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The Jena 6 In Photos

The story of the Jena 6 has been told here and elsewhere , but to the extent that images tell stories words cannot, recent photos released of the town and some of the principal figures involved in the case add a humanizing dimension that, in some ways, makes this story all the more tragic.

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Water Tower

Photo: Brent Stirton, Getty Images


There has been an undercurrent of racial tension in Jena, La., which has led to outbreaks of violence between white and black students.


Scenes of destruction from Jena High School after arson caused a fire, which destroyed significant portions of the building.


Frankie Morris, 24, in his barbershop in Jena. Morris has recently taken over from retired Billy Dowty, a man who has publicly proclaimed that he has never cut a black person's hair in his career and never will. Morris said there would be certain white people in Jena who would have a problem with him using the same equipment on blacks and whites.

Marci and Chris Johnson

Marci and Chris Johnson are the parents of a 19-month-old son and complain of repeated incidents of prejudice in Jena since getting together.


Theo Shaw, 18, (left) and Robert Bailey Jr., 17, (right) two members of the Jena 6.

Justin Barker

Justin Barker, 18, the alleged victim of a beating by six black students at Jena High School.

Jena 6

Theo Shaw, 18, a member of the Jena 6.

Jena 6

Members of the Jena 6 — Theo Shaw, 18, (left) and Robert Bailey Jr., 17, (right) and Bailey's mother Caseptla Bailey (center).

Jena 6

Robert Bailey Jr., 18, cuts his hair inside his family trailer.

Jena 6

Parents of the Jena 6 meet and have prayer.

All Photos: Brent Stirton, Getty Images



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Hey Baby, I see that you are aware of what's going on in the world around you. Be sure you don't get yourself caught up. You can protest but DON'T GET CAUGHT UP! YOU ARE IN GEORGIA AND YOUR PARENTS ARE STRUGGLING TO PAY YOUR TUTITION.

Sent by Leon Leflore | 1:28 AM | 9-14-2007

I am a devoted NPR listener and am wondering why there is not continued coverage of the Jena 6 issues. I usually find NPR coverage of news issues fair and balance except for issues that affect the African American community. Jena 6 is a blatant example of the persistent racism that America denies exists. I would love to hear your coverage of the Jena 6 injustice to inform the rest of America of how far we have come or shall I say how little we have progress. White America seems to be in denial that there are two justice systems. Just look at the incarceration rate of Blacks and Whites. Do you really think that African Americans are that much more evil than the rest of society?

Sent by Tory | 10:40 AM | 9-14-2007

I too am very much surprised at the lack of continued coverage of such a monumental case as this. It seems that non-white issues are consistently swept under the proverbial rug of American news coverage. I'm sure that had not the Rodney King incident been caught on tape , it too would have received the same fate. When will ALL Americans receive the same justice? Apparently, that's not an issue that's been consistently addressed by any of the news media to date.

Sent by Antonio Rollins | 6:24 PM | 9-15-2007

hello folks, i just got home from a rally held in berkely's famous people's park. theme was to bring troops home and stop violenceend racism calls for action to focus more on addressing the evils that since the war&other wars of the u.s., issues regarding social justice gets more forgotten worsens. america's democracy is not fairly adrress for all the people. monies spent on war creates major suffering and the need population increaes in sizes and complexty. jena 6 issues is an example of this. BERKELEY CA. supposely fairer pl., has become troublesom. (africn mind)

Sent by ronald r washington | 9:49 PM | 9-15-2007

I totally second that entire message. The media covers so much other insignificant trivia they call news, but this incident, Marcus Dixon and Genarlow Wilson never made much coverage, especially here on the West Coast. Is is true that Blacks don't count although the act APPEARS otherwise?

Sent by VH | 10:47 AM | 9-16-2007

So they write to where they heard this news, accusing the program of not continuing to cover Black people's issues? Where else was it necessary to send this same message? Who else covered it at all?

It's best to know what you're talking about before shooting off your mouth. Waiting around to accuse somebody of something that doesn't apply to them is backward. And it doesn't help these unjustly-treated students one bit.

Sent by Isetta Crawford Rawls | 5:56 PM | 9-17-2007

I am concerned that all of the focus has been on the black children in this case. I believe that the white kid(s) also had a part in this. I do not believe that their was only one white child involved in this fight and the whole story is not being told. We have to think critically and independently of the media about this case and all of the players. There is a big piece missing...

Recently the parents of the white child were interviewed on one of the national TV news channels and they were oblivious to the racial tensions in their community and did not believe their son could have done anything to participate int the fight. I call it a fight because if this young man life was in jeopardy his stay in the hospital would have been a longer visit than a few hours after the fight.

As always the lives of our black male children are immediately being forced into the criminal justice system and marked for life!
I love News and Notes and listen every day! Great job!

Sent by JR | 9:14 PM | 9-17-2007

In my experience, NPR news coverage has been fair, balanced, and thorough, so I was shocked to hear about this story from a source other than NPR. I only find coverage of this story through searching NPR's archives. So, NPR, thank you for providing this much coverage, but please provide more.

Sent by Eric N. Gadol | 8:23 AM | 9-18-2007

The comments of the last person are being echoed all across America by people who are just hearing about the story. Why has not mainstream media reported this story before now!!

Sent by Freda | 1:13 PM | 9-18-2007

This is my first time writing but I am always reading on different subjects. But I just can't be quiet about this one. First of all this case just shows how far America has really went. Yes we do have all this technology, new inventions, and new processes, but when it comes down to the actual state of the country when it comes to the people we are in bad shape. Symbolism can be brought from the Case of Jena 6 if we actual just look at the case as a whole. Louis Scott points this out in a article were he says "the tree symbolized America. Can all Americans share the shade of the system that we operate under? But the next thing that happened was the most frightening thing of all: They cut the tree down. I was hoping that didn't symbolize the attitude of America, that before we allow some Americans to share the same rights, the same privileges and the same responsibilities, we'll just get rid of the whole thing." This case have jumped us back to the 1950's. All civil rights fought for is being taken away at this moment. Hopefully justice will prevail in the long run.

Sent by JSU | 1:24 PM | 9-18-2007

"Mainstream media" has not reported this because of the same reason they are not just reporting BLACKWATER. Its all a coverup so people who are not actually into what is happening in the world would not know about it.

Sent by JSU | 1:44 PM | 9-18-2007

I agree something like this needed to be told on CNN from the start. This happened last year and we are ALL now getting involved? What was the delay. The media spent hours and days on something like Michael Vick and his dog fighting days. These are kids who will face the rest of their lives in prison over what? A High school fight! Is that is the case then lets look up all the kids who had a fight in school. What happen to the no kids left behind program?

Sent by JL-CLT | 2:41 PM | 9-18-2007

I too had never heard anything of it, it was on CNN that 40,000 people plan to protest in the town of Jena and I had no clue what for, thanks for the photos and the story.

Sent by Joe | 2:48 PM | 9-18-2007

Most Americans are fooled by the headlines of Britney and Brangelina which are used to make us forget what is really important. I'm amazed at how dumb most of us are and how we can be played over and over and over....

Jena 6 has happened before and it will happen again... until we accept all people as one race... the human race

I've lived through the colored and white only signs, KKK, Black Panthers keeping them straight... why can't we just all get along?

Sent by Beverly Boxley | 3:39 PM | 9-18-2007

I am a student at CCBC-Essex, Baltimore, MD. I am a 21 year old woman and I'd like to think that i'm pretty open-minded yet also aware of my surroundings. What I'm getting at is that I never thought that something like this could happen in my lifetime. I mean i know that racism still exists between whites and blacks especially but I had always thought it was more hidden than it used to be, even in Louisiana. I thought that the days of separating ourselves from each other were over. I'm very sad and at the same time outraged that I could have been so wrong. I guess that's America for you.

Sent by Whitney Curtis | 8:29 PM | 9-18-2007

Two bus drivers at a private school in Nashville, TN changed their minds about driving to Jena, cutting 80 high school kids from the trip. (Although two buses are still going.) The drivers didn't think it was worth driving all night since the conviction was overturned.

All some people seem to know is that an appeals court ruled in favor of Mychal Bell and threw the case out. Only trouble is, he's still in jail.

Sent by Will Richardson | 3:47 AM | 9-19-2007

We hear all about all the famous people who have stupid things but this is a very serious topic and it has gotten very little press. This goes further to show that there is a very big problem in this country. A lot of people with power black and white are trying to act as if there is not a problem when they know there is. I hope that one day one of them with get the courage to stand up and do what they know to right. I hope one day this type of news will be shown and get the same press as the silly things that these "superstars" do. this is something this country should care more about.

Sent by Bonita, VA | 11:44 AM | 9-19-2007

This person that is being interview on the phone say that people was sticking their head in the noose making fun of each other, As a black person that knows the history of Our people getting hung by noose I can not see the meaning for him making that statement that it was in fun. where was the joke?

Sent by C. Bond | 11:44 AM | 9-19-2007

I am so proud of the fact that we as a people are fighting and standing up for our own. It is true that I do not promote violence of any kind in schools or anywhere for that matter, but as a student myself, I believe that these six African American boys did what they believe they had to do at that time. I dont believe that what they did was right but they stood up for what they believed in, they were provoked and that caused anger which led to them bringing out the wrath that was within them. But this was a schoolyard fight and to be given the kind of punishment that was handed down to them is an utter injustice, and we as black people have to stand up and stand firm and not back down. The media has not given enough coverage to this situation, but as my classmates and I discuss everyday, they can have the bright beam on michael vick and his dog-fighting activities, but not on the injustice of HUMAN LIFE!! Come on now CNN,NAACY GRACE, LARRY KING LIVE, ANDERSON COOPER, just to name a few, get on your jobs!! You guys claim to be fair and neutral when it comes to an individual's wrongdoings and mishaps, but I do not see that coming forth when it comes to the Jena 6. Why is that? I would like to believe that you as people who claim to be so in touch with the politics of this nation would be airing your views on this situation on an everyday basis. In closing, all I would like to say is let's keep giving our supposrt to these young men, and keep on praying for a fair and speedy trial, one without any bias activities, THANK YOU!


Sent by K.A.T | 1:51 PM | 9-19-2007

Racial tension, anywhere, is like a malignant cancer; it spreads out, sometimes slowly, but it causes so much damage. The incidents of Jena 6 didn't just happen overnight but rather is the result of years of tension brewing amongst the residents. Think about it..."a white tree" that everyone knew about, boldly displayed in public for all to see, daily. The mere thought of such a thing is incomprehensible but all too real throughout the country. Read the recent news captions of all the racial crimes in the US.

Sent by Anthony Brown | 2:09 PM | 9-19-2007

There seems to be an echo around here. Where have I heard similar complaints about the national media and racism? Oh yes, that's right. It was just a few months ago, after two white folks, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were kidnapped, carved up (Newsom got his penis cut off and Channon got her breast cut off, while she was still alive) then she was raped and they were both (allegedly) murdered by five young black folks. Seems a lot of (probably white) people claimed that the national media didn't report on this because, get this, the media is prejudice against white people. That's really what they appear to believe: the national (LIBERAL!) media hates white people and covers up for black people. I don't believe it but hey, maybe I'm wrong. Still I can't help but notice how easily people accuse the media of racism yet there seems to be a disagreement about who the media is prejudice against. I guess people are going to think what they've been raised to think. Racism always seems to be something someone else is involved in, but not myself or yourself, right?

