007

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. I feel like alot of the caucasians that are commenting on this topic is excusing that there is a racial issue here. I almost feel that some are over looking the fact that a noose was hung over the tree, which started this whole altercation in the first place. This noose signifies all the hell that my ancestors had to go through, not to mention that they were brought to america unwillingly and forced to conform and adapt to the ways of white supremacy. Come on, get on my level and see where I am coming from. The obvious actions of racism then, has evolved like technology, it has become more subliminal, and only the intellectual will be able to catch the underlying racism that still exist in america. And to Justice Will Prevail, in response to your ignorant comment, let me define racism for you because you seem to have a misunderstanding. I will clarify it for you. First of all, if you study your history, Racism was invented by Greeks and Romans if you will, because they first came up with the concept of separation on the basis of masculinity and femininity, then women and men, then color. Because they came up with the concept, and caucasians are known in the western world as dominant, and their ancestors came up with this concept to divide and conquer, racism can only come from the majority, not the minority. Yes, blacks can be prejudice, but not racist because we didn't come up with the concept of race. And, for one, I could never be as racist as those who hung the nooses on the tree because Im not white and I have values that were instilled in me to respect other peoples cultures and history. Sorry, but I don't think like you, so don't confuse that. But thanks for the comment though. Nice try, but try again, and next time, really do research and think about what you saying.

Sent by cindy b. | 11:11 PM | 10-2-2007

These are truly the last days that we are living in. Scripture tell us that me are going to become lovers of themselves no regards to life or self. People who are unfair toward others are sick in the mind. They drink whiskey for breakfast and whiskey for lunch and the brain is on stand by. Throlling waiting to explode and then they die. Die like a dead duck crossing the road hit by and eighteen wheeler. Pray is the only thing that can change this heidious crime that has taken place in a town that belongs to the prayhead of our nation who sit high and is looking low on the sick minded people who don't know who Jesus Is. Let us pray together. Our Father and Our Lord and Our Savior Jesus Christ. You said in your word that you will not put no more on us than we can bear. Lord please look hard and long and the oppressor and deal with them in your own way. Allow the world to see how you can show up and show out you mirical working power. These are the children of Isreal they don't beleive you are who you say you is. So God We are asking you to do your thang. In your own time; and in your own way. No God. No rest. Now Peace. Little Prayer, little power. Much Prayer, Much POWER. MARK 4:8. CHURCH LET'S GET BUSY SAYING THIS SCRIPTURE EVERYDAY AND WATCH GOD TURN THINGS AROURND HUNDRED FOLD.

Sent by Sis.Katherine Ann Bishop | 12:22 AM | 10-10-2007

i think this is bull shit they kick the shit out of a white student and now the suppose to be justice system are racist and anybody that is white and wants justice for this boy that was laid up in the hospital are white racist bastards according to these nigers well i am a little racist you could say because shit like this pisses me off if it was 6 white boys that beat the shit out of a nigger they would be on death row because white people think for some reason that we all owe these black mother fuckers everything we have well its not fair to anyone if you let these stupid black son of a bitches go treat them like their white . its about time that someone steps up i know im not the only one outraged by whats going on i think if our criminal justice system doesnt want to do the right thing then we the people need to take things in our own hands ........ kkk

Sent by white power | 8:52 PM | 10-13-2007


Sent by h | 4:19 PM | 10-15-2007

I am a Black American Middle School student in Texas.From my perspective,everybody is guity of doing something.Justin shouldn't just get suspended from school,he should be on trail like Jena 6.Yes,Jena 6 was wrong for what they did to that boy.But think about it this way,Justin got suspended, while Jena 6 is on trail as if they were the only ones' involved.I feel that Justin deserved that.I also feel that is a hate crime.Hanging noooses in a tree,just sad.And people say that Black people are so racist.I am not a racist at all,because I'm cool with evrybody rather you're black,white,mexican,puerto rican etc.Because I was raised not to hate anybody or discriminate towards anybody..........maybe Justin's parents should teach him that to be for he goes and do something else stupid that can cause him life again.

Sent by Linda | 12:28 AM | 10-25-2007

I think that it's all messed up. To be honest I feel that if it were a white man doing the beating he wouldn't have gotten the charges that the baily and the other boy got.

Sent by dman | 10:34 AM | 11-1-2007

to be honest with this i think it is messed up im a white woman 19 years old with a black husband and a black baby and if my kid was to go to school and some white guy was talking about the race of black people i would hope anf pray to god that he would stand up for his race and hold his head up with pride and not to let any one get him down about his race then i guess you need to free that young man from jail and just let it be because maybr they are not getting his side of the story and only justin barkley do to the fact that he was the victim of it all but if you think about it he is not the only victim in it and there is always two sides of the story then i guess justin barkey may have said some things to him that mad him mad and he was standing up for his culture and his race and for what he believes in so gina 6 and your family you have my blessing hold your head up high!!!!!

Sent by christina davis | 10:50 PM | 11-26-2007

These six kids should have been charged with a hate crime. If it had been six white kids that beat up a black kid it wouldn't have been attempted murder and aggravated assault they were charged with. If you want everybody to be equal then you need to treat everybody equally. I'm not saying that the kids who put the nooses up were in the right but if they didn't break a law then you can't punish them for it. The school acted in the right in that situation, and hanging a noose, while dispicable, is not the same as six people beating one person. There is nothing anybody can say that deserves being beat by six people. If somebody says something that provokes you to start throwing punches then be a man and fight him yourself don't get your friends to help you do it.

Sent by Jeff Constantino | 7:42 PM | 2-12-2008

It's funny that black people say if they were white that they would get away with it. This is complete bullshit, you have no idea what you are talking about. They would've been charged with a hate crime (and rightly so if it was)
I can see thousand of blacks marching with their kill whitey signs and acting like the victim.

Sent by Antonio Cruz | 10:15 AM | 2-15-2008

ay yo its indegent redneck clan bread bastards that still believe in racism you bitch ass dudes wanna bring some heat come see me im sittin' half way between milwaukee wis and chicago ha and im white ill still bang all you redneck inbread racist ass scum power to culture and power to the amazing and beautiful people sent to bless this earth with their precense i love the shit outta my african american people i think that some of the smartest people out there are african american and i give major props to them for overcoming what they have overcame

Sent by bloc da general | 10:38 PM | 4-14-2008