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College Students, Sharpton, Jackson Head to Jena

Parents of the Jena 6 gather for prayer

Parents of the Jena 6 gather for prayer. Brent Stirton, Getty Images hide caption

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News Headlines: Sept. 19, 2007

CBS News: Protest Set For Racial Beating Case — "'We have told everyone over and over, if you don't support nonviolence, don't come,' said the Rev. Al Sharpton, who helped organize the march that is expected to draw as many as 60,000 people. Sharpton will also be joined by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King III."

Plus: Timeline of Jena 6 Case

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2007 is the year and Jena 6 is the perfect example of "NEW RACISM." Caucasian Americans in Jena have proven that they have not grown, they have not matured, they have only hindered themselves and the pride, culture, and heritage they think they have. The United States is a melting pot, the Caucasion race is STILL outnumbered worldwide, why are we letting this minority do this to us? This case is going to go far, it is no longer the 20th century, but the 21st. Today there are more educated blacks, more black owned businesses, more entrprenuers. Jena, LA has not yet felt our wrath. And we will overcome this speedbump of ignorance

Sent by Brandon Branch-Day | 7:13 PM | 9-19-2007

Shean Bell yesterday, Jena today. when will the injustice stop it only leads to chaos and oppositions. America was built on equality, but raised in racism. How can it flourish when certain of us are less priviledgded than others due to our skin color. We can only fuel the matter by condeming one side and not the others. This implies one is aloowed to do as they whish and are beyond the law while others are only minorities. We must be just in our condemnations. So we do not promote INJUSTICE.

Sent by Ibukun Lawal | 11:56 PM | 9-19-2007

Racism lives and feeds on all our souls. Being white and growing up in the south gave me an insiders look if you will at racism. The denial of racism is one of the most dangerous issues our society faces. There is no excuse for racism, no logic or science supports it, no religion can justify it, nor can any intelligent mind embrace it. I have no tolerance for what happened to these kids in Jena. It's time we stand together and end this kind of stupidity.

Sent by Ronnie Swafford | 10:42 AM | 9-20-2007

There should be alot of questions asked about this case. Number one if the school or small town knew about this tree and what it meant why was that not addressed sometime ago? It took students to step out of the norm to break this barrier(The school or town should be held responsible, further more there legal system, this a community issue), then for those who support the tree,to hang such items on them and not address that, clearly says alot about the community and those who live there! Then to have these same poeple be the one to be part of the legal system there, thats a set within its self. Fighting is wrong no matter which way you look at it, but then to have this kid who got beatdown attend an event later on that day. Ther are so many implications with that action!! I commend those who stood up for themselves, fighting is never the answer to anything, but now that you havd made some noise and now you have national attention, just be wise in your next moves. This town needs to be investigated to see what else has gone wrong, this is a relfection on america and we are over seas fighting wars while this is happendig in our own back yard. This does not make me proud to be an American, to those who are on the wrong side of this, come up north and pull something like this and see what happends. You will see a rainbow of faces speaking out against you and even those who look like you!

Sent by William Graves | 1:13 PM | 9-20-2007

We are not teaching our children injustice, we are teaching them that it OK to hurt other people. Jesse and Al should not be defending violence! I have not heard Jesse/Al once ask how was the boy that was severely beaten.

Sent by Ray Jackson | 8:43 AM | 9-21-2007


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