Sent by John R. Otten | 3:00 PM | 9-19-2007

NPR you need to come to Apple Valley, Ca and report the racial tentions that have been swept under the rug in this community. Our African American children are being suspended and sent to juvenile hall for defending themselves. Our children are being called the N..... word by Caucacian children who practice racism, in the school setting. When will it stop?

Sent by F. Quinn | 3:02 PM | 9-19-2007

the town of Jena claime that they are not racist. So why chopped down the tree. Keep the tree to let everyone know even after the trial is over that anyone can still sit under the tree.This rally that will happen on 20Sept will prove that the Whites are still racist if it is not against BLacks it will be against the Latinos,gays.and any other out there.CNN will talk about BLAck issues only when they are ion the wrong Like now OJ Simpson everyone can't stop talking about him.Here you have our youth our future in jail and they talking about OJ? 24/7. I hope the Jena 6 learn a very important lesson in all this. And when it is over I hope they all make a name for them self in not just the Jena 6. Become some one important like a Leader or Doctor sopmeone who will and can stand up and protect our own.

Sent by Jl | 3:17 PM | 9-19-2007

Please let's stand for justice across this country. Regardless of race, let's stand for justice. We are losing our children to so much and yet we think the lives of Britney Spears, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson are important.

Sent by E.Green | 4:51 PM | 9-19-2007

I am originally from Alabama; and believe me I know about places like Jena. I was once stopped by the police and told I need to know how to speak to white folks. This place is ringing in the past prejudice and bigotry of the south. It is a disgrace that these boys are in jail for a fight. When I think of our Congressional folks and what they could do in this situation it again reminds me that we have no support or help in our Congress. The Democrats or the Republicans care about the individual. Whey should the community come to the Jena 6 support, why isn't Congress doing something about this injustice. Nate.

Sent by Nate Kimbrough | 5:57 PM | 9-19-2007

we as black americans need to stick together on this jena 6 to protect them. but not once did they talk about what was the cause of the 6 black people beatin that white man . thats my issue and lets keep fighting to the end

Sent by TIARA | 6:06 PM | 9-19-2007

As the time grow near for the rally to support the JENA 6. this where my mind takes me.
In the name of Jesus I pray for the power of God to dwell in the place of protest and that super natural favor is rendered, the peace of GOD that surpasses all understanding on everybody standing in the gap for The precious JENA 6 Just a time of peace LORD god I pray Oh and LORD God heal that land . Be Blessed

Sent by TBOLTON | 7:34 PM | 9-19-2007

Hi Whitney from TN!! Im a student around the ages of the Jena 6!! I just want you to know that as a African American in the United States i have come to realize that you cant do anything without christ!! The issue at hand is not justifiable but know that God has your back! He wont put anything on you that you cant bear! This is just a wake up call for our race to realize that though it the new millineum there is still racism!! MY PARYERS ARE WITH YOU AND KEEP PUSHIN!!(PRAYIN UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) Big things can happen in numbers!!!!

Sent by Whitni | 8:08 PM | 9-19-2007

I agree with what the person said about there not only being one white child involved against six african-american males. I truly agree and why is he in the picture looking all "not harmed, not bruised, happy, healthy..." I mean if i were truly hurt, i'd be in the hospital opposed too showing my face in photos. I really don't think it's fair and how could the parents of the cuacasion persuasion child say their son had nothing to do with starting trouble; yeah right like their white child is all good and innocent with his 27-year old looking behind...He should be convicted or trialed as an adult hiself by his-self.

Sent by Tiffy | 8:44 PM | 9-19-2007

I listened to the Michael Baisden show today (who has been covering this situation every day for the past month) and Ms. Martin very quickly spoke to Mr. Baisden. I was surprised to hear Ms. Martin questioning Mr. Baisden's ability to handle the Jena matter and to prepare and assemble the concerned people accross the nation. She clearly did not show support to Mr. Baisden. She actually said told him "that she thought he only dealt with relationship issues"...

We should all come together in matters like this. People who haven't protested or organized previously shouldn't feel like inferior to others due to their lack of experience. He should have been embraced and an offer of support should have been given.

Jena should have been mentioned more frequently than it has been on this show. This show has researchers that are hired to find stories for discussion. Instead, we have been hearing about Michael Vick and OJ constantly. When a man who normally deals with "relationships" steps up to the plate, he is sneered at.

Shame on Michele Martin and Tell Me More. You can truly do better!!

Sent by Tiffany | 10:15 PM | 9-19-2007

The situation in Jena is undeniably tragic. But, the number of overtly racist acts like those evidenced in Jena pale in comparison to the continuous acts of Black-on-Black violence occurring across the country. Black-on-Black violence is the number 1 public health threat facing young Black adult men.

I only hope that one day we'll see the same amount of outrage to the everyday occurrence of Black-on-Black crime that we're seeing today in reaction to the Jena case.

Sent by George Beckley | 11:09 PM | 9-19-2007

I wonder what is Oprah Winfrey's take
on the Jena 6 incident and has she made a comment about it. I think this is more important than Mary Winkler shooting her pastor husband

Sent by Sheila | 11:36 PM | 9-19-2007

hello white america this is a wake up call. yes racism still exists.. things haven't changed as much as you think they have... how would you really know being white.. when i hear so much ignorance being spewed by white America,I am left embarrassed and ashamed. I pray for these young men and can only hope that White America wakes up to the injustices that take place every day.

Sent by Melissa | 1:19 AM | 9-20-2007

Why has this young man remained in jail for almost a year because of bail problem? MTV Cribs' spotlight of homes has revealed the wealth of our young black america like no other television show. Each night we witness the thousand of dollars spent on cars, wheels, flat screens, famous brand watches, and less not forget thousand dollar clothes. My brothers and sisters, whether you be white or black, how about a small donation of $1,000.00 from ninety (90) famous singers or rappers, basketball and football players. Thanks David Bowie for the first $10,000.00 dollars worth of concern for these boys. Marching is great it will bring awareness to the problem, but finanical support will bring one young man from behind the bars of injustice in Jena Louisiana.

Sent by If I Could I Would | 1:24 AM | 9-20-2007

Would you recognize racism or injustice if you saw it? What is going to happen to Jena, Louisiana when all the protestors and cameras go home? Will this town, will this country be better when all is said and done? These are the questions people should ask themselves. The color of a person's skin is so insignificant in reality, what is more important is the kind of hatred, distrust and violence that is lying just below the surface of people you see and live among everyday. I love you NPR and have for years. I know you will do a fair job of getting the word out about this case. I just hope that you spend even more time getting the word out about the real crux of the matter, that Americans are still holding on to petty hatreds and insignificant prejudices about their differences. Things have to change. From an African American woman that loves people of all kinds and who hopes the readers of this message examine their own hearts today and not just the policies and decisions of NPR.

Sent by Tiffani | 7:14 AM | 9-20-2007

I pray that life changes for the better for all. In these days and time, we are suppose to come together as one race. We are all GOD's children and should be racing for heaven! I am very sorry the Jena 6 young men have to go from the playground to the prison. Please Christians let's pray!!! Joann Bennett Atlanta GA

Sent by Joann Bennett | 8:59 AM | 9-20-2007

The one issue I that black people have a tendency to over look is the whole 'what is next?'syndrome, like black tragedy is a hot party to go to. We were all up in arms when Katrina happened then the country lost interest or rather found somebody else to blow up and it wasn't important anymore. So the victims of that pbysical storm were abandonded by EVERYONE including us-black people. Jena is occuring now we have gassed up hit the road running protest signs in our hands and righteous anger in our pockets. After this weekend all we will be is a memory in the minds of some in Jena, LA unless we as a people don't do what we did to those in Katrina-mess up on the follow through.

Sent by CDW | 9:31 AM | 9-20-2007

What makes anyone think that this is an injustice? 6, let me repeat that,SIX people planned out an attack on one person. It is cowardly and disgusting. I am not saying that hanging nooses is right, I am saying that you dont deal with it by gathering 5 of your buddies and attacking the guy. You want to fight, fight like a man, one on one. This is just another case of black people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. If six white guys beat up a black guy I can only imagine the outcry. Blacks have it great in this country, they get all the benefits of minorities and give nothing back. They are offered free schooling, free health care, free food, free living. They are able to establish organizations like the NAACP, miss Black america, the united negro fund, black entertainment TV. Try doing any of that in the reverse, see what would happen. It is disgusting that just because you are a certain color you get special treatment, you want to be equal then stop trying to be above everyone else, you havent done anything to deserve it.

Sent by Matt | 10:01 AM | 9-20-2007

This is from the Fort Necessity jr. high school Mrs.Monroe home room class,we are sorry for what happen and we hope that they let Mychal Bell out of jail because as black people we all need to stick together.

Anna white,
Stedman Sims,
briana marzell,
mallory perry,
Morgan lee,
Patrick cooper,
Jasmin swazer,
and breonty ross

Sent by Anna white | 10:18 AM | 9-20-2007



Sent by TIFFANY OWENS | 10:21 AM | 9-20-2007

what are we as a people going to do from this point on in the pass the black leaders pick up a fight then they drop it when it gets hard we need to come together a stay strong as one

Sent by devvildog 1988 | 10:33 AM | 9-20-2007

We will never be equal in america. White people hate black people. Until we understand this we will never be together. Black people stand together. I know its hard. We dont have dads, moms, and no one cares about us. We can change our plight, if we stand together. These children will ost likely be sent to jail for some period. Every day blacks are forced into plea bargans because we don have money for lawyers. We were cheated by the sub prime mortgages, we get audited by the IRS. Now they do credit checks for employment. All these things on make things worst for blacks in america. We should all leave for England or Brazil. something. America dont want us. We did not land on Plymoth rock, they threw it at us and made us build this country. The only time they care about us is if we are the "good" one. Lets just be together. LEts love each other. LEts do another million person march. I hope we could get millions of blacks together for a rally and a national action meeting. Not to sell t-shirts, or party, but to org-up! Imagine if we could all meet somewhere and really get together. Only together do we have a chance. Lets org-up!!!

Sent by KD | 10:38 AM | 9-20-2007

It wasn't the media , Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or NAACP who turned the Jena 6 into "heroes". Those who decided to treat the whites as committing the usual boys will be boys, no harm no foul type while trying to make the black students into murders are responsible for this.

Sent by Liz | 11:13 AM | 9-20-2007

I feel like I'm on the late train. I'm hearing about this incident for the first time. It's a shame people like O.J. Simpson go to jail or Anna Nicole's baby turns one and you can't get the media to shut up about it. It's a shame people in this country are more worried about what stars are wearing to the Emmy's then landmark cases the could possibly effect the very foundation on which we stand.

