Jena Protest Evokes Civil Rights Era Memories : News & Views News Headlines: Sept. 21, 2007
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Jena Protest Evokes Civil Rights Era Memories

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News Headlines: Sept. 21, 2007

The Times Picayune: Jena Protest Reminiscent of Civil Rights Era Demonstrations — "Hailing from as far as England, protesters arrived at sunrise by the busload to rally behind the Jena Six, as the accused teens have come to be known, in a legal case that has drawn worldwide attention. The marchers, many of whom traveled overnight from cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia and New York, held hands and walked eight abreast, shouting, 'No justice, no peace,' and singing soul singer James Brown's 'I'm Black and I'm Proud.'"

Black College Wire: Thousands Demand, "Free the Jena Six"

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Why Civil Rights Leaders Didn't Get Mychal Bell Out of Jail

What was your impression of yesterday's protests, and what impact will they have?

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