NPR logo On Fire: Older vs. Younger Generations and Civil Rights

From Farai

On Fire: Older vs. Younger Generations and Civil Rights

Farai Chideya

You remember those word splashes on the old "Batman" series—"Pow!" in a big burst across the action? Well, today's discussion on generational issues and Civil Rights had "zip, pow, bang" written all across it.

The question: are older and younger generations collaborators or competitors when it comes to Civil Rights? Are today's struggles even fought over "Civil Rights" or are there other issues?

Activist, author and Congressional candidate Kevin Powell, of Brooklyn, NY, said the issue wasn't "Civil Rights" but black empowerment, which he defined as owning land, homes, businesses, and securing our future.

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond said he didn't disagree with Kevin, but he did want to make sure that traditional issues weren't ignored.

And then came the hot part.

When I asked Chairman Bond if he felt the older generation should pass the baton to younger folks, or if younger folks should have to snatch it. "Snatch it," he said.

Then Kevin Powell accused the older generation of putting up a "glass ceiling" to block younger leaders.

So: do you think the older generation of Civil Rights activists is blockin' the young heads? Or do you think younger people (and I am not talking just about teens and 20 year olds, but people up through their 40s) have failed to assume the mantle of leadership?

Plus: who would you consider a Civil Rights/Black Empowerment leader in their 40s or younger? Who do you think is making change?

And be sure and take a listen. This sizzles.