Sent by Ramisha | 11:34 AM | 9-20-2007

The Jena 6 can burn in hell. Blacks are always innocent in thier mind. They are the downfall of thie country. Crime i rappant in the "hoods" Have you visted your local projects? Whats that nasty smell? Why is there trash everywhere and grafittie? Why cant blacks act human for once? Then maybe you would get the respect and justice you want. You live and work and act like monkeys? Should we now free monkey's and give them justice in America? Go back to Africa, that is where you belong!

Sent by Chris | 11:45 AM | 9-20-2007

My socials studies students have been closely following the Jena Six situation. We are at an alternative high school in Globe, AZ, and send the six teens our best wishes and prayers. Free the Jena Six!!

Sent by Carol O'Connor | 11:52 AM | 9-20-2007

i am a white female from charlotte nc and i wana say that i am so sorry to hear that this is happening and that every body dont know the whole story but know that you are in my prayers and dont look to the ground hold your head up cause remember god always has your back. im sorry and you are in my prayers. good luck through every thing much love to you all.

Sent by Tiffany Glenn | 12:01 PM | 9-20-2007

my names kristy i live in charlotte and i am a white female and i think that this is a messed up situation it shouldnt have been handled a different way and i dont think charges should have been brought against the boys and i think the white boy should be punished as well because he is not innocent and i have a bi racial daughter and i dont want her to be raised in a world with all the racism and violence thats going on i think they should leave the jena 6 boys alone

Sent by kristy | 12:02 PM | 9-20-2007

Ya'll look GOOOOOOD

Sent by Taraand denisha | 12:20 PM | 9-20-2007

I just want to let u kno that me and my frenz are prayin for the jena 6!!!

Sent by Jasmine | 12:23 PM | 9-20-2007

If the race of those involved were reversed, the Federal Government would have stepped-in and the offenders charged with a hate crime. No such thing occurred here.

Sent by JP | 12:39 PM | 9-20-2007

I cannot believe what I am reading.. This is America people... whats going on??! My heart aches for the colored people who to this day have to put up with such ignorance. I will pray to God to help these 6 young men, and more so I will pray to my Lord to forgive these racist people and to help them understand that we are ALL equal.God Bless...

Sent by Rose Amaya | 12:43 PM | 9-20-2007

This is kameshia smothers (15years old) from Whitehaven High School in memphis, TN. To start off I dont think they should have charged the JENA 6 boys. If they charged them then they should charge the so called victim too!! But, to tell you all the truth I think that there was more than one white student involved in this matter. Its sad to hear about things like this. Well, to the JENA 6 boys " I love yall and im praying for yall,and yall gon make it through the storm!!!!!"

Sent by Kameshia Smothers | 12:54 PM | 9-20-2007

I first heard about this story on Democracy Now earlier this summer, and found only snippets of information on NPR, so I too would like to encourage NPR to investigate incidents like this that seem such outrageous miscarriages of justice.
I notice now that Yahoo news isn't carrying the full story, but just quoting white members of the town, saying that Mychal Bell had a previous record, and that they don't feel that they're racist. But the news media just has to dig the teensiest teensiest bit to find the full details of the story -- that there were several incidents of harassment by whites, including threatening blacks with a gun, and whites weren't prosecuted. Plus, in this town that would put these kinds of charges on young black men, what does it mean to have a previous record? At any rate, I'd like to affirm NPR for putting out the coverage they do, but to encourage more extensive publication and investigation. Thanks much.

Sent by Trudi | 1:30 PM | 9-20-2007

There is no doubt that some places, especially in the south, still live in a Jim Crow mentality. The problem is, when something like this happens no one waits for facts, they just see color. The known facts in this case so far: six young adults beat up one young adult. That's a beating not a fight and it is a crime -- regardless of race. I applaud the leaders in the black community for assembling and speaking out. If not for folks like these, we may still be living with separate water fountains. But making demands and yelling racism before anyone knows more than the color of the participants risks the credibility of the persons involved (i.e. Tawana Brawley).

Sent by CitizenA | 1:32 PM | 9-20-2007

I wonder why OJ Simpson seems to have stolen the spotlight from any Jena 6 coverage. There's enough reality television around for folks to get their fill of Hollywood antics. How about instead of giving Mr. SImpson the attention he doesn't really warrant, focus on an incident of real racial concern. I use NPR to keep me up to date on what's happening in our nation and around the world on my 45 min drive to work in the morning, and I usually really appreciate the coverage NPR gives to "smaller" issues affecting us. (Although, if not for NPR I would not have heard about the Jena 6 at all!). I am glad you provide the coverage you do. Just keep it up! Don't get swept into Hollywood. Best ~~

Sent by laura | 1:35 PM | 9-20-2007

The Jena 6 are now a gang of criminals with a gang name. They should go to jail. Not because they are black but because they are GUILTY of a crime. And they CANNOT get away with what they did. IF they get away with breaking the laws and allow to do criminal acts without recourse they will kill their next victim. STOP the JENA 6 now before they kill. The Jena 6 are racist.

Sent by PJ | 1:56 PM | 9-20-2007

The Jena 6 should not go to jail, because in a way, it was self defense. Anyways, HE DESERVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Dowlin | 2:28 PM | 9-20-2007

Actually PJ, you are a racist as well. Just to clue you in, the issues isn't whether or not the Jena 6 did a crime, the issue is would they have been treated differently if they were white. Why do most black people and many whites understand this but you do not? The murder charges have now been lowered to battery, a more appropriate charge, but only AFTER and because of all the protesting and media attention. All you have to do is look at all the things that the white kids did (hung a noose but no hate crime, beat on a black student at a mostly white party) and how lightly the white kids got off the hook but when the black kids go on a rampage they get charged with murder, to see that there is a racist miscarraige of justice going on here. If you can't see that, then there is no further proof needed that YOU are a racist and ignorant person. Stop PJ and Matt and other white racists before they spread their bigotry again!

Sent by John R. Otten | 2:40 PM | 9-20-2007

So the blacks are screaming about justice- JUSTICE? Six Blacks assault one white guy & whine about being charged? What? Can you possibly imagine the screams if six whites put a black in the hospital?? Racial tensions in town are not an excuse for violence. Maybe the white guy had it coming - but SIX ON ONE? Justice? Gimme a break! Justice demands the attrackers are tried! Letting them off sends the message to "minorities" - Assault a white & claim prejudice & get away with it! The "Jena Six" are just as racist as they accuse the whites.

Sent by Doug Hauff | 2:51 PM | 9-20-2007

Were are all the news media? right now on cnn they are talking about sperm shortage? for the past week they've been talking about O.J.(who really cares about him or what he's doin)

Sent by kishia | 2:58 PM | 9-20-2007

A student was beaten unconscious and then multiple students proceeded to jump and stomp on his body. That is wrong, no matter what color you are. NO ONE should attack any other person, especially after the opponent is unconscious. That is dirty fighting and with multiple peope stomping on a body, it could have caused serious damage. Where were the teachers and other administrators while this was occurring. This fight should have been broken up long before the extent of injuries that were acrued.

Sent by A.Kay | 3:06 PM | 9-20-2007

I don't know if so many are merely regurgitating the leftwing propaganda surrounding this issue, or if they are intentionally lying. Regardless here are the FACTS of what occurred in Jena, LA:

1. Jena H.S. blacks took over the picnic tables and the grassy area by the gym where students traditionally ate lunch and pushed the white kids out. The white kids then gravitated to the end of the campus and sat under a tree at lunch. The blacks dubbed it ???the white tree???, and they decided to push the white kids from there, too. Three white kids hung nooses from the tree in protest, and they were suspended from school.

2. A group of black kids attempted to crash an off-campus party attended by black and white kids. One of the black party crashers was kicked and punched.

3. A group of blacks jumped a lone white kid at a convenience market. The white kid ran to his pickup truck and retrieved a shotgun to defend himself. The blacks assaulted and beat him anyway???and then stole the shotgun.

4. Finally, six blacks jumped a white kid in a school hallway and beat him into unconciousness. After the white kid was on the ground and unconcious, Mychal Bell continued to kick him in the head until dragged away by teachers.

The only "racism" I see in this issue is black on white racism. Shallow thinkers blindly swallow the propaganda they're fed. Intelligent people do some research before forming their opinions and before repeating lies all over the internet.

Sent by Jeff Camble | 3:30 PM | 9-20-2007

THE GRAMMAR IN THE SIGN IS INCORRECT (it's AN electric chair) Who are the ignorant humans who wrote that? Were they referring to kicking the chair from under a hanging person?? God help us all.

Sent by Vanessa Quiroga | 3:46 PM | 9-20-2007

The thought of six people beating an unconscious seventh person...


Attempted murder was an appropriate charge. They should be locked away until they are so old that they cannot do harm to anyone else.

Did Tawana Brawley speak after Reverend Bacon? Maybe she could make up a story about how the victim had raped her. Reverend Bacon will be living on chicken and wine off the profit from this.

Sent by WD | 3:58 PM | 9-20-2007

this mess ant right we need to protest tomorrow at sallie b howard school 9:00am to tell the people that we care

Sent by sahntel overall | 4:20 PM | 9-20-2007

Justin Barker's picture has him labeled as the "alleged victim." Since when is someone an "alleged victim?" Is that really a question here??? Is someone alleging that he was a victim and someone else is calling it into question? Seriously?

This wording just goes to show how Justin Barker's injuries and the acts of the Jena 6 that caused his injuries are being looked over, trivialized, and belittled.

He is not an alleged victim. He is the victim. According to the official testimony in the trial and pictures of him after the incident - He suffered a concussion, a life threatening injury. He suffered a blood clot in one eye that caused him loss of vision for three weeks. One eye was swollen shut, he was bleeding from both ears. His body was covered in cuts and bruises. There is nothing alleged about him being a victim here.

Sent by Richard Moreheart | 4:35 PM | 9-20-2007

IM A 16 year Old AFRICAN AMERICAN YOUNG LADY WHO LIVES IN MEMPHIS,TN. Durind the whole incident my school Central High of Memphis has been following along with this huge incident. I think that this is outrageous and these young men should be let free. They have not did anything wrong. Instead of trying to make a case out of nothing they need to pull up cases on sex affenders, murderers, and drunk drivers. America suppose to be a free country but right now i do not feel free at all. Im appalled and so are my friends who are basically a mixture of white, asian, and black. FREE OUR YOUNG MEN!!! WE R BEHIND U GUYS ALL THE WAY!!!

Sent by Jazmin | 4:37 PM | 9-20-2007

What happened in by the white students was nothing less than terrorism. The actions they took was to inflict terror into the black students. However, we as a country will allow terrorism to take place only if the terrorist are white. If a minority group whether they be black, muslim, native american, hindu, hispanic or jew inflicts terror on the majority white population then they are hunted down, tried, tourtured and convicted. It's unfortunate, but that is our relality.

