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From Farai

Parsing Out Iraq and News Coverage

Farai Chideya

On today's show, we covered the new report on Iraq by General David Petraeus, arguing that the troop surge in Iraq has worked. We also had a look at African Americans, military education, and leadership training.

One of our guests was Gregory Black (retired Navy) who runs a site of broad-ranging interest on troops and families.

Meanwhile, I checked out this fascinating "visual map" of the news to see how widely the Iraq news was playing. The surprising (to me) answer: not very widely. BUT (and this is a big caveat) much of the news they chart has been produced the day before. I'm eager to check in tomorrow.

A question: how do you get the news? Network television has been losing audience; the Internet gaining; and radio news, overall, just about holding steady, with a slight audience decrease. How do you find out what's going on in the world?