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From Farai

Why I Love Letters

Farai Chideya

I used to be one of those haters... you know, those radio hosts that hate reading letters on the air.

My first mistake was trying to read them solo. It sounds stilted if you're like, "Jane in Texas sent us a letter, and Jane said `(what Jane said)' and thanks Jane." You're talking into a mirror.

So we started doing the two-person letters format and it came to life.

Now letters are one of my favorite segments—if not my all time favorite—in the show.

It's like eating chili peppers and ice cream. First you listeners put us on blast and tell us why we're not doing our job right... then you hit us with the sweetness.

I love it all. And I know producer Christopher Johnson, who's my letters soulmate, does too.

Thanks... and take a listen to today's installment.