Since the beginning of time humans have been and will continue to inflect terror on each other no matter what their ethnic or religious background. The only thing we can do is to recognize this as a fact, swallow the jagged pill of truth and stop labelling it as a "black and white" issue. This is a human-human issue occuring all over the world. North and South Korea. Sunnis and Shi'its, Tutsi's and the Hutu's and the list goes on. Justice must be provided to all people regardless of race, gender, religion, rich and poor. That is the foundation of this great country which has been lost and we as a member of this generation must reclaim. If not for our sake, but for the sake of our future and for the sake of those who have fought an died for this very right.

Sent by Nakita | 4:56 PM | 9-20-2007

This is 4 PJ and Doug Hauff!!! Your comments are krazy. I think that u guys both need a reality check. Every time our black young men does something it always have to be gang related but as soon as the white kids does something they are excused and called mentally ill. Not all black kids that hang in a group are gang related and Im one of them and my parents raised me well so never in my life would I think about joining the gang. The majority of white kids are the ones that you need to watch out for gang related things, their parents just don't know what their kids are capable of this because they let them do what they want. Im not being racist im just stating true facts. I hav nothing against any race because I have friends of different colors. I honestly believe that more white kids were involved but this young man was probably the first one they came across. Yes, it was truly wrong for them to jump the young man but when a man is fed up u never kno wat is going through his mind. These boyz shouldnt do any time maybe a little community work that is all because they have not done nothing worse than the average human being. This case should be kicked out for good!!! The Jena 6 is not racist the people that is fed up with this screwed up government is finally fighting back. America does not belong just to the whites but to everyone but we must remember that all of us are immigrants we jus helped to shape this country more.

Sent by Jazmin | 4:58 PM | 9-20-2007

It is sad that we as a country are moving backward instead of forward. Let the punishment fit the crime. When it come to crime it is always Black and white not in between. Right is right and wrong is wrong just treat people fairly that is the bottom line and the young men were not. simple as that!!!!!

Sent by jenkins | 5:56 PM | 9-20-2007

Ignorance still exist in the US. This is a case of ignorance. I proudly wore my black ribbon today to support the Jena 6. I walked and sat in and fought this same battle in the 50's and 60's. I so much wanted to be their today. HARD TO BELIEVE THAT IN THIS DAY AND TIME HUMAN HEARTS COULD BE SO CUREL. I am just hoping that it AWAKEN OUR YOUTH and teach them that freedom has had a price and still needs protection by the brave. Pray for the officials of Jena. Lord have mercy on the Jena 6.

Sent by Dolores Battle Harvey | 5:58 PM | 9-20-2007

It amazes me how quick politically motivated individuals are to turn the beating of a boy into a racial issue. The facts are, one boy was beaten by 6 other boys. Regardless of their motivation, it is wrong to physcialy batter another human being. There is no justification for this act. These boys must pay their debt to soceiety. The comments by Jazmen above stating that they should be forgiven because they were fed up is ridiculous. By that logic KKK members who are fed up with blacks in america would be justified in the attacking of a non-white. No attack by 6 boys against another is ever justified.

In regards to the other boys who had hung nooses from the tree, it was a horrible act, but this is america and we have decided as a people that political acts, acts of free speech should be protected under the 1st amendment. This same first amendment protect your right to speak out and protest the government. People please save your outrage, and political outburst for issue's which truly deserve our atttention. Not in the protection of six boys who attacked another.

Sent by Jrose | 6:53 PM | 9-20-2007

Jazmin, In your earlier post you said they (the six) "did nothing wrong"...excuse me? Kicking a guy in the head while he is on the ground? Your passion over the race issue has clouded your mind - "nothing wrong"?!?! It is no joke or exaggeration, from the way the assault is described, the victim could just as easily be dead or paralyzed. You really think they did nothing wrong? It is bestial, (as one suggested) six "people" beating on one...Sorry, Jazmin, you are the racist.

Sent by Doug | 7:03 PM | 9-20-2007

It makes me very afraid for my two young black sons growing up in america. to know that being black you are going to have to work a little harder to prove you are worthy of that job or promotion or to get into that college or to get that loan than the average white man. Maybe on that loan or job application they will see your name and determine from there if you are worthy of that chance. Being a black man in america I guess you have to allow people to walk all over and not feel anger or frustration and not get fed up. Now I am not saying what those boys did was right and they should be punished, but to take their whole life away? What happended in Jena was a reaction to an action, as wrong as it was and the reaction is getting the attention.

Sent by La Rhonda | 7:54 PM | 9-20-2007

I remember in my high school that there were occasionally fights in which one person was jumped by many people..and I lived in a pretty calm town. The issues were settled with suspension or expulsion from school. That is appropriate punishment for 16 year old kids. In an extreme case of battery, it may be appropriate to charge the kids with JUVENILE court. Where were the school officials when all of this racial tension was evolving? How did they attempt to solve the problem before it turned into violence? I don't believe that these children should have been charged as adults. The crime they alegedly committed is the result of anger and racial tension gone awry and unchecked by authority figures. The reason we have a juvenile court system is because many Americans believe that kids have time to reform and deserve a second chance. Shouldn't seven boys involved in a horrible school fight be given a chance to reform also? I understand that certain forms of racist speech are protected under the 1st ammendment (which is why we are even allowed to have this discussion forum). BUT, keep in mind that any school that recieves federal funds is REQUIRED to protect students from racial harassment and descrimination. Nooses hanging from a tree....racial harassment. A "white only" tree....racial descrimination.

Sent by DG | 8:03 PM | 9-20-2007

I would like to know why anything need be a black or white issue anymore. Dear Readers it's simple pigmentation. Some have a little more than others.
My frustration over this whole situation is that any group take issue that one "color" or the other is being treated differently from the other. Folks we are doing this to ourselves- it's not a one way street anymore. The only way it's going to stop is if we talk to eachother one on one- honestly and listen to eachother. Change is going to have to be a grassroots effort! People are going to have to fogive eachother the wrongs that were done- on BOTH side and make the decision to forgive eachother! Our parents and grandparents have all done things that we aren't proud of remembering. Isn't it about time to put it behind us and move on? Isn't it time folks? It's late 2007 in case you haven't noticed and we seem to have taken a few step backward instead of forward. I'm in Memphis and I don't want to be regarded as a racist because I'm white! I don't think evil things of people who look differently. I judge people by their actions.

This is an ugly ugly fight between kids that has been given undue attention. None of it is right, none of it: not ANY of the kids involved, not the school administration that allowed this to continue unchecked and certainly not the parents that fostered these feelings of division and allowed this crap to continue as if they were still living in the past. You reap what you sow.
Let's live like we really were living in the year 2007- not 1957.

Sent by desiderata | 8:12 PM | 9-20-2007


Sent by THERESA WILLIAMS | 8:14 PM | 9-20-2007

Hey Jeff Camble. In your rant you give no sources for you "information." Not one. Yet you seem to expect us all to believe you just because you list things out all nice and neat? Where did you get that the black students forced the white kids under the tree? For that matter, where did you get the rest of your information: Michael Savage? Rush Limbaugh? Hannity? Michelle Malkin? Melanie Morgan? I wouldn't give two cents for anything they have to say. Even accepting that the white kids were somehow 'forced' to hang out under a tree, what stopped them from hanging out with the black students on the grass and at the tables? I'll tell you what, typical white southern racism. Alive and well below the Mason Dixon line. I've seen it myself down there. White people and black folks both trying their best to have as little to do with each other as possible. You haven't done 'research,' you're just regurgitating right-wing propaganda and misinformation. Take some of your own advice and use your brain for something besides a hate generator.

Sent by John R. Otten | 9:14 PM | 9-20-2007

I know that some of the young men are 18, but are all of them at least 18? I thought that if they were juveniles, their identities were not suppose to be publicized. Their photos are being plastered all over the media like criminals. I don't know all the details of this case, but as a mother of 3 African American sons, I have experienced one of my sons being confronted with a racist act, being punched, fighting back, hurting the youth, and then having the school community suspend the one student, and try to expel my son from the school district.It happens so often...

Sent by Lisa D | 9:20 PM | 9-20-2007

Can some one please explain to me why the racially motivated beating of a white by blacks is not covered by the "hate crime" laws?

Sent by Benton Foster | 9:25 PM | 9-20-2007

The most alarming thing about this story is the nearly absolute failure to find fault with 6 black teenagers battering a single white teen who was down and unable to fight back, leaving him in a state that required three hours of treatment in an emergency room. This is precisely the sort of logic that leads some to believe that despite the fact of his guilt, OJ Simpson's verdict was appropriate.

Such wholesale abandonment of justice will lead only to significant increases in racism among those who have the power to implement it. It is yet another component of the self-destruction of my people. Such thinking is abhorrent and repugnant. I'm tired of it, and those who advance it should be ashamed of themselves.

The nooses were wrong. But the Jena 6 deserved to have the charges brought against them, and deserved to be found guilty.

Sent by Jameeka | 9:59 PM | 9-20-2007

Here is a long post (to "elle,phd" blog)) by "Nick" a boy who says he lives in Jena and has a lot of first hand experience with the whole situation. His rant is all over the place, he's just talking...doesn't seem to take sides against anything except nonsense from wherever it comes (and Lord knows we still have a lot of that) I'm sorry for the length, I just thought it was very refreshing to get a young person's perspective who "was there" (Bless us all, BTW, I hope we can become stronger and more aware as a result of learning about all of this....we should be helping, not fighting each other)

