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What's Next for Marion Jones?

Marion Jones

Marion Jones celebrates after winning the women's 100-meter at the IAAF Golden League in July 2006. Damien Meyer, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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News Headlines: Oct. 5, 2007
AP: IOC Set to Move on Jones' Medals — "The International Olympic Committee said Friday it will step up its investigation into the Jones case and the possible removal of her three gold and two bronze medals from the 2000 Sydney Games."

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It makes my heart drop that she cheated! Especially because she has been so well loved and so well respected. There are so many young athletes doing it so well today that it makes me wonder if they too are cheating. As badly as I feel about the situation, I am sure to continue to watch Track & Field because I am truly fascinated by athletes.

Sent by Jerome | 3:13 PM | 10-5-2007

Hey Marion I luv you and if you need a shoulder to rest your head on, call me. I glad you came forward and unburden yourself, the next step is to turn in your medals and go on a speaking tour about the use od steriods in sports and write abook about your life as a high profile sport star. Your effort at out reach will be well recived by the public and your book will be a best seller. Go on all the talk shows confess your poor choice and public like me will have nothing but open arms to you. Take your money invest in Belize with a sport program for the childern there and well as in Southern California and teach what you know to young people how to run track. And while your at it get some acting under your belt put some bets in as well as do some fashion work the world will soon be at your door. You are a beautful women and life isn't how high you climb, but when you fall the strenght of character to get up a start again. Not to worry just Belize it, everything is go'in to be alright.

Sent by Sanifu | 6:13 PM | 10-5-2007

She may have admitted to doping, but I don't think they should strip her of her medals. After all, she still had to put in phenomenal amounts of effort to achieve that medal.

Sent by Matthew | 8:46 PM | 10-5-2007

I was very disappointed to hear about Marion Jones but it was courageous of her to come forward. We all fall down and I pray she will be able to get up from this. Marion I am behind you!

Sent by ronnie | 10:36 PM | 10-5-2007