From Nick: "obviously your missing my point entirely! I LIVE HERE IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY In JENA! Do you? I know all about what racisim is, trust me! I Just want you to know about the people your defending so feircely! They are not innocent by no means! When this does go into court im sure that their character will be brought up. For example, If one or more of them were known for being a rapist but were never convicted in the courts, because blacks here don't involve the law most of the time, would you still defend them? Come on now, not all of them in question but at least three are not innocent! I agree with you on the fact that the boys who hung the nooses in the trees should have gotten expulsion "at least"! That was a hate crime and their should be some law that protects people from that sort of ignorance. Most everyone in town except their parents agree on that. The boys who did that are in fact a bunch of rednecks and they knew what they were about to stir up here! Im ashamed to say that all they got was a "slap on the wrist". If anyone deserved their ass whipped they most certainly did! However, thats not the case! The reason why none of the other incidents (the black guy who was beat up at the fair barn and the guy that pulled a gun on them at the conveniece store etc..) were never brought to justice is because no one ever pressed charges. The black guy beat up at the party decided to go tell a few other black guys ie "Jena 6" and they were going to handle it on their own. That is against the law to take matters in your own hands. Why didn't the parents of this black guy go press charges? He was a minor and i wish they would have! Blacks in this area RARELY involve the law. They almost always handle these things on their own. That white guy or guys should also have their ass sitting in jail right now too. Also everyone that ive talked to believes that the kid that got beat up for saying the N word deserved to have his ass whipped too, but not 6 on 1!! Thats just not right for anyone. You can't possibly defend that. His parents did go press charges and thats why its six black guys in jail instead of however many white guys that beat up that black kid. My opinion is that if this wouldn't have happened at school the charges may have never been brought. You send your kid to school expecting to be safe and i think those parents should also sue the school board. Which i heard they plan to in the future and thats a good thing maybe then they'll protect everyone from hate crimes and violence. The majority of people in this town are not racist though. I work in a place where i talk to cops daily and most of them also beleive that attempted second degree murder is really extreme. I feel that that has alot to do with the parents of this white kid that got beat up, their pissed! I don't think it will hold up and i don't think that a jury would convict any of them for that. I do agree that they shouldn't have the same lawyer because im sure one of them is sitting in that jail thinking "all i did was hit the guy once". This one should testify against the others and get off, not feel he has to protect his friends for fear of retaliation later. You asked me about the black man that 3 of the Jena six beat up just a few weeks before they went to jail. I was there and this black man called his family, not the police. He sat there in his yard with a gun in his lap talking to his family members just waiting for one of the guys that beat him up "let them lil bastards start some more shit, i got somethin for their black asses" as he said it! He could have had them arrested then and he should have. Let me just tell you 3 of the six ARE criminals and one of them needs serious therapy. I wish CNN would go take a look in that ones bedroom, it looks like he has a damn arsonal in there from all the guns hes stolen. I ask what in the hell was his mother thinking letting him have all this in there. But then again his mother is a criminal too and she rasied him in all that crap. I have to feel for sorry for him but at the same time im relieved hes in jail and i hope someone can help him. People defending these kids and making excuses for everything they do though is not helping them. They need to just come to terms with what they did was wrong and that they never meant to attempt to kill anyone, it just got out of hand. The DA is a dickhead(i aplogize but i don't know how else to put it) to whites and blacks, i don't know too many people that like him or agree with him. Im not sure what his problem is? The people in Jena just want this to be over with though and when it is we hope that our school district set clear ground rules when it comes to hate crimes, threats, intimidation and violence in the schools whoever it might be doing this. The parents just need to accept the schools dicipline. Parents need to disipline their children at home and not let them run the streets all night stealing and stirring up trouble. Unfortunately there is a race problem here in America. We are the a melting pot full of all types of races and religions. There will always probably be a race problem but people need to trust in the laws to handle them fairly, thats why we have juries so they will be. If someone commits a crime though it is our law that they will be brought to justice based on the evidence, right? How can you be so sure that they wouldn't get a fair trial here in Jena? After all this community has helped in raising them. I have pictures of some of them when they were little kids. Some of them are superior athletes with teachers and coaches who support them and hope that they'll learn from this and hopefully go on to do great things. Im particularly dissappointed in one but i hope this is a wake up call for him. You can't go around beating up on people because you don't like something they say. To listen to him now making a millon excuses for his actions, i realize he has missed the point. He doesn't realize that people aren't defending what he did but just making excuses for why he did it! He knows deep down he did it just to fit in with his friends and nothing else! I think right now in their life, knowing the path they were headed down, this is just the wake up they need. I hope that they never want to go back to prison. Instead decide to go on to college and be a lawyer so they can help change some of our old laws and make sure that justice is served. Most importantly, i hope that they realize that the mind is much more powerful than a fist will ever be and because they've been through this their words will be heard. This is very personal to me ella and it about much more than just their case. I am not some older person, i am their peer! I thought that you would be interested and knowing alittle more about who you are defending coming from someone who knows! Lifes not fair but we do the best with what we're given. No, i don't think that they will ever be convicted of second degree murder, no one here does but i just hope they don't use what sentence they do get as an excuse. Thank you for responding to my comment. I haven't commented anywhere else but i just couldn't hold my thoughts on this whole thing in anymore. I am torn on this and its hard to believe that all this has happened because of some rednecks and some wanna be thugs. Yes thugs im sure that might offend you but i promise thats the title ive heard them refer to themselves! Although in my eyes their just a bunch of kids who've done a bad thing. They were not defending themselves though, no one ever had the guts to attack them.

oh and btw about the tree with the nooses in it someone have outta just burn it down instead of the school hmmm mb we'll see! im personally sick of seeing it as a reminder and so is the rest of the student body!!

Ella, let me ask u this! Lets assume this was me they jumped and i was sent to the hospital and because it happened on school grounds obviously the school would have to press charges and whatever. This would have never gone past the Jena Times because that same night "the Jena 6" would have probably been laying next to me in the ER! After my uncles and cousins got through with them that is! You see callin the police around here just doesn't get you any respect in the black community, it only causes you to be harrassed even futher. I know if you live in the black community you can understand this. Its not that they wouldn't have been charged so strictly but my family has to live here around them and their family. Its sad to know that blacks don't stick up for one another except when the law or whites get involved, then they want to unite and pull that "race card"! My question: Would you defend them if it were me they had beat up so brutally? I wonder sister! I know you know what im talking about.

Elle, i understand your busy, hell you got kids and a Phd. behind your name. Btw your boys look like good kids their lucky to have a mother like you. I was lucky enough to have a two strong women in my life, my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother is the only one that knows im writing you about this though. Although alot of people would agree with me on this, many just don't want to get involved. Thats why i hesitate to give out my email. It just seems too personal for me, like i said i do have to live here. Im sure you understand but i could create a bogus email if thats what i have to do to continue talking to you. I just don't want to release my primary email."

Sent by Art | 11:24 PM | 9-20-2007

OJ Simpson is a big story because he is a black man who murdered two white people and got away with it because he cried racism. That is exactly what will happen to these 6 kids. OJ didn't learn his lesson and do something productive with the second chance he was given. He thought if he got away with murder he could get away with anything. If these kids are let off the hook because of racism what message does that send?

Sent by Keira | 12:03 AM | 9-21-2007

It is amazing that in 2007 in America this situation would happen. It reminds me of the 1960's. Jena 6 is a product of the city and the ignorance of it's citizens. There should have been a city council established where blacks and whites in the community could talk and establish rapport with each other. The meetings would establish that the interests and dreams of the black folk and white folk in the community were pretty much the same. They would understand each other and develop a bond of community. These meetings should take place in the community weekly and should be a fellowship which includes food and games. It is nice that people are getting together to protest and stand up for these boys. I personally do not see the point. The interest should be the community first. Letting these boys go free shows that it is alright to beat someone past conscience in the name of Prejudice to destroy community property, pull guns on one another etc. etc. There should be mandatory meetings for the parents and teachers, then churches, police and other civic leaders and volunteers and go from there until it is understood that racism, violence and arson will not be accepted in their city. I still am in disbelief that this could happen in a city in the United States in 2007 The city officials should be ashamed of themselves and of course the community. Waiting for Rodney King, OJ Simpson etc. for our cry for help is shameful and makes the U.S. (or US)as a whole look like every other 3rd world disaster. Shame on us.

Sent by David from Cleveland | 12:14 AM | 9-21-2007

I don't think that the legal system in Lousiana really care about there legal system do african american's... I don't think that what they are doing to the six's young african american men is right i dont think that they should judge you by the color of your skin..
we have to stand together to make this world a better place i will foever support Jena 6 . I keep You all in my prayers...

Sent by Brianna | 8:23 AM | 9-21-2007

Name-calling, accusations, denial, fear, and all the other emotions that I feel coming through on this panel really dishearten me. To blatantly dismiss the fact that race was an evident factor says that many people that have commented on this panel are indeed racist or ignorant(one and the same to me). I agree that six on one is not fair by any means, I also agree that charging high school students of attempted murder for a school brawl is a no-brainer and the judge, the jury, and the district attorney all prove that ignorance is definitely not blissful. It frightens me that people with such high authority over the lives of the American people are very much in denial that they are in fact racists to the most extreme level. Legalized discrimination is obvious when certain people receive different treatment than others, where punishments don't fit the crimes, and someone decides that at 16, 17, and 18 the mistakes you make should cause you to spend the majority of your natural life behind bars. I think I'm going to be sick if this injustice does not change, I must say right now I am not proud to be an American and neither should anyone else until we are all united and liberty and justice for all is an accurate statement

Sent by K. F. | 9:42 AM | 9-21-2007

All of you that are protesting to 'free the jena 6' would be screaming for blood IF it were reversed and six white boys beat up one black boy.

Answer this why did the black crash an off campus party? Why did the jena 6 gang up to beat up one boy? Why do they think they are above the law?

And another thing, if you succeed in getting them freed from their crime , what their names in the future because the jena 6 will continue to break the law and eventually end up behind bars anyway. That is their mentality.

Sent by PJ | 1:32 PM | 9-21-2007

Charges have been dropped? I hope these are re-picked back up by the DA and they are charged as minors. Battery is against the law being a racist is not.

Sent by Dan - Chicago | 1:32 PM | 9-21-2007

I'm not Racist at all by any means... But why is it that 6 African Americans ganged up on one white guy. If he had said something disturbing to the teens they should of handled it in a different way. And why is it that we don't want a racist country,but we are always trying to create one? why is it just because they are African americans it justifies them not having to do time for what they did? or getting off of a crime. We all know if it would of been a African american that got the crap beat out of him by a white man, or 6 white men that there would be riots on the streets, And they would demand that he be put away for life.. If we are going to give equality for some but not for all how is that going to make things better? Every one is screaming that equality should be the same for every one.. Those boys made there bed and now if they want equality they need to lie in it.The rules should Apply to all not just because its not right because your black, white, hispanic , or asian..

Sent by April | 1:59 PM | 9-21-2007

black people are the most racist of all. they commit a crime and pull the race card to avoid jail.

Sent by PJ | 2:07 PM | 9-21-2007

I think I'm going to be sick if I have to listen to many more people find unique, inventive ways to defend a mob of 6 people kicking a person when he's down long past his losing consciousness. That a significant contingent in our society find this acceptable is what is sickening.

And further, that anyone would suggest that "supporting the Jena 6 forever" would lead to the world being a better place is twisted beyond belief.

All of this leads me to believe that a race war may indeed be coming, and I'll tell you this - as a black woman, I'll be sitting on the sidelines, pulling for the white folks.

Sent by Jameeka | 2:08 PM | 9-21-2007

I just don't get why people don't get it. White people really need to read John Howard Griffin's books (especially a Time to Be Human); I was quite enlightened as a white person (and in tears). The discrimination and racism in this country is still ramped and as a white person there is NO WAY to understand how African American's can feel even now about this issue.

If there were really nooses in the tree, this is HORRIBLE!! and makes me ashamed to be associated with the race who would be so cruel. If this is true, of course, African American's will be upset (to say lightly). Historically, there will be no consequences to those white boys for that horrific action.

If this was reversed, the white boy would not be sitting in jail right now. A reverend in Gina said yesterday, we aren't a racist town...if nooses were there, it is!

No white person, including myself, can understand the true impact of racism. I do feel that the boys (who beat up the white boy) should have consequences to those actions but equally as if it was reversed. Also, if nooses were in the tree...what white people are talking about this? These white people are the true terrorists in this country! I'm sickened to hear about this.

Sent by CJ | 4:28 PM | 9-21-2007

Wasn't this case about a 6 on 1 criminal assault? Why no pictures of the assault victim?? Terrible journalism. By the way, I'm liberal, REAL LIBERAL...and DETEST FOX NEWS, etc...but this NPR coverage is just completely misleading.

Sent by Steve | 4:42 PM | 9-21-2007

I am amazed to hear so many people comment that they can't believe the beating of a white kid was not listed under "hate crimes". Please explain to me why hanging nooses from a tree was treated as a "prank". Give me a break! Also now that blacks are fighting back everyone has this poor white kid attitude. How many blacks have been killed, no slaughtered, at the hands of many GROUPS of white people, i.e. KKK, etc. and not one on one. Get real people. Enough is Enough! Fair and equal treatment period!

Sent by Fed up | 4:46 PM | 9-21-2007

Please don't tar every white person with the same brush. I am european. I must admit when I first came to the US I couldn't believe the raceism. I get really pissed off when people make racial comments around me because I'm white and they think I'm going to feel the same. I let them know. I have lost what I thought were good friends, until they showed their true colours. I always get my news from NPR and the BBC. I first heard about this story last year. I heard it yesterday and today on NPR.

Sent by G. | 9:25 PM | 9-21-2007

Heres is something to tkae a look at,, The child that's being held in the adult prison has a prior convictions for assaults. Thats the reason why his bail is set high and the reason why he was being tried as an adult.

Sent by jamal scott | 9:25 PM | 9-21-2007

The Jena 6 incident is only the most recent flashpoint in racial battles in the United States. Racism in this country is systemic to it's core and it exists on so many levels it's almost unbelievable. We, however, must continue to deal with it. I work in radio in the San Antonio, TX area and I've found that it's a well known fact that in many cities black or (urban) radio stations consistently have the highest ratings, but they are among the lowest in bringing in advertising revenue. There are alot of advertisers who think that African Americans (AA's) dollars are not worth as much, some don't want large numbers of AA's in their stores (they fear it will drive away their white customers) and frequently advertisers who do business with urban radio stations want reduced rates to air their commercials, when compared to ad rates on stations with other formats. I've worked in radio for over 20 years. I'm comfortable in saying that there is a big racism problem in radio broadcast advertising. If you don't believe me, go listen to the commercials and the advertisers that you'll hear on the country music stations, the rock stations, NPR station sponsors and then the urban stations. Racial division and prejudice dictates the market. Forgive me, I've strayed away from the Jena 6 incident, (sorry) but it's just one of many things that shows that this country still is in need of change, racial healing and understanding.

Sent by John Hairston | 9:39 PM | 9-21-2007

One thing that the attacks of 9/11 and what happened after, made me feel, was that "we are all in this together." All of us, not just Americans or just certain kinds of people, but all people, of all religions, nationalities and races. And the heroic actions that occurred after the attacks, performed by people of all colors, reminded us of the honor and goodness in all of us.

I think we all shared the sense of pain that there could be such ignorance and misguided loyalty that could allow such an attack, and so many other horrible things, to happen, throughout history.

I think now would be a good time to remember that we really are one...we are all human beings who are hurt and angered by all misdeeds, ignorance, hate and violence, including that which has occurred in Jena.

None of us here, in our heart of hearts wants injustice, none of us wants racism, none of us wants more pain, more misunderstanding, more division. We are all on the same side.

It is only forces that want to pit us against each other that are apart from us. These are the forces that enabled slavery, religious hatred, blind allegiance and all things that desire people to be at war with each other. That force IS NOT us.

We, each of us here, have the desire to understand more, to want to help, to right wrongs and create a better future. Though it's very clear that we don???t see the same way (or the same things, still we must remember, we ARE on the same side, when we want to help. Whatever it is that makes us want to divide into camps and dig in is not the force that wants to help, that wants things to get better.

I pray we can remember the heroes of 9/11 and the heroic potential in each of us--and that we can remember who we REALLY are...people who love their families, work hard every day and agree on the most IMPORTANT things: that it is right to want to understand, it is right to care about what happens, especially to young people, and it is right to listen to others to get ideas about making things better.

Sent by Art | 9:45 PM | 9-21-2007

I wish theze boys the best and hope they get out ....They had a very good reason to be mad and do what they did ..they showed all black race that we should be treated equally ...: I thinks it unfair for these boys -they made a diffrence ... ( Those Red Knecks who put up that damn Noose know what they did and will never be forgiven ..That is no exception ..The can go to Hell for all I care ... that shows u don't mess wit our boyz ..Personally I think it's unfair that these black boys should serve a sentence /while these white boys who pulled a stupid ''prank'' get suspension its not right and it's very : Racist .!!! I am very Angry to hear that - Blacks have to go to Jail while these ignorant ass -hoes play and don't exspect no consequence ..(Hell no) I think Justin Barker and all thoose other boys that put that dumb ass prank on the tress should get their
ass whooped a little more harder than what thoose boys did 2 them ...If we ain't gettin no Justice den thoose boyz and gettin no Peace !!!!


Sent by Anonomus | 2:21 AM | 9-22-2007

I have been so affected by the whole Jena situation that I actually spent an hour thinking about and writing my comments. Then I filled in the information below, clicked on the 'privacy policy', read that, and now my comment has vanished. Does that mean that I wasted that time or that the comment was sent without my clicking 'post'?

Sent by E.G. | 12:06 PM | 9-22-2007

a yo all i got to say this shit is all about that this white shit head's are wristist's fag so we need to leave there country

Sent by oj | 1:20 PM | 9-22-2007

heres a question? Why would the white community dislike the black community?

Sent by this guy | 11:13 PM | 9-22-2007

I want to see a picture of what the boy looked like after the beating. I want more facts of the incident rather than strictly the news stories focusing on opinions and rallies. A woman I work with wore black in support of the people imprisoned, but didn't even really know what she was wearing black for. She passionately said to me in a confrontational tone that she was wearing black in support of the "JenO" (rather than Jena)6, and that they were in prison for murder. I did manage to hear on the news that it was for ATTEMPTED murder and not actually murder, so apparently I'm not the only one that doesn't know the facts of the case.

Sent by Won't form opinion until I have the facts | 12:41 PM | 9-23-2007

I think this is sad and the boys should get off tha hook becuz of the fact that it was self defense. On top of that it wouldn't have happened if the racism had been stopped.

Sent by S. Graham | 6:28 PM | 9-23-2007

This is not Genarlow Wilson 2. There may be unfair law enforcement at work here but it is not them attacking these poor 6 black guys. These guys beat another student to the point of it being a felony. It doesn't appear to be attempted murder but a felonious assault yes. If you chant "Free the Jena 6" you do not stand for justice. You lose your credibility. They should be charged and jailed for attacking the kid. The guys who tossed nooses over the tree should see a charge of terrorist threats. It is outrageous to me that people can forget the crimes of a person if they are the victim of injustice. Injustice would be to allow these students, white or black, to victimize each other. Injustice would be letting that DA continue working another day after that "pen" statement.

I wonder if Sharpton or Jackson would have a different opinion of the Junior Bailey if they saw this video.

I believe in correcting the injustice here but while retaining the appropriate punishments for all who did wrong.

Sent by Derrick | 11:28 PM | 9-23-2007


It is
The grotesque memory we never conjure in our subconscious psyche
The darkest reality we dare to allude in our most fearful nightmares
The melancholic history we seldom reflect in our conscious rationalization
The crudest form of injustice we ever notice in the face of our democracy

It is
We - the nation marketing the democratic trademark to commonality
We - the nation combating her terror at the hands of infidels
We - the nation modeling the democratic brand to globalization
We - the nation risking our lives to safeguard her innocence

It is
The venom to Dr. Martin Luther King's dream
The bizarre fruit of the Emancipation proclamation
The opium to Rosa Parks' hope
The sweet harbor to anchor Hitlerism

It is
A reckless disregard of our Human Rights
A shameful slap in the cheek of justice
A grim mockery of our constitutional rights
A careless exhibition of differential equality

It is
You - freeloading lawyers driving our justice system to bankruptcy
You - perverts who have stained the virginity of justice
You - advocatory vultures preying on the innocent flesh of freedom
You - molesters who have raped the impartiality of fairness

It is
Because of you
I witnessed justice crying in the dark longing the whereabouts of integrity
I found Harriet Tubman with teary eyes mourning the expiration of freedom
I represented fairness on a trial defending her compromised essence
I found civil liberty with shackles escaping the underground railroads of Jena, Louisiana.

Emmanesseau Lamarre 09/14/07

Sent by Emmanesseau Lamarre | 9:39 PM | 9-24-2007

I've seen racist comments from Matt and questions as to why 6 kids would assault 1 person? From what I understand, that white kids Instigated the fight; I'm sure he felt enpowered by the actions of the other racist kids, the noose hanging, and the fact that the kids who hung the nooses were only given a 3 day suspension. I read another opinion stating that Black folks would treat this case as another cause of the day, and quickly forget the Jena 6 as have the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's true that American society as a whole has a short attention span concerning what's happening to others outside of their own families..but remember that just because news events are not on the Infotainment channels like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. does not mean that the surrounding communities and the nation as a whole has lost interest and is not contributing in a meaningful way to help those in need...they are assisting folks in need. Private citizens need to make community issues into state/government issues by spreading the word through Blogs, community newspapers, and POC media outlets.

Sent by Toni | 11:59 PM | 9-24-2007

To understand (at least to a small degree, I hope) the events in question, simply the facts, the timeline, etc. I've found is a daunting affair. I've spent days, looking at as many perspectives as I could...trying to see through as many different sets of eyes as I could. Just getting the main facts of the story shouldn't have to be so hard, and, of course, I can't be sure I do have them straight. Through hundreds of hours of looking, though, I can tell that the majority of people blogging have not spent time trying to get to the bottom, and have embraced whatever facts supports their point of view. I really hope people who want to talk about it realize that lashing out with words and taking positions that haven't been thoroughly researched is destructive. It encourages others, to cling to "their facts" even stronger and increases division and, sadly, the perpetuation of what we all are tryin to fix. I'm not going to tell what I've found, it doesn't seem anyone wants to listen--it isn't effective to report, it seems, so I'll just pray that people do want to seek, with an open mind, because that's the only way we'll learn about each other and find creative ways to help.

Sent by Art | 9:00 AM | 9-25-2007

Okay, my turn to jump into the fray!

Jena 6 is a joke. Mychal Bell, at the time of the beating, had already been arrested, and convicted, three times. Two of those convictions were for violent criminal acts. The third conviction was for criminal damage to property. When he and the others jumped the kid, he was on probation. Did you also know that all 40 witness statements regarding the beating (from blacks and whites) made no connection to the noose incident. But wait there's more: That all white jury resulted from there being only 50 responses to the 100 juror notification summonses that were originally sent out. I'm sure you'll understand me when I say that "I'm not feelin' the Jena 6."

Once again black folks are rallying around criminals and persons of questionable character in the name of fighting racism. Don't believe me? Check out the list of names: Michael Vick, Tawana Brawley, O.J. Simpson, Crystal Mangum, Pacman Jones, Michael Jackson. Sad isn't it? What is even sadder, perhaps even wretched and pathetic, is the misguided mobilization that took place on behalf of those miscreants.

I wonder if any of the Jena 6 protesters could tell you who Danielle Baker was? How many knew what college Ramona Moore went to? Who among these "noble" protestors could discuss the heroism of Dillon Stewart? Were any of them enraged at the fate of Anijah Rolax? Probably not. They, like many other black folks are rendered blind and ignorant by the myopic stupor of an antiquated agenda perpeturated by a bloated and obselete civil rights establishment. It's a damn shame.

I ain't protesting on behalf of some stinking criminal who got banged by law enforcement. Now I will protest prosecutorial overreach on behalf of someone who has no criminal record. Unfortunately Mychal Bell does not fit that description. Sorry Mychal. However, in order to preserve the rule of law as prescribed by Louisiana's state constitution, I do feel obligated to protest prosecutorial overreach on those grounds. Mychal Bell however, can rot for all I care. He's a thug.

Sent by Al From Bay Shore | 8:50 PM | 9-26-2007

I don't really know that much on this subject, but I think both sides are in the wrong. The white kids should not have done such a racist thing, no matter how they were raised. We've all learned in school that it's wrong, so they're is no excuse. But The African American kids should not have done what they have allegedly done. No matter what the circumstances, violence is not the answer. I am a high-school student. A lot of peoblems are dealt with by violence. What is it solving though? Then again I do see the racism in schools and it is unacceptable. There should be a group in every school besides the average guidence counselor to deal with anger, racism, violence, and injustice and have it be effective. Until this nation gets to this point, nothing is going to stop.

Sent by Kay Slammer | 9:59 PM | 9-26-2007

Hey my name is Charlee i have been reading up on your story.. I'm actually doing a project bout it.. i'm sorry for what you are going threw and what your family's are going threw.. some parts of this world is trying to repeat the history.. you had a right to do what you did.. and you are in my prayers.. god bless all of you..

Sent by Charlee Earle | 10:37 AM | 9-27-2007

Parents of Jena 6 speak at National Judicial Reform Conference

Link to speech titled "No Justice, No Peace" given by Mark A. Adams, Esquire JD/MBA at the National Judicial Reform Conference at Rice University in Houston, Texas
Higher Quality Video
Lower Quality Video

Sent by Mark A. Adams JD/MBA | 2:17 PM | 9-27-2007

hey you wanna beat some kid half to death because hes white, sit in jail for 20 years. bye bye losers

Sent by joe | 4:28 PM | 9-27-2007

Hanging a rope from a tree = freedom of expression
Beating a person = crime
Is it really that difficult to understand?

Sent by Joe | 8:54 PM | 9-27-2007

This is a horrible,horrible tragedy for the Jena 6 and there families. I'm only a tv watcher but Iam praying and wishing for the best for every single one of you.

Sent by Jasmine Marie Shelton | 9:36 PM | 9-27-2007

Good Day! citizens of North America. Be on the alert, and watchful. There are citizens out there who will take a stab at you, because you have finally taken a stand for something other than a good time. People know that as long as we remain dormant, we can ease on by as invisible. but know that sitting on your tush is not enough! we must stand united, as a force of undivided, intelligent, unmovable, with purpose, on one accord, Demanding "EQUALITY" we must focus on the prize: which is Pride in being an American; that constitutes all rights availed. We must stop being materialistic, this is what keeps us bounded financially. Financial freedom comes with economic wisdom. if you are in debt you are not free. Therefore, teach your children, our children to respect themselves 1st, teach them that they represent our community on a grander scale; more than the immediate community, but all Black Americans as a race. We must regain the identity of humanity and let go of me-ism. I think that we have already begun! with our stand on the Jena Six!
My people we are a proud people: grand, strong, loyal, spiritual, loving, and compassionate we possess attributes instilled in us "direct" from the Creator, The Source, the Giver of Life.
know your place in the world. You are Kings and Queens, from a royal bloodline. Be as God created you to be!

Sent by Joyce Dyer Clark | 7:21 AM | 9-28-2007

I so happy everybodys free. Hopefully this junk will pass and everyone will move`on with there lifes

Sent by janay denise eiland | 2:16 PM | 9-29-2007

I just want to say that i hope the best happens and i will send them blessing from my family to theres!

Sent by Kimberly Qualls | 11:11 PM | 10-1-2007

Everyone though that racism was over but,as we can see it still is going on.I hope that the problems are being handled in the proper manner I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY!

Sent by ginette mindor | 1:51 PM | 10-2-2007



Sent by TANISHA HENDERON | 8:38 AM | 10-5-2007

Wow. You people are pretty mixed up - I guess that's the core audience of NPR. Somehow I don't see the Jena 6 has some great civil rights case. When 6 people of one race, jump a person of another race, attack him from behind and then when the victim is unconscious they proceed to stomp his head on the ground. OK, that doesn't really sound like a "civil right" - sounds a lot more like a "civil wrong." Somehow I must have missed the part of ML King's I have dream speech, where King dreamed that someday Black football thugs would be free to get 5 of their home boys and stomp some small white student and try to kick his head in. OK, maybe it's just me, but I think the Civil Rights movement has gone just a bit off course - like way, way off course into wacko land. What will you people do next in the name of "Civil Rights" champion the Black gang bangers currently racking up records murders in Philadelphia and will you support their "no snitching" campaign. You people are pathetic and a disgrace to our country. Shame on you, you're parents didn't a poor job of teaching your right from wrong and good from bad - you probably accept the ebonics idea that "bad means good". You people are "bad" these Jena 6 protests were are real bad chapter in the history of Black African Americans and their idiot, nut case Leftist supporters on NPR.

Sent by john robinson | 8:39 PM | 10-5-2007

i dont understand y this has to be like this instead why cant we all just get along i mean im a 17 year old white male and i have tons of black friends and i attend at McCluer Highschool in Florissant MO and about i say 85% is black and i get along with EVERYONE im just saying i think this is a load of bullcrap and needs to end now but not this way

Sent by Josh | 9:43 AM | 10-8-2007

I feel that the jena 6 was such a big deal. it shows that we still have racism after all these years. I'm trinidian, and sixteen years old, and it hurts to see people being treated differently just because of your skin color. It's not fair and in my school(Poinciana High School) we had a protest about it. I think it's good to show how much you care...we really do hope that this racism stops, even though it probably won't ever... But I just want people to hear me out. It's not fair...

Sent by Stacy | 11:21 AM | 10-8-2007

I think it was wrong for the six young men to beat up an innocent person. But they shouldn't have a harsh punishment just beacause of the color of their skin. They do deserve a punishment because what they did was wrong.

Sent by Janet Farias | 4:08 PM | 10-8-2007

Hey you guys im rooting and praying for you and your family!!!! May GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

Sent by Kenya | 11:08 PM | 10-8-2007

I feel that people should think about how american really did not change from back in the day where black could not eat with the white. Cause if you think about we really did not change and it is very sicking to see that. As a black female i say we should be friends. And now before your kids and mine see it.

Sent by Lakysha Caviness | 1:06 PM | 10-11-2007

I think it is amazing on how many people have came together to support these kids. now though many will most likely disagree with me i'm still gonna say what i feel. I do think that the prejudice issue is a serious issue and shouldn't have to be brought up. unfortunately we still have those people that live in the past and dont see that no matter what skin color you are we are all the same. Racial issue will always be a strong issue but i believe that no matter if your hispanic african american anglo asian ect. we all dont have to look exactly the same to actually be considered the same. in gods eyes we are all the same and only he can judge us. Although i do not agree with what these kids did i do see the bigger picture. i do feel that they should have to pay the consequence for what they did because they were in the wrong, but if you really want to get into depth what was the real motive for doing what they did was it because the kid was white? So are the jena six hypocrites for fighting for something that was most likely there motive also?

Sent by henry | 8:14 AM | 10-16-2007

I Cynthia Montoya , Believe That This Case is Crazy ! Come On Now If It Was The Other Way Around None of this would be happening . I feel That That Every person that live in the United States now should stop this me being a single mother with a mixed little boy i dont want my son being treated unfair because of race . To all those people that still think its right to treat people because of race shame on you . You are noone to judge ! The only one that i believe that can sit there and judge us is god and he doesnt even do that so why do these people feel that they need to judge us because of the race we are ! So to all those people that dont want to change and keep treating people unfairly all I have to say is what goes around Comes Around Double !!!! To All the Jena 6 I will Pray for you All and i hope The very Best for you guys and Keep your head up god will not let you down Remember that And Alot of people are behind you 100 % so live life dont put your self down!!! To the Family's of the jena 6 MY prayers are going out to you and my support to if you need anything please dont be scared to ask we are all family!!! GOOD LUCK !!! God With You !!!

Sent by Cynthia Elizabeth Montoya | 9:34 AM | 10-17-2007

I dIdN't ThInK DaT WaZ RiTe BkAuZe ThAt'Z BeIn RaCeZ AnD We ArE AlL In DiZ WorLd ToGeThA

Sent by Jasmine Redeaux | 10:23 AM | 10-17-2007

Sadness. To all here: please look at the details...know what something is before you talk about it. The world WILL continue to be filled with pain, misunderstanding, hatred, prejudice and violence if we don't commit to trying HARD to understand each other. There are a million voices out there trying to give us opinions about everything. Even if they are on TV, in the pulpit, in books, etc.--no matter where the voices are--DON'T BELIEVE THEM....only believe what you discover yourself, after comparing all you hear and all you THINK about and research. The "powers that be" know very well how to control people and get them hating each other. If you listen to only one side of an issue you play into the hands of those whose goal is to keep us motivated to be against each other and not believe that not-listening (ignoring)is actually a virtue.

Please, please, please...research this issue and see the complexities. Don't vilify or make anyone a hero--nothing is that simple. What this issue brings to light is that there is still so much misunderstanding and hatred that shouldn't be...let's work on this so we can defeat and bring to light the source of misunderstanding--not buy into the divisiveness some would like us to buy into, to KEEP us against each other.

Millions of people of all races work, laugh, love and play together, daily. Let's all of us be a good example to those who wish we wouldn't laugh, love and play hopes that they may join us someday!

Sent by Art | 10:24 PM | 10-18-2007


Sent by C.D.S MARYLAND | 2:07 AM | 10-19-2007

I feel that it very unfair at the fact that Jena 6 is going through this especially Mycal Bell.I am African American,and I'm not taking their side just because their Black.Where were the adults when this incident occured?It had to be atleast one adult out there when Justin Barker hung the nooses up in the tress.It seems as if people pay attention to what they want to,not what's really going on in the picture.I am so fed up with this whole entire racist situation.We just need to all get along,rather you're Black or White.........we all have to live in this world together.I was actually brought to tears when I first heard about Jena 6.Al Sharton was absolutely right when he said "This is a cruel and unusual punishment and is a revenge by the judge for the Jena 6 movement".Yes,I feel that Jena 6 should have some consequences,but jail.............NO.........hanging nooses in tress should be a crime in that case.Justin Barker should be on trail right alone with Jena 6.If he just got suspended from school,then Jena 6 should have the same treatment.

Jena 6,no matter what sentence they give you,keep your head up.

Sent by Linda | 11:55 PM | 10-24-2007

i believe that the jena 6 has at the most been given too big a punishment for the fight.however,it seems everyone believes no punishment for the fight would be better,maybe considering it was a white kid that said racial remark and he got what he deserves.but what if it was a black kid that got caught up in the heat of a argument and said a racial remark to the white kid and 6 white kids beat him unconcious,would we be fighting and marching free the jena 6 then or will that just gain us less publicity and attention?though i agree any racial comment,black or white,should be 0 tolernce,we have to teach our children the rhyme of sticks and stones and in the grown up world violence over a word is immature and will be handled as a crime.ive heard send the white boy to jail too cause he is just as guilty,but did his words violently knock them unconcious or did he just recieve what he deserved?should obama beat jessie jackson unconcious for his comment refering he was acting like a white man?yes i believe racial issues is a problem in this country,an unnecesary problem.

Sent by kp | 12:29 PM | 11-2-2007

See that crap... And they say its no racism there. Yeah right, but Frankie Morris exclaims the fact that no "Blacks" had nor will have their hair-cut in his "inherited" barbershop.... So these brothers probably had to suffer from cutting their own heads.... Man I would fudge one of them White boys up too.

Brother Robert Bailey Jr., might have said "Man I am tired of this sh@@@ if I fudge up my head one more time--uma beat a Cracka a@@ and I don't blame him.

We got to take cutting our own damn hair in our own hands. The brothers probably got tired of having Robert fudge their heads up and said fudge this sh@@ White folks have this Jim Crow here e.g. "We can't even go to the damn barbershop... To get our hair cuts because we are Black... And this dude has to cut our hair... any racist White boy try me today um swinging...." And darn it I would do the same thing too.

I salute these warriors. Aluta Continua!!!

Sent by Real Black | 11:11 PM | 11-4-2007

I think that the one good thing that came out of Jena 6 is that the world can see that racism is still alive and well. I am also happy about the turn out, we all coming together to make a stand for what we believe. Racism to me is morally wrong!

Sent by Shelia Green- Hatcher | 9:43 AM | 11-13-2007

I think that as a teenager and getting in touble with two of my black friends! One my boyfriend...that they should be charged with what they did! They knew what they were doing. But also the whites should be charged for the things they do too! We are all the same...what because of skin color?!?! GET OVER IT!!! ITS 2007 NOW!!!

Sent by Brandy | 10:20 AM | 11-14-2007

This totally unfair and the white boys were just as invloved as the black. Something has to be done about this RACIST issue.

Sent by Anonymous | 7:10 PM | 11-24-2007

These were not innocent little boys. These six are nothing more than thugs, who acted in a cowardly manner and attacked in that way...6 on 1. Everyone wanting to take their side needs to realize that what they did is a CRIME and they should be punished accordingly. Also, they should be charged with a hate crime, this was no random act, they attacked him because of his skin color and nothing more. What a joke these rallies have become, lets blame the victim. Until the black population starts taking accountability for their own actions, and stop blaming whites for all of their problems, they will never pull themselves out of the desperate situation they are in. It is time to stop using racism as a crutch to be irresponsible. If NPR is fair and actually wants a balanced discussion on an important issue, they will post this comment, instead of only giving one side of the issue. I will check back and see how much journalistic integrity you have.

Sent by James Chamberlain | 9:21 PM | 12-3-2007

to justin barker: now you know better huh? a shame but it is your fault.

Sent by smantha | 7:51 AM | 12-5-2007

no if a white person would have done anything close to that they would not have a word to say let them boys free that justin looks perfectly find to me they shouldnt have let anything get this bad

Sent by SANIAY | 11:33 AM | 12-21-2007

Here's REAL racism; the extinction of White people in the South. This was my parents school in the 60's when it was all White, it was my school in the 80's when it was 50/ look at it and preach to me about freaking racism!

Sent by Steve Ventry | 11:56 AM | 12-25-2007

Mr. ventry, those statistics you quote are the result of "white flight". You're right though about the extinction thing, I'm sorry to say mr. ventry. It's called self extinction!!

Sent by Hopkins | 1:16 AM | 12-26-2007

"what they did is a CRIME and they should be punished accordingly. Also, they should be charged with a hate crime, this was no random act, they attacked him" You say this and it blows my mind....Why wern't the white people punished for their crimes?? Don't tell me that they wern't hate crimes...You make me sick. I can't belive that some white people still act like this. I am white and it's people like you who give us bad names. People are people and no one should have to deal with this. They should be punished for what they did but here in Canada you would get a slap on the wrist for a school yard fight...And cause their were black with an all white jury they get all this time in jail...STUPID!!!!! I really feel sory for the 6 and their families and I hope everything works out for them....

Sent by Crystal | 8:02 PM | 1-5-2008

When the shoe is on the other foot, Al says ???This is no casual crime. This is certainly something that is threatening to him as a person, could have permanent damage to him and certainly is hate-based, with racial language used.???

Sent by Darryl | 10:10 AM | 1-20-2008

This is to Al from Bay Shore...It does not matter if Mychal had been convicted and arrested before the Jena Six. The Jena Six case is not a "joke"!!! If it was a joke, do you think that it would be on national television or at least get aeny attention. I'm about to tell you what it is...THE JENA SIX CASE is a case that was taken seriously beacause there was already racism going on in the town, but they were brave enough to step up. They not only stepped up but they addressed a serious matter. THANK YOU VERY MUCH...See it was people like you that kept BLACK people down, but now it's our time to shine!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Jolla from FERRIDAY, LA. | 2:02 PM | 1-30-2008

It's entertaining to see the ignorance and shallowness demonstrated in the above postings. You people think you know (and proud to give your philosophical issues) about Jena, the local community and their feelings about the "6" (black & white). My 1st cousin was one of the people who planted the infamous noose tree. As he put is, "It was planted to represent a tree of knowledge which has turned into a tree of ignorance". He explained the ignorance was not the acts of the noose or the beating, but rather the general public which is unable to think for itself. The quickness with which people judge just to make themselves feel good or justify what they want to believe to be true.

I have been around Jena all my life and not once was a realistic view given of the community, only what the media wanted you to see (its all about ratings, not the truth. Just slanting it to get those ratings....).

Why don't you find out what happened to the crime rate in the black community after these boys were arrested?

Find out the facts first and you might discover you are not as informed as you first thought, or just continue to live a life of blissful ignorance (the truth is usually not as fun most of the times anyway.....)

Sent by Stevie Ray | 12:29 PM | 2-3-2008

this goes out 2 jeff u live in jena,no i dont think so so u shouldnt b runnin ur mouth lik u kno wats up yeah u speakin ur mind though u should remember 2 get tha facts right b4 u speak and u kno the history between 2 races and yes we are mostly still gonna hold it on yall talk wat u dont kno....

Sent by NoBoDy | 1:26 PM | 2-13-2008


Sent by YANNA | 9:31 AM | 2-20-2008

I just wanted to say my prayers go out to the Jena six. I myself think this was wrong. Im so torn I'm speechless I'm out.

Sent by jazzy | 4:37 AM | 2-21-2008

Wow I really don't know were to start. I'm from littlerock, Arkansas 18 years of age. I think that of the indicent that happen if was going to happen like that the victims should have got charged to because my perspective they were fighting because they were defending there self. To Robert bailey n the rest keep ur head up my love go out. I'm so pissed off because of this racial bullshit yeah I said its not all white folks but they want majority of us put away but we have to change that by been smart n watch how they react.

Sent by jazzy | 2:16 PM | 2-21-2008

okay I feel that half of our black doesn't support us n tha rite way. Like u rarppers yall swear yall real but shit when some go down like this they aint no were to be found. But my support n luv go out to yall because when I heard this I begun to cry. That hurts to know that we are still been treated unfairly n misused because we were labeled as dumb n the whites didn't want us to know anything. But that's how that try to description us today in society. Please believe me speak up talk let it go. I feel tha Jena 6 was not wrong they were defending there self. To the victim if you put yourself n a situation like that and can't handle it. just take to minutes justin barker. I'm a African American Irish. But I'm not racist but I stand up for my color I'm strong till I leave. I'm from littlerock, Arkansas

Sent by Jazzy | 4:07 AM | 2-22-2008

i'm with them 100% of the way....

Sent by Sheniqua | 5:46 PM | 3-10-2008

im so, so sorry for al the truble that you've been going through because of all the racisem in the south.KEEP STRONG

Sent by TT | 2:15 PM | 3-11-2008

why does the black community continue to condone criminal behavior? Naturally hanging a noose is wrong, but FAR short of attacking someone physically. 6 on 1 IS attempted murder in my book. ANd beating someone while they are down is an outrage. They all deserve full punishment under the law.

Sent by Dave | 10:29 PM | 4-5-2008

man this jena six sh*t is exactly why we needed to raise awareness of the racism that still exists.

Sent by kimm | 9:37 AM | 4-8-2008

that white man needed his ass wooped cause if i was them i would of did da same thng ya with them 1000% of the way FREE DA JENA 6 BOYZ

Sent by jessyka | 9:51 AM | 5-9-2008

i do understand that what the jena 6 did is a crime and crimes must be punished. but what were they supposed to do. These kids dont know another way to recieve justice. these kids arent going to protest against their schools policies or use any other peaceful means of nagociation for that matter becasue they dont know how. they dont know that protest is an option and even if they did they wouldnt know how to go about it. so i believe the question is what do you do when the only way you know tog et justice is to resort to violence. and when you do resort to violence... whose to blame. the near child that has been taught that this is the way to live his entire life. who has been put down time and time again. or the officials of the town who have made these conditions possible. the person who has allowed a barber to state that he will not serve someone of a particular race. i certainly dont think it is a kid who is simply tryng to gain justice that we should be pointing the finger at

Sent by Emily | 4:37 PM | 5-31-2008

still in shock that racism exists in this time and age,I am dissapointed with how the law works, its a shame that some people still think that other rasists and cultures are inferior. for we are all the Gods children and the skin we are in is not what we are but how we were made ... beautiful creatures of God

Sent by Thato Tholo, South Africa | 2:11 PM | 6-14-2008

his parents arent struggling to pay his tuition, THEY ARE USING THE JENA 6 DEFENSE FUNDS TO PAY FOR HIS EDUCATION

Sent by yomammie | 1:23 PM | 9-5-2008

What do you expect, it's north Louisiana. If there is a Hell, it's north Louisiana. I grew up in southern Louisiana, at least down there it's a touch more civilized.

Sent by Bob Jinkiss | 4:38 PM | 9-20-2008

i wish the jena six can come to my school and tell the students what it was like to be arrested for what they have done and tell them why cause to me the story of the Jena six is really a touching story to me and i hope to other people.

Sent by Keyawntae Jenkins | 8:22 AM | 9-